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It is hard to find a home in 2020 without a microwave oven. It is equally hard to escape from the microwave oven radiation. 

Shocked already? Don’t worry. You can still escape the harmful radiation from the microwave oven if you follow the tips we offer. 

You need to address two things when it comes to EMF control of microwave ovens. First is the dirty electricity that it may produce like any other heavy electric appliance at home. Second is the radiation that it operates on, which is the subject of this article. 

I know, you can’t imagine a kitchen without a microwave oven. It’s like the nose to a face. So how do we get about that? More on that soon. First, let’s see how ovens operate. 

How Do Microwave Ovens Work?

Ovens, as we know, can be classified into two. First is the traditional oven that uses conduction to heat the food. 

Second is the more effective and quicker heating model that uses microwaves to generate heat within the food itself. 

Microwaves are at a wavelength close to 12m and frequency 2.45Ghz. A magnetron is a device that produces these waves inside of the oven using electricity. These generated waves entered the closed oven and hit the food. All the walls except the door reflect the scattering waves. 

The turning table makes sure every side of the food is evenly exposed. Unlike with the walls, the waves tend to pass through the food. This process makes the molecules inside it vibrate in an increased frequency, which in turn releases heat and cooks the food.

This is the reason why the food gets cooked faster than pan cooking or any other cooking method. Heating with microwaves is arguably the best scientific invention for cooking, after the discovery of fire. But it has its downsides too.

Like fire, microwaves can also cause burns in the skin, but the range where this can occur is even higher. Microwaves can affect your body even if you are 10 meters away from the source, which is why the walls of a microwave oven are made up of reflectors and absorbent materials, also known as a Faraday’s shield.

But are they that effective? Can it completely protect you from the microwaves inside?

Why Should You Be Worried About Microwave Ovens?

Theoretically speaking, the inner reflective material and the outer shielding should completely keep the radiation from coming out. But it is not the same with every microwave oven. Some might have improper shielding leading to leaks.

Then comes the question of how good is the shielding? 

The US government regulation states that microwave ovens should not emit more than 5mW of radiation per square feet while measured two inches away from the oven. While that clearly eliminates the possibility of instant harming like burns on skins, that is not the whole story. 

Microwave ovens emit frequencies, RF-EMF and ELF-EMF, that you need to be worried about. The maximum EMF value we have been recommending over the years is 0.5mW. The 5mW rating from government regulation means you can get readings of less than 0.5mW, if measured from a distance of 5m, due to the exponential loss of intensity with distance. But that doesn’t mean it is okay. 

In most cases, we tend to keep the microwave on and continue with our kitchen chores. This means you are likely exposed to ELF-EMF that might lead to long term problems like male infertility, eye-defect, and even cancer. 

While some studies claim microwave ovens to be possibly carcinogenic, some defend them saying there are not enough test results to prove this is the case. This is always the case with innovations in our society. We just overlook the danger until it is too late.

Going by the saying – ‘prevention is better than cure,’ it is better not to be exposed to it in the first place. 

How To Know Your Oven’s Radiation Emission? 

First things first, start measuring the radiation emitted by the microwave with an EMF meter. Make a set of two measurements (one with the oven off and the other while on). Make sure to read it at the 2 inch, 5 feet, and 10 feet marks in all directions.

If you don’t get values less than 0.5mW, even at 10 feet, keep doing it every 5 feet. The higher the value, the higher the risks. 

Measuring with the right EMF meter is very important, which is why we prefer professional EMF meters like the Trifield TF2. Check out our article on EMF meters to see all your options. 

How To Protect Yourself From Microwave Oven Radiation? 

Before getting started with EMF protection tips, let me get this straight. Looking for an alternative cooking option will change a lot of things for you, from the kitchen arrangement to your cooking methods and the time you spend in the kitchen. So we need to look at practical solutions.

It will be more efficient to shield the radiation than trying to get into a new style of cooking. I say so because you can definitely shield the EMF from microwave ovens to a good extent. 

So, here is how you protect yourself from it.

1. Shielding the microwave oven

You can use certain absorbing materials to create a shield over the already existing outer shell.

EMF Paints: Painting the enclosure that holds the microwave oven does the job. To find out how EMF paint works, read our article on EMF Shielding Paint. We like  Yshield or Woremor EMF Paint, but there are many more brands in the article we reviewed. Pick your favorite.

EMF protection fabric: EMF paints are restricted to only five sides of the oven; the door cannot be covered. With Faraday fabrics, you can cover it all. Add layers of EMF protection fabric made of copper, zinc, nickel, or any other absorbent material, and tape with copper foil tape. You can even make a slidable screen out of the EMF fabric for the front door. Amradield Copper Fabric is one of the best.

We also like Armshield Faraday Fabric and TitanRF Faraday Fabric, a military-grade EMF material used by the army for communications. 

2. Placing the microwave oven in the right place

The first thing you think about is where to place your microwave oven. It needs to be easy to access and have enough space for you to be able to shield it. 

Next, think about the proximity and frequency of people getting close to it daily. Remember that microwaves can penetrate through the wall and reach people on the other side.

Place it further away from frequently used rooms in your home. For example, the corner of the kitchen that has a garden on the other side of the wall. 

3. Try to eat less food that requires a microwave oven

Most often, the food we microwave is processed or canned food that has a lot of preservatives. Generally, this food is not a healthy choice. Reducing the consumption of such food will be good for yourself in more than one way. 

4. Stay away from the microwave oven

If nothing seems to work, simply stay away from the microwave oven while it is operating. 

Remember to install a power purifier to reduce dirty electricity that most appliances generate. A microwave oven is not different.


EMF is a rising problem in the eyes of many concerned people. It has been a problem ever since electricity was adopted for domestic usage. Only now we might be able to find a reason behind the thousands of cancers and infertility issues. 

Do not keep this information to yourself. Spread awareness about EMF, its various sources, and how to keep yourself safe from it. 


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