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In our constantly evolving society, we often embrace technological advancements without even giving it a second thought. But some of these new technologies need more time to be researched before we can confirm if they are safe for our health. Take the electricity smart meter at your home, for example, and its potential dangers from EMF radiation.


In recent years, traditional electricity meters have been phased out in favor of smart meters. These smart meters make it easier and less expensive for utility companies to do their jobs by wirelessly transmitting data on how much electricity you use. 


But unfortunately, these smart readers can pose a danger to our health. It’s essential to be informed on what you can do to protect yourself and your family against the harmful smart meter EMF radiation.



Smart Meter Technology Could Be Dangerous


It’s your right to understand the risks associated with these smart meters. Research about the technology used by smart meters has brought up some alarming health concerns. The American Cancer Society even admits its dangers and recognizes that this type of radiation is “possibly carcinogenic to humans.

Smart meters produce EMF radiation, a type of radiation with a much higher frequency compared to power lines or electricity cables. Smart meters cause more of this radiation inside your home, and that’s why they are more dangerous.

This amount of EMF radiation may be legally considered safe, but there are valid concerns that any amount of exposure to this radiation could be detrimental to our health. Smart meters have been recognized as a possible carcinogen. 

Because smart meters save electricity companies money since they no longer have to employ workers to physically check the meters, electricity companies are trying to conceal the harmful truth about these devices.



Possible Health Risks from Exposure


There are several health risks associated with EMF radiation. 

Some symptoms of overexposure include headaches, insomnia, and dizziness, among others. Sufferers of these symptoms often found relief immediately upon leaving to an area with less radiation. The radiation may also cause infertility in men, as it affects sensitive organs such as testicles, and can even cause miscarriage in pregnant women. 

EMF radiation in high amounts of exposure is also linked to cancer. It affects the way our cells work, causing our bodies to be more susceptible to toxins and free radicals. The radiation can also make our cells unable to absorb nutrients from food efficiently, which leads to many other diseases. 

Many individuals are so sensitive to EMF radiation that they can feel confusion and brain fog when they are around a source. This condition is called Electromagnetic Hypersensitivity (EHS).

In 2006, the government of Victoria in Australia approved the use of smart meters. Years later, over 100 people  reported adverse health effects, including:


  • Headaches
  • Tinnitus
  • Insomnia
  • Fatigue
  • Cognitive Disturbances
  • Dysesthesias and
  • Dizziness


A 2014 study examined 92 residents and their reported symptoms. They found that these symptoms were almost certainly the result of the radiation from the smart meter installations. None of the people reporting these symptoms had previously identified themselves as having Electromagnetic Hypersensitivity (EHS).



How to Tell if You Are Exposed to a Smart Meter EMF Radiation


There are no hard and fast rules to tell if your electrical meter is a smart meter. You may be able to research the name and model of the meter. Some meters have the words “smart meter” on them, but this isn’t always the case. 

You may be able to find out by calling your utility company. However, the easiest way to determine if you have a smart meter is to use an EMF meter

If you do have a smart meter, it is possible to opt-out in some states. You may be charged an initial fee plus an additional monthly fee, or be required to install an analog meter yourself, depending on your state’s regulations. Unfortunately, many utility companies give residents little to no choice to refuse the smart meters and are increasingly finding ways to convince people that they are safe and beneficial.

Smart meter EMF



How to Lower EMF Exposure from Smart Meters and Other Devices


If your state does not allow you to opt-out, there are ways to lower your exposure to EMF radiation. First, purchase a reliable EMF meter. This will help you pinpoint the sources of the highest emission and help you manage levels of radiation in your home. 

Although smart meters are one of the highest sources of EMF radiation in your home, they are not the only ones. Another significant source of EMF radiation coming from your home is WiFi devices. There are a few solutions to minimize exposure to these devices, but the best is switching to a wired internet connection.

Cell phone radiation can be managed by leaving it in airplane mode while you’re not using it. Keep your cell phone out of your pocket when you can and away from your face while using it to speak to people. Do not sleep with your cell phone next to your bed, or leave it in airplane mode at night. LED lightbulbs are also a producer of radiation, so switch to incandescent light bulbs instead.  



Protecting Your Home from Smart Meter Radiation


There are many products available to reduce the amount of radiation produced by your smart meter. You can purchase a cover for your smart meter, or you can make a DIY meter cover relatively inexpensively using nickel-copper ripstop. 

Several companies manufacture covers for your smart meter. These covers are made from weather-resistant stainless steel and have an opening to allow for maintenance on the meter if necessary. These covers are great for reducing EMF radiation produced by the smart meter – they block almost all the radiation from the smart meter. 

Our recommended shield is the Smart Meter Cover RF Radiation Shield, which has been independently tested and reduces RF-EMF radiation from smart meters by 98%. Please, be aware that there a lot of imitations online. Make sure you get the American-made original version.

You can use your EMF meter to check the amount of radiation after installing the cover, and you can also use it inside your home to get an idea of how much radiation is coming through the walls. Alternatively, you can use a special EMF blocking poster, which you can cover with something else such as another poster or a picture frame.

For even further protection, purchase some EMF blocking paint. While the paint can be a bit pricey, there are brands of this paint with effectiveness of over 99%. Using this paint to shield the inside of your home from EMF radiation is as simple as applying one to two coats of the paint on the interior wall shared by the smart meter. Instead of paint, you can also use EMF blocking fabric by hanging it on the interior wall opposite the smart meter.

After reading some of the facts about EMF radiation, you’ve taken the first step in protecting your health. While we can’t control the flow of technology, there are still things we can do to minimize the adverse effects of EMF radiation as much as possible. 

The next step is to research more into the dangers of EMF radiation and consider what types of methods and products you can use to cut back may be right for you.


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