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Nowadays, it isn’t easy to live without an internet connection. You need one at the office to work, and at home to watch movies, command Alexa, or look for a good recipe for dinner. Most internet connections are wireless, which makes it more convenient, but also more dangerous. WiFi routers emit EMF radiation, which exposes you and your family to multiple health risks.

Why You Need to Turn Off WiFi?

There are two types of radiation: those that emit extra low-frequency (ELF) EMF radiation, and those that emit radio frequencies (RF) EMF. ELF-EMF is emitted by any electrical device, and RF-EMF is emitted by microwaves, laptops, and cellphones. 

Both radiations pose various health concerns, and there is research by the University of Oxford in England that shows that it is among the leading causes of leukemia in children. RF-EMF radiation is among the leading potential cause of brain cancer, and it largely contributes to male infertility. 

Exposure to this type of radiation can also lead to hypersensitivity to EMF, causing weight loss, depression, and fatigue, among other diseases. 

I know you are wondering if you can get rid of WiFi technology to protect yourself and your family at home, right? The good news is that you don’t have to quit using the internet. You just need to use it differently. 

One way is to switch to a more secure, faster, wired internet connection. It is more reliable and less prone to fraudulent activities such as hacking.

All you need to do is to hire an expert who will do the installation of ethernet cables. 

However, if you want to do it by yourself, here is an elaborate step-by-step guide that will help you to do the installation and how to turn off WiFi forever. Read on and find out.


1. First, Get the Right Equipment

The Modem

The first thing to do is to ensure you get the right equipment for your wired internet connection. If you have a modem, then you are on the right track. However, if you don’t, you can purchase one. You need to make sure the modem has a feature to switch off the WiFi option. 

Additionally, when you are buying a modem, you need to ensure it is compatible with your internet provider. It should also have a lower bandwidth, which means it will emit minimal EMF radiation.

An excellent option at a reasonable price is the Motorola SURFboard SB6121, which is compatible with most Ethernet providers. It has a lower bandwidth, and it doesn’t have the WiFi option at all, so it’s an Ethernet-only modem.

The best modem if you need multiple ports is the TP-Link 16-Port Gigabit Ethernet Unmanaged Switch. TP-Link gives you an option to choose from 5 ports, 16 ports, or 48 ports. More ports might be worth it if you plan to replace your home’s entire WiFi. You can access your internet connection directly from plucking into these ports.


The Cables

You will also need to have an Ethernet switch and Ethernet cables. The switch in the modem must be able to connect various cables at the same time if you are using multiple devices.

The best option is a shielded or reinforced cable. You can use one cable for multiple devices (if you don’t use them at the same time), or even better, an ethernet cable per device.

Zoison manufactures an excellent ten-foot cable, which is shielded and inexpensive.


The EMF Meter

To have a complete setup, you will need an EMF meter, which is used to measure radiation levels from various devices. Our recommendation is the Trifield TF2, it provides excellent performance, detecting electromagnetic and RF frequencies.


2. Set up your baseline

You can’t improve what you can’t measure, they say. You need to monitor each reading, and the best way is to record it using a spreadsheet or a notebook. Read the EMF meter while on WiFi and record the results from every room. 

With the EMF meter in hand, you will be in a position to also monitor other sources of EMF radiation in your household. 

Turn Off WiFi

3. Install the Cables

After ensuring you are all set, then you will need to do the cabling by plugging in your modem as per the specifications given by your internet provider. You might have to run software on your computer and follow the screen prompts to complete the process. 

Once you are done and have an internet connection, you can proceed by plucking an Ethernet cable into the port on the modem and the other end to the switch.

The connection is now made. This setup allows you to run cables to different rooms where you want to access the internet. You can let your cables run through the carpets, or on the skirting. For a more elegant result, you can drill the walls and install plugs in every room to ensure there are no visible cables. 

Some houses have wired internet already installed in every room. This will be much easier for you. You will simply have to plug your modem to the internet, and your devices to their respective ports.


4. Connect your Devices

You can start plugging your devices once the Ethernet cables are available in each room. This includes video games, desktops, and televisions. 

A desktop computer, or even a laptop, is safer when wired because it dramatically reduces EMF output. If you are using your laptop, remember that it’d be better to avoid placing it on your lap, or you can also use a radiation pad instead.

However, I know you might be having some devices that can only use WiFi, like a cellphone or a tablet. In that case, you might need to have a WiFi router guard or turn the route off when you don’t need to use it.


5. Turn off WiFi

You need to complete the setup by turning off the WiFi option on your modem (if it’s also wireless) and on ALL the WiFi-enabled devices. This process will vary depending on your service provider, but you can always refer to the manual and get it done with no problem.


6. Run some tests

Once you have completed the whole process, you will need to do a test to check on EMF levels. 

Come back to the spreadsheet or notebook and the EMF meter. Take the readings of each room, one by one. 

Your readings should show a significant reduction in EMF levels if everything has been connected well. 

If you notice your readings are still high, then there are other alternative options to lower them.

First, you should switch your cell phone to airplane mode when not in use, or switch off any other Bluetooth device when you are not using it. You could install a WiFi router guard or a cover for your smart meter or use EMF protective cases for cellphones and tablets.


Last Words

A wired internet connection is an easy way to get rid of your WiFi EMF radiation emissions in your home or the office. It is a secure way of accessing the internet, and you are less likely to run into equipment failure. 

Finally, you will have to do some little maintenance on your cables and modem to increase internet speed. Obviously, if you encounter some complicated problems, consider involving a professional to help you out.

If you are conscious about reducing the EMF radiation levels in your home to protect yourself and your family, then you should switch to a wired internet connection. You can enjoy the wonders of the internet but in a healthy and safe way.

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