Can EMF From A Baby Monitor Harm My Baby?

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It sure seems like it. Experts have been warning for some time now of the risks of Bluetooth devices and cell phones at home. The use of a low EMF baby monitor seems to be essential if you want to minimize the risk of radiation on your baby.

Although you can’t see it, electromagnetic radiation is all around us. Not everyone is aware that a wireless baby monitor emits radiation, or that a cell phone is effectively a mast in your own home that acts as a transmitter.

We, as parents, generally try to get informed and buy the best technology to safeguard our children’s wellbeing. We look after their needs and believe new technology will mean a safer environment.

The United Kingdom Health Protection Agency (HPA) indicates that waves emitted through wireless technology can affect the healthy development of babies.

So, have you ever thought about the real EMF levels to which your baby is exposed daily?


How Baby Monitors Work

Baby monitors have changed so much in the last few years. Every year they incorporate new features like zooming, nightlights, temperature sensors, color screens, two-way communication microphone, and even music. The quality usually is excellent, with clear audio and video transmission without interference.

Wireless baby monitors emit RF (radiofrequency) radiation, which is a type of EMF radiation.  All electronics emit this particular radiation. Most monitors are using DECT (digital enhanced cordless telecommunications) or FHSS (frequency-hopping spread spectrum) technologies, which operate on 1.89 or 2.4 GHz frequency bands.

Low EMF baby monitor

Why Is EMF In Baby Monitors Harmful

These ranges are dangerous because they are in the higher microwave range, like (you guessed it) microwaves, WiFi routers, and cell phones. These levels of EMF are considered harmful to adults, from cancer to infertility, and they are even worse to children.

When I talk to parents about how their children are exposed to EMF, the answer is always the same: “It is probably not very good for us. However, there are cell phone towers everywhere, and every home receives WiFi signals from other houses. There is nothing I can do about it. “

While it is very tempting to want to bury your head in the sand on the subject of EMF, it is possible that radiation can have some harmful effects on your baby in the long-term.

It is also possible that the entire academic literature linking EMF to cancer and other diseases is wrong. The best steps you can take as a parent is to take precautions to reduce EMF radiation, so you can keep you and your family protected.

The Department of Health in the United Kingdom, advises that children and young people under 16 do not use cell phones unless it is vital. It also indicates that children should not be sitting or sleeping in a WiFi environment.


What Research Says on EMF and Baby Monitors

Some research shows that digital monitors placed less than one meter away from a baby’s crib emit almost the same level of radiation as a cell phone tower 150 meters away! Isn’t that disturbing and scary?

Remember that the baby unit and the parent unit both emit these radiations.  In some cases, they are switched on ALL NIGHT LONG.

A wrong baby monitor can easily impact your baby on:

  • brain development
  • the immune system, stress protein, HSP
  • sleep cycle disruption
  • reproductive system and fertility
  • oxidative damage/DNA damage/DNA repair failure
  • calcium metabolism

These impacts can result in diseases or disorders ranging from brain tumors, memory, hearing, behavior, blood pressure, cardiac disorders, and even cancer.

Anything you’ll do now reduce your baby’s EMF exposure can help with potential long-term health effects later in life.

Because of their smaller size and thinner skulls, children are especially susceptible to EMF effects. Research shows that babies could absorb twice as much radiation as an adult!


A Low EMF Baby Monitor: Minimizing The Risk

You want the best for your baby, make sure you have the necessary information to make a correct decision. Bluetooth and wireless technology exposes people unnecessarily to radiation and the consequences can be irreversible.

The use of a video monitor or vital signs monitors is not recommended unless the baby has a medical condition that requires it. These monitors expose the baby to high levels of electromagnetic radiation and can affect his development.

It is better to be safe than sorry: follow these simple and practical steps to minimize the risks of over-exposure:

  • Do not place your wireless router near the baby’s bedroom
  • Disconnect wireless routers, especially at night, when they are not required.
  • Pregnant women should not carry their phones next to their bodies.
  • Cell phones should not rest anywhere near the baby’s body, not in the stroller, not in the pocket.
  • Choose an analog baby monitor. If you really need to use a digital one, use a low EMF baby monitor and place it as far as possible.
  • Don’t be complacent, and read all the information about what’s the best low EMF baby monitor in the market so that you can make an educated decision.



Best Low EMF Baby Monitors

1. Safest – Analog Monitors

Analog monitors are harder to find these days, but they are the safest choice. At the time of this writing, we were only able to find two:

  • Safety 1st Crystal Clear Audio Monitor – This is a no-frills, audio-only monitor that operates at 49 MHz. Speedy setup and easy to adjust controls. You can even clip the parent unit onto a belt.
  • Angelcare Baby Sound Monitorit detects activity in the nursery, as well as temperature. It operates on 927MHz and 2.4 GHz, but it is sound-activated so that it won’t be on all the time.


 2. Next Best – Low-emission Digital Monitors

We were able to locate one low-emissions digital model that operates at 900 MHz. This frequency is still higher than in analog models, but much lower than the typical digital models. This model is voice-activated and it’s the best low EMF baby monitor in the market.

  • Babymoov Expert Care – This is a low-emissions model that has an excellent range (3,300 feet). The manufacturer claims a reduction up to 33 times fewer waves. It is sound-activated, and it has a walkie-talkie function.


 3. Digital Monitors with Video and Sound Activation/Eco Mode

For the family that feels they can’t do without video, these models are not technically low-emissions (they operate at 2.4 GHz). However, they do offer sound activation or eco mode for EMF reduction.

  • Baeishiji Baby Monitor – This highly rated unit has a 3.5-inch camera and features night vision.
  • Philips AVENT SCD630/37 Video Baby Monitor – This unit has a 3.5-inch video screen. It has both audio-only mode and sound-activation mode. The baby’s unit is wall-mountable. Other features include room temperature monitoring and night vision.


A Final Word

Remember, you should always locate your monitor as far from the baby as possible. The closer your baby is to EMF radiation, the more they will absorb and be affected by the EMF.

We all want to do what’s best for our kids, and with a little research and a lot of common sense, it’s relatively easy to make a responsible choice.

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