EMF Protection Necklace: Which One to Wear?

EMF Shields

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With rising public concerns about the exposure to electromagnetic fields (EMFs), the popularity of EMF protection clothing, devices, and necklaces has gained momentum over the past several years.  Research shows that certain crystals can protect individuals from EMF radiation, and EMF protection necklaces are a convenient way to protect yourself while you are at home, at work, or on the go.  

EMF protection necklaces typically consist of a pendant on a chain, where the pendant is made up of certain crystals and elements meant to shield the wearer from electromagnetic fields. Some of these necklaces also claim to offer additional benefits, such as improved sleep, sharper mental acuity, and increased energy.  


How do EMF Protection Necklaces Work?

EMF protection necklaces work in several different ways, and it depends on the necklace and its elements. For example, some necklaces use a combination of protective and healing stones to absorb the effects of EMF radiation.  For example, many manufacturers use anisotropic (rock-forming) minerals such as black tourmaline or quartz in their necklaces, and these minerals are thought to absorb certain amount of EMF radiation.  


Should I Wear an EMF Protection Necklace?

For busy individuals who want protection against the effects of EMF, an EMF protection necklace is a convenient choice for day-to-day protection. In addition to its protective capabilities, many of these necklaces can add an attractive accent to any fashion.  These necklaces can also be helpful for those individuals who suffer from electromagnetic hypersensitivity (EHS) which purportedly causes such symptoms as nausea, dizziness, and fatigue when they are close to EMFs. An EMF protection necklace may offer help in alleviating these symptoms.  


What Kinds of EMF Protection Necklaces are There?

There is a wide variety of EMF protection necklaces on the market, and each is unique depending on the type of stones, metals, or elements they contain.  A few of these necklaces are listed below.

Shungite Necklace

Shungite Necklaces

Shungite is a rare black stone composed of 99% carbon and is named after the Russian village of Shunga, where it was first found.  Shungite is a mineral that proponents say can shield users from EMF radiation and is also believed to reduce inflammation and oxidative stress.  Some also claim it can purify water and relieve emotional stress.  EMF necklaces and pendants that contain shungite are very popular, and shungite can also come in the form of beads, or crystals.  


Black Tourmaline Necklaces

Tourmaline is a unique crystal, and many call it the “electricity stone” because it can produce both positive and negative ions in a single stone. Given its electrical field makeup, black tourmaline is thought to protect users against the effects of EMF radiation.  According to proponents, black tourmaline does not necessarily block or absorb EMF radiation, but rather gives the wearer a protective electric field that can repel harmful energy waves.  These necklaces come in a variety of styles and often include other protective crystals and gemstones as well.  

black tourmaline emf protection necklace

Orgonite emf protection necklaceOrgonite Necklaces

Orgonite necklaces and pendants are composed of a resin combined with quartz, metals, and other materials.  These pendants are quite popular and offer a fashionable way to protect the wearer from EMFs as well as from the effects of negative energies. 

Orgonite Pendants are designed for healing, and many also contain copper, quartz, rose, citrine, amethyst, and shungite.  Proponents of orgonite say that it gives off weak energy fields which help in balancing the body’s energies, and is capable of cleaning negative energies created by EMFs.


BioField Necklaces

These necklaces are based on the concept of a biofield, which is a field of energy that exists in and around a person’s body.  According to proponents, a biofield is composed of measurable electromagnetic energy, as well as chi energies.  In Traditional Chinese Medicine, chi is seen as the body’s life force or the energy that runs through our bodies. 

The proponents of biofield pendants state that they help provide the body with the energy it needs for day-to-day life.  There are many different kinds of biofield pendants available and they come in several different colors and shapes.  A popular brand is the Q-Link pendant, which is programmed to strengthen and balance the body’s energy.


Q-Link Pendant

copper emf necklaceCopper Necklaces

Copper is also thought to offer protection against the effects of EMFs and is fashioned into necklaces and pendants together with other EMF protective stones such as orgonite or shungite. 

The EMF protective aspect of copper is thought to be a result of positive ion atoms, meaning these atoms are missing an electron. The remaining electrons jump from atom to atom, giving it an electrical charge. As a result of this charge, copper is a conductive metal, and its conductivity is thought to make it effective at shielding against EMFs.


Shungite/Orgonite Necklaces

Shungite/Orgonite EMF protection NecklacesNecklaces that combine the protective capabilities of shungite and orgonite are also available and seek to offer users advanced protection against EMF radiation.  Many of these necklaces also include traditional healing stones such as amethyst which is thought to purify the body’s energy field and lapis lazuli to amplify healing energy.


Combination EMF Protection Necklaces

In addition to the necklaces listed above, many combine a variety of protective stones and crystals to offer users added protection.  Many contain healing chakra crystals, such as tiger’s eye which is said to help relieve anxiety, and amethyst, for tranquility.  These necklaces and pendants can also contain orgonite, shungite, and black tourmaline as well.


Final thoughts

If you’re concerned about EMF radiation, an EMF necklace is a convenient way to protect yourself no matter where you are.  Depending on your preferences, there is a multitude of different styles and varieties of EMF necklaces available, and you are bound to find one or two that fit your image and style.  Protecting yourself from EMFs can be a fashion statement as well as a practical one.



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