Buying a Low EMF Infrared Sauna: How to Find the Best?

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In our busy technologically-filled world, we encounter Electromagnetic Fields (EMF) on a day-to-day basis at home, work, and even at play.  Although these energy waves occur naturally in the form of the sun’s rays, most of our exposure to EMF happens in the form of electricity, cell phones, computers, and other technological gadgets that permeate our lives. Many people are concerned about overexposure to electromagnetic fields, and believe it or not, this applies to infrared saunas as well.  Unlike traditional saunas, infrared saunas use infrared lamps to create heat, and if you are in the market for a sauna, and would like to reduce your exposure to EMF emissions, there are several things to consider.


What is a Sauna?

Before going into infrared saunas, we’ll look at what exactly a sauna is.  Saunas have been around for thousands of years.  The Ancient Mayans used saunas or sweat houses, and the word “sauna” is a Finnish word meaning a steam bath made by throwing water on hot stones or a dry heat bath.  In many cultures around the world, sweating has long been used as a therapy for relaxation, increased circulation, detoxification, stress management, and improved sleep.  

Saunas can provide dry or wet heat, with or without steam, and are found in a multitude of health clubs, gyms, recreation centers, and spas. Many proponents consider saunas a part of a healthy fitness regimen, and when considering whether to use a sauna or not, it’s essential to consider all the benefits of a low EMF infrared sauna. 


What is an Infrared Sauna?

Infrared saunas use electricity and infrared lamps to warm the body directly.  This is different from traditional saunas which heat the air around you.  These saunas emit infrared radiant heat, and the EMF waves are similar to those produced by the sun to penetrate and heat your body. Most of these saunas warm the body by conduction (the process by which heat is directly transmitted through a material) and convection (when air or a liquid is heated and travels away from the source carrying the thermal energy along) from the heated air and by radiation of the heated areas in the sauna.  Proponents of infrared saunas claim that the heat penetrates the body more deeply than warmed air, and allows for a more intense sweat at a lower temperature. 


What are the Benefits of a Low EMF Infrared Sauna?

For individuals who are concerned about the possible harmful effects of electric and magnetic fields, this will affect a decision when purchasing an infrared sauna.  Most infrared saunas can expose users to high amounts of EMF waves, however, there are saunas available that can produce an infrared experience with virtually no EMF.  Many low EMF saunas often have triple anti-field infrared heaters, and act to reduce EMF waves with special internal wiring, resulting in eliminating most, if not all, EMF output. 

The benefits of a low EMF sauna include reduced EMF output, limiting exposure to these energy waves.  Other saunas typically require a lot of power and energy over a considerable period, and this in itself creates stronger EMF.  Also, most people like to spend an extended time in a sauna and wish to reap the benefits of relaxation and heat therapy.  With the recent popularity of low EMF saunas, the possible negative impacts of EMF exposure can be alleviated, allowing individuals to enjoy all the benefits of a sauna without worrying about overexposure to electromagnetic fields.


How Do I Choose a Low EMF Infrared Sauna?

There are four main questions to consider before purchasing a low or ultra-low EMF sauna:

#1. EMF and ELF Levels

Some manufacturers claim that their models cancel out both EMF and ELF (extremely low frequency) radiation, with energy frequencies below what the average hand-held hairdryer produces.  When researching a sauna, look for statistics on EMF and ELF levels, and compare these levels.  Some manufacturers state that their saunas test at below 1mg EMF when tested directly on the heater itself.

#2. How EMF and ELF Levels are Measured

When manufacturers claim that they produce low EMF and ELF saunas, it’s important to ask how far away their EMF measuring devices were from the heater emitters when testing the EMF levels.  Measuring devices should ideally be placed just a few inches away from the emitter, if the meter is closer, the measure can be much higher. Being only a few inches away from the emitter can substantially lower the EMF levels.

#3. Where EMF and ELF Levels are Measured

When manufacturers claim that their infrared saunas emit zero EMF, it’s important to ask which areas of the sauna were measured. Measurement can be taken from any area of the sauna, and there could be hot spots of EMF in other areas of the sauna. For example, many infrared saunas give lower EMF readings around the emitters.

#4. Do Some Research

Another tip in choosing a low EMF infrared sauna is to ask a reputable dealer, or scan online reviews on the internet, and search for customer testimonials of the different models. If possible, it can be a good idea to obtain a brochure or even better, check out the specific sauna at a retailer.  Some saunas produce less EMF than most electrical appliances in the home, and if you are looking for a low EMF infrared sauna, it’s important to do a bit of research regarding recommended models before making your decision.

You can find hundreds of low EMF saunas that can match your budget and needs. If you are an Amazon shopper, you can also research models and customer reviews on their platform, but here we list the top best low EMF saunas in the market:

Tolow emf saunap 4 Portable Infrared Saunas

Budget: $200-$300

  • Smartmak FAR Portable Infrared Sauna. This is a foldable sauna and chair, that requires no installation, very easy to use, and includes a heating food pad and a handheld controller.
  • Luchen Far Infrared Sauna. It has three low-EMF carbon heating panels and it only takes 5 -7 minutes to heat up. The manufacturer claims this is the lowest rated EMF/EMR infrared sauna of its kind.

Budget: $500-$600

  • Durherm Infrared Sauna. This sauna is made from copper, and it comes with a tent, a footpad, and a chair. It has a wired handheld controller, and it is easy to assemble and unfold.
  • Durasauge Portable Infrared Sauna. This is one of the easiest saunas to set up. It has storage, handheld controls, and it’s one of the lowest EMF portable infrared saunas in the market.

Top 3 Solid Construction Saunas

Budget: $1,000-$2,000low EMF infrared sauna

  • Far Dynamic “Andora”. Low EMF Far Infrared Sauna. Made of natural reforested Canadian Hemlock wood. Capacity is for 1-2 persons and operates up to 140F (ideal temperature is between 118 to 135F). It consists of six infrared carbon ultra-low EMF energy-efficient heating panels. Clear Tempered glass door and with side windows. This is a very affordable solid sauna from a very reputable manufacturer.

Budget: $2,000-$3,000

  • Maxxus 3-Person Low EMF FAR Infrared Canadian Hemlock Sauna. This is a superior sauna that also comes with a big price tag, but you get what you pay for. It is surrounded by carbon heating panels and also made from natural reforested wood construction. It has a bronze-tinted tempered glass door and side windows. It has a capacity for 3 persons and it can operate beyond 140F.


EMF exposure while using an infrared sauna is a consideration if you are concerned about the health implications of prolonged exposure to these electromagnetic fields. Some studies have shown a possible link between EMF exposure and incidences of leukemia, fatigue, and stress.  Also, if you are particularly sensitive to EMF, and suffer from electromagnetic hypersensitivity, you may want to limit your exposure. 


Final Thoughts

Saunas can provide many physical and psychological health benefits, and to ensure you get the most out of your sauna experience, consider a low EMF sauna to eliminate any potential negative side effects that could interfere with your sauna experience.  There are several EMF saunas available that can match anyone’s budget, and as a consumer, it’s always recommended to test your sauna with a good quality EMF meter.  An EMF meter can help you determine if the sauna is working as advertised and installed correctly.

A low EMF infrared sauna is a practical choice to enjoy the health benefits of a sauna without the intense temperatures of a traditional sauna, and a low EMF infrared sauna can offer you both increased comfort without increased radiation exposure. 


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