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EMF Protection

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If you are concerned about EMF levels in your home or at work, there are several things you can do to reduce your risk of exposure, and this includes using EMF protection stones. Several stones may be able to absorb EMF radiation fields in your home or at the office, and most of these items can be purchased online. 

EMFs, or electromagnetic fields, are invisible to the naked eye and occur everywhere in our world. These invisible areas of energy are a form of radiation and are associated with the use of cell phones, electrical power, computers, microwaves, and human-made lighting. EMFs occur naturally in the form of solar radiation as well. With our use of cell phones, computers, microwaves, and other technological devices, we are exposed to EMFs daily, and this causes concern for some members of the public.

Some studies have suggested that EMFs contribute to sleep disturbances, tiredness, blurred vision, headaches, and other health complaints. While many experts claim that low levels of EMFs do not pose a health hazard to individuals, other studies suggest that some individuals may be sensitive to EMF levels, and this condition is called “electromagnetic hypersensitivity.” 


9 EMF Protection Stones

Here’s a list of 9 popular stones that can provide EMF protection for you and your family. These stones can be purchased by themselves and placed next to electronics, or they can also be worn as jewelry.

Shungite Stone#1. Shungite Stone

Shungite is a smooth, black stone, and is perhaps one of the most popular EMF protection stones. Known as the “Stone of Fruition,” it is thought to offer positive energies, and is named after the Russian village of Shunga where it was first found. Shungite has been used in folk medicine since the 18th Century and contains a substance called “fullerene”, a crystalline form of carbon that is purported to filter out EMFs.

Shungite is considered a calming and relaxing stone, and due to its protective qualities and absorption of negative energies, is considered to allow only positive energies through. Proponents of shungite state that this stone can be beneficial for absorbing EMFs, and should be placed next to computers, TVs, or cell phones.

Amazonite#2. Amazonite

Amazonite has been used to calm the mind and the nervous system, and proponents claim that it helps maintain optimum health by disseminating negative energy. This green mineral contains a variety of potassium feldspar called microcline, and supporters claim that microline absorbs microwaves, cell phone emissions and can repel EMF radiation.

#3. Lodestone

Lodestone is an iridescent, black stone that has been considered beneficial for blood flow and circulation, and is said to soothe muscle cramps, and aches, and pains. Lodestone is also known as mineral magnetite and has a magnetic field that can attract iron. Because of its magnetic properties, lodestone is thought to be able to repel EMF radiation and is a popular choice for EMF protection. 

#4. Black Tourmaline

This smooth, black stone is thought to repel negative energies and is considered to be the classic stone of protection. It is thought that this stone can repel EMF emissions from cell phones, microwaves, laptops, and computer monitors. Proponents recommend placing a piece of this beautiful stone between yourself and a computer or TV screen, or you can wear it as a pendant for protection no matter where you are.

#5. Black Tourmaline with Quartz

This stone combines the protective qualities of Black Tourmaline with the healing properties of quartz.    Tourmalated Quartz consists of White Quartz with pieces of Black Tourmaline in it, and the combination of the two stones allows for the deflection of negative energies and EMFs provided by Black Tourmaline, and the positive energy vibes of quartz. 

Hematite#6. Hematite

Known as the “stone for the mind,” or the “bloodstone,” hematite is another popular stone for EMF protection. Proponents suggest that hematite utilizes magnetic qualities of yin-yang energies, and chakras to clear the body of toxins and restore balance to the body. This stone is rich in iron, so it is thought to be able to absorb EMF radiation and is used to protect against stress and help detoxify the body. Since hematite is magnetic, users suggest not placing these stones directly next to electronics, but they can be placed in the same room as computers, TV, or wifi-routers.

#7. Flourite

Fluorite is said to help cleanse the mind, clearing it of negativity and confusing thoughts. Known as the “Genius Stone,” it is also thought to increase concentration and mental acuity. This multi-colored stone can be used together with other EMF protective stones and is said to magnify and amplify the power of other stones. Fluorite is said to absorb EMF waves and shield users from electromagnetic and negative energy.

Sodalite#8. Sodalite

This beautiful, mottled blue stone (which can also be grey, pink, yellow, or green) is said to block and clear EMF radiation. Known as the “Stone of Awakening,” sodalite promotes a calm mind, rational thought, objectivity, as well as emotional balance. This beautiful stone can be placed next to any electronics, and can also be worn as jewelry in the form of bracelets, necklaces, or brooches.  

#9. Smoky Quartz

This stone is said to ground spiritual energy and reduce negative energies, as well as being able to block stress and EMF “smog.” This brownish and translucent stone is purported to remove negative energy and transform it into positive energy. It is also said to emit a high level of energy. Smokey Quartz is a popular choice for absorbing and transmuting negative energy, including EMFs, and is useful for pain relief, and enhanced healing as well.

How Do I Use EMF Protection Stones?

EMF protection stones come in a variety of forms, including jewelry, and household decorative items. Many individuals choose to wear stones as jewelry to protect themselves on the go, as well as place them in locations at work or in the home. Depending on which EMF protection stones you choose, or a combination of these stones, they may offer you added protection against EMF radiation waves wherever you are. 

Final Thoughts

Studies have suggested that electromagnetic fields can affect your health, and by purchasing EMF protective stones, you can help to protect yourself from potentially harmful rays of EMF radiation. If you are concerned about EMF exposure, consider any one of the stones mentioned above, as well as other EMF protection stones such as orgonite, lepidolite, pyrite, or aventurine. 



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