Best EMF Readers: the Ultimate Guide

EMF Readers

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For most of us, our daily routine starts by using electronic gadgets that make our life easier and comfortable… Even to the point of addiction.

Our cellphone has taken over our mom’s job of waking us up in the morning. Before going to work, we’re using a cell phone or a laptop to check our emails and messaging apps, so we can get in touch with friends and family. Even as we travel or commute, we might be listening to music using wireless headsets, or the Bluetooth in the car. 

This dependency on gadgets is natural because, as humans, we need to feel connected and enjoy the convenience that science and technology bring to us. 

Turns out, whether you’ll be willing to pay for it or not, this addiction may come at a price.

If you have been reading this blog, you must know by now that almost all gadgets may pose a serious threat to your health. This is because they emit electromagnetic frequencies (EMF) radiation. There had been many studies regarding EMF radiation, and results show that they may have been related to health issues such as sleep disorders and brain cancer. 

Just so we can get the enormity of this problem, making a list of all the devices that emit EMF was an eye-opener for me. 

These are only a few:

As you can see, all the gadgets mentioned above are commonly found in offices and houses. This means that EMF radiation is literally everywhere around us. 

Although avoiding it may be impossible, you can still protect yourself against EMF. All you need to do is:

  1.  to understand what EMF is, and 
  2. to find out the best protection against it

Read on, cause we will talk about these two critical ideas in great detail.



What Are Electric and Magnetic Frequencies (EMF)?

Electric and magnetic frequency (EMF) radiation are emitted by any electronic object. They range from common devices such as phones or television sets to more dangerous ones, such as X-Rays and large electronic machines. 

EMF can be classified into two different low frequencies – Extremely Low Frequency (ELF-EMF) and Radio Frequency (RF-EMF). 

ELF-EMFs may not be that harmful when received from time to time, but it will still affect your health if you are regularly exposed to it. RF-EMF, on the other hand, is more serious, and we’re repeatedly exposed to it from all the different devices mentioned before.  

Governments have strict regulations concerning EMF radiation emitted by manufactured devices. Even the World Health Organization’s International Agency for Research on Cancer has admitted that all forms of EMF radiation are carcinogenic (may cause cancer) and are potentially dangerous.



What Are Some of the Proven Health Risks of EMF radiation?

Studies have shown that ELF-EMF radiation coming from power towers and power lines may cause leukemia. This was proven by studies conducted on children living near power lines where exposure to ELF-EMF was high. 

Comparing various research data, scientists found that some children who suffer from leukemia lived near power lines, power towers, or similar structures. Even though ELF-EMF radiation may not be that harmful on its own, regular, and high exposure to it may still affect human health in detrimental ways.

RF-EMF radiation, on the other hand, has been associated with brain cancer for a long time. For example, studies show that RF-EMF radiation emitted by cordless phones carry significant health risks such as sleeping disorders and brain cancer. RF-EMFs were also observed to have adverse effects on men’s health. Studies show that men, when regularly exposed to them, are prone to suffer from infertility.

Other physical and mental problems are also associated with RF-EMF and ELF-EMF exposure:

  • depression
  • anxiety
  • insomnia
  • fatigue
  • headaches
  • nausea, and
  • vomiting… among many others.



How to Protect Yourself Against EMF radiation

All these health risks mentioned above may have made you anxious. While avoiding all forms of EMF radiation might be impossible, protecting yourself against them is not. 

One of the first steps for you to take is to use one of the best EMF detectors and see if radiation is affecting your day-to-day life. 

EMF meters are handy devices that measure EMF radiation output from electronic gadgets. There are many types of EMF meters or EMF detectors, some can detect both ELF-EMF and RF-EMF, while others may detect only one kind of frequency.

You might be worried right now that choosing the best EMF detectors will be time-consuming. This is ultimately true if you’re not familiar with them or their features. 

We have compiled the best EMF detectors in the market, and we will provide you with all the information you need to know what’s essential and what’s not. Now, all you need to do is to continue reading.

Best EMF Detectors

Best EMF Detectors: On a Budget


#1. KKMoon EMF Meter

Check it out on Amazon.

This is one of the most affordable EMF meters available at the moment. It’s very portable and can be used for on-site electromagnetic measurements at home, apartments, offices, and industrial buildings. 

You can also use this to measure the EMF radiation levels of mobile phones, TV sets, refrigerators, and high voltage cables. 

What we like about this product is that it doesn’t only detect EMF, but analyzes if the frequency present is safe or not. Upon use, its radiation assessment feature sets off an alarm to warn you that the EMF levels of the surroundings or of particular devices exceeds the safe value. 

Its LCD display will give you all the information you need to measure EMF radiation.

It is available in three designs- Blue & Black, Red & Black, and Yellow & Black.

You can check the current price, read reviews, or purchase this meter on Amazon here.


#2. Hinmay Digital EMF Meter

Check it out on Amazon.

This is another very affordable EMF detector. The Hinmay Digital EMF meter detects both electric and magnetic fields with frequencies ranging from 30Hz to 300Hz. 

Though it may not be as good as the KKmoon EMF meter, it still has similar excellent features, such as LCD display, smart alarm, and freeze readings. 

The only problem with this device is that it fails to work correctly once its batteries start to weaken, and it fails to provide accurate readings. 

Still, it is only a minor inconvenience that you can quickly solve by preparing fresh batteries on the go.

You can check the current price, read reviews, or purchase this meter on Amazon here.


#3. Meterk EMF Meter

Check it out on Amazon.

If you are ready to invest a few of your earnings to protect yourself against EMF, the Meterk EMF Meter may be your best choice. 

It is equipped with a built-in electromagnetic sensor that clearly shows the value of electric and magnetic fields present in your house on its LCD display. 

It detects frequencies at 30 to 300Hz. It can be used for indoor and outdoor purposes. 

What we really like about this product is that it turns off automatically. This is really useful because it allows the device to save energy and extend battery life. However, one downside is that you can’t use it to measure cellphone EMF radiation.

This device also comes with an alarm system when the EMF levels exceed the safe value.

You can check the current price, read reviews, or purchase this meter on Amazon here.



Best EMF Detectors: Middle Price Range

#1. Advanced GQ EMF-390

Check it out on Amazon.

This is a 3-in-1 EMF ELF-RF meter. It can detect RF up to 10GHz with a Data Logger, and EMF up to 400Khz.

It has multiple high sensitivity sensors installed for detecting power line, smart meters, cell phones, microwaves, etc.
It also has a built-in RF Spectrum analyzer and GQ RF Browser for real time RF monitoring.

You can check the current price, read reviews, or purchase this meter on Amazon here.

#2. Latnex MG-300

Check it out on Amazon.

If you can’t get your hands on Meterk EMF Meter, then Latnex is a good alternative. This EMF meter can detect EMF from power lines, air-conditioning units, refrigerators, and any other device you have in the house. 

Its detectable frequency range is at 30Hz to 300 Hz. The reason why this EMF meter comes second to Meterk is that its a little pricey, considering it can’t be used on cell phones. Still, the well-made LCD display, long battery life, and carrying case makes up for its price tag.

You can check the current price, read reviews, or purchase this meter on Amazon here.



Best EMF Detectors: High-End Devices  


#1. TriField EMF Meter Model TF2

Check it out on Amazon.

Are you looking for a heavy-duty EMF meter that measures all radiation? If your answer is yes, then Trifield TF2 is what you’re looking for. Though a little bit expensive than the previous ones, it detects all kinds of EMF. 

Compared to the other meters, TriField is the only detector that can be used to identify EMF coming from WiFi routers and cordless phones. It detects EMF at various frequencies, which means you can test the EMF level of all devices at your house or office.

You can check the current price, read reviews, or purchase this meter on Amazon here.


#2. Latnex HF-B3G

Check it out on Amazon.

The Latnex HF-B3G is a good alternative to TriField TF2. The only downside is that it cannot detect ELF-EMF, which TriField TF2 is really good at. 

This detector is still great if you are looking for a high-end EMF meter that provides accurate readings. It is capable of detecting frequencies at the 50MHz to 3.5GHz range, and it is best used to measure EMF radiation levels of wireless bugs and spy cameras. It is also handy if you want to measure RF-EMF of numerous devices.

You can check the current price, read reviews, or purchase this meter on Amazon here.



How To Use Your EMF Detector?

Now that you have an EMF meter at your disposal, it is time that you put it to use. The best way to do this is to record the EMF value of each device or room at your house in a spreadsheet. For you to create a spreadsheet containing information of the EMF values of devices on your home, all you need to do is to measure them one by one using your EMF meter. After this, compare the data to see which devices have the highest EMF values.

The best way is to turn on all the electronic devices in each room. After this, turn the EMF meter on, and place yourself in the middle of the room. This is where EMF radiation will be measured for an accurate reading. Do not forget to list each individual EMF measurement in the spreadsheet. 

Do this in the kitchen, bedrooms, living room, porch, garage, and everywhere else you think you need to. When you are done, compare the data for you to see which rooms have the highest EMF radiation values.



So What’s Next?

Now that you have information regarding the EMF emissions of the devices and rooms in your house, you need to finish what you started by reducing EMF radiation and protect yourself. 

You can lower the EMF value of the rooms with high EMF readings by moving some devices to other places. For devices that have high EMF readings, you can reduce their EMF values by covering them with EMF protective cases, fabrics, or router guards.

If you want to reduce the overall EMF radiation at your house, the best way to do so is to ditch your wireless devices and replace them with wired ones. For example, you may replace cordless phones with corded ones and switch your WiFi to an ethernet connection

If you can’t replace them, then you may resort to turning wireless devices off at night.


EMF detectors are one of the most basic means of protecting yourself against EMF radiation. 

Before we finish, you need to remember that budget EMF meters, middle-price range EMF meters, and high-end EMF meters work differently.

Budget EMF meters are really cheap and affordable. They are also great because they can detect EMF at a wide range of frequencies. However, their downside is that they fail to provide really accurate ELF-EMF readings. Thus, they are only useful when detecting RF-EMF.

Middle-price range EMF detectors, on the other hand, provide really accurate readings for ELF-EMF and RF-EMF. However, they fail to detect these two types of EMF once they reach frequencies exceeding 300Hz.

Finally, high-end EMF detectors do not have the weaknesses of budget EMF meters and middle-priced meters. This makes them the best choice, even though they are a bit expensive. They provide excellent readings for all types of EMF at various ranges. If you’re looking for accuracy and sensitivity when measuring EMF radiation, then EMF meters like the TriField TF2 is what you’re looking for.

No matter what types of EMF meter you chose, what’s important is that you have an EMF meter at your disposal. Having an EMF meter is the foundation of your safety against EMF. EMF meters, whether they’re cheap or expensive, give you some warning that EMF levels at your house might have reached the point of being dangerous for you and your family’s well-being.

Now that you have an EMF meter in your hands, don’t let your investment get wasted. Turn that EMF meter on and start now!


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