EMF Shielding Paint: Don’t Brush Over It

EMF Shields

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When trying to protect your family from your neighbor’s smart meter or WiFi, blocking the interior wall of your home from electromagnetic radiation is often a necessary step. The easiest way to do this is to paint all or part of your wall with EMF shielding paint. 

EMF paint is very effective in preventing harmful emissions from entering your home. With just a bit of DIY, you can be sure your family is protected from the most dangerous sources of electromagnetic radiation.


How does EMF shielding paint work?

EMF protective paint acts by blocking specific frequencies that reach the walls of your house. The exact frequency range varies by manufacturer, but in general, you should look for a coating that blocks low frequencies (up to 300 Hz) and higher frequencies (in the MHz band) — covering all types of EMF radiation, from ELF to RF. 

Remember that the EMF coating will block all frequencies in this band, which means that you may experience interference with your WiFi signal if you have wireless at home, so make sure you think about this strategically. To give up WiFi and switched to wired internet, read our article on how to do it.


The best brands of EMF shielding paint

The list below provides a review of the best EMF paint brands:


#1. Yshield EMF Paint

Check it out on Amazon.

Yshield is 99.98% effective after one application and 99.995% effective after two applications at preventing EMF radiation. This coating is also waterproof and does not contain harsh chemicals, which makes it environmentally friendly. It is also a low-odor coating. The ingredients include water, graphite, and carbon black.

Reviews mention that this coating is very effective at blocking competing WiFi signals. The paint is easy to apply and glides like traditional paint. It can be rolled or sprayed, make sure you get every part of the surface for best results. The manufacturer recommends using silicone or water-based paint for the top layers.

You can check the current price, read reviews, or purchase this paint on Amazon here.



#2. Woremor EMF paint

Check it out on Amazon.

Woremer’s EMF paint works very similarly to Yshield paint. This pure silicate coating operates at frequencies up to 18 GHz. The manufacturer recommends two layers to get maximum protection, it is 99.98% effective after one application and 99.995% effective after two coats. 

It is also water-resistant and comes in color black so you can easily see if you have forgotten any areas. Woremor coatings are generally known to be very effective in preventing EMF from reviewers.

You can check the current price, read reviews, or purchase this paint on Amazon here.



#3. CuPro-Cot Paint

Check it out here.

CuPro-Cote paint is a little different because it is mainly made of copper. You can use spray, brush or roller to apply it, and helps prevent frequencies from 30 MHz to 1.5 GHz. 

CuPro-Cote paint comes in a shiny copper color – easier to cover up than black paints. The main complaint in the reviews was that the paint dries very quickly, even in your brush sometimes, so make sure you paint fast with this one!



#4. MG Chemicals SuperShield 

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MG Chemicals SuperShield paint is designed for use in small spaces, such as electronic packaging, but it can also be used on an interior wall. This paint blocks frequencies from 10 MHz to 1.8 GHz, making it ideal for blocking the radio frequency range. 

SuperShield is an acrylic-based paint made of a nickel coating that extends in a silver-gray color. 

You can check the current price, read reviews, or purchase this paint on Amazon here.



#5. Ecos EMR Shielding Paint

Check it out on Amazon.

Ecos EMR Shielding Paint is a non-toxic VOC-free nickel paint advertised as a radiation shield. As a bonus, Ecos EMR Shielding Paint is odorless, so if you are sensitive to the smell of paint, this could be a great option. 

Dark gray, it is designed to be coated with Ecos stone paint. The product has been independently tested in Europe and has been found to block 99% of frequencies in the 900 to 1,800 MHz range. 

You can check the current price, read reviews, or purchase this paint on Amazon here.

EMF Shielding Paint


#6. ShieldON EMF Shielding Paint

Check it out on Amazon.

Sheldon EMF Shielding Paint is designed for small projects. Like other EMF paints, ShieldON is 99.98% effective after one coat, and 99.995% effective at blocking frequencies after a second coat. 

This second coating blocks frequencies up to 18 GHz and has a matt black color. There is also an Aquarelle SheldON EMF paint, which is water-based and is ideal for interior or exterior applications. 

You can check the current price, read reviews, or purchase this paint on Amazon here.



#7. Tachyon Star Dust

Check it out on Amazon.

Tachyon Star Dust is designed to mix with any paint, and it’s a bit cheaper than some traditional EMF paints. You can apply Tachyon Star Dust on the base coat or topcoat when painting. A 16-ounce bottle of this paint can be mixed into a gallon of regular paint. The recommended ratio is one bottle of Tachyon Star Dust per gallon of paint.

Tachyon Star Dust can be added to small jobs like pictures, posters, small walls, or an entire basement.

You can check the current price, read reviews, or purchase this paint on Amazon here.


Grounding the paint

With certain types of EMF shielding paint, there is an additional step that goes beyond merely painting a surface. The EMF coating is conductive and must, therefore, be grounded to guarantee safety and compliance with building codes. 

What you’ll need to do:

  • Place a grounding strap along the surface being painted.
  • When painting a wall with an electric outlet, the grounding strap will have to go near it.
  • You’ll also need to install a grounding plate after the wall has been painted. This must be done by an electrician.

Usually, the same manufacturers that sell the shielding paint will also produce the grounding plates. It will be safer to buy both items from the same manufacturer and read their instructions. 

Two of the better grounding plates in the market come from Yshield and Woremor


How do you know it works?

The best way to measure the effectiveness of an EMF shielding paint is to use an EMF meter. The one we usually recommend is TriField TF2. The reason we recommend this model is that TriField TF2 can detect electrical, magnetic, and radiation field radiation. 

Once you have found a good EMF meter, measure the levels in your home. Ideally, you can measure before and after painting so that you can compare your results before and after application. If you’ve applied the paint without checking your previous levels, test another room in your home that you haven’t applied paint to.

Once you have an EMF meter, it is a good idea to test the levels around your home. This can help you determine if other areas could benefit from EMF painting. Make sure you check the sleeping areas and any other places where your family regularly spends a lot of time.


Final Thoughts

Electromagnetic radiation (EMF) poses a real threat to the health and safety of your family. It has been linked to cancer, infertility, miscarriages, and other health problems. If you are concerned about your family’s exposure to these potentially dangerous frequencies, consider taking steps to protect your home.

One of the easiest steps you can take is to apply EMF protective paint to the wall opposite any smart meter, WiFi equipment, or other major EMF radiation generator. Make sure every location you paint is grounded for safety.

This solution, when used with other methods, like covering a smart meter or using wired internet, will minimize your exposure to EMF radiation, and it will make you feel that peace of mind has already paid for such a small investment.

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