EMF Protection Clothing: The Ultimate Guide

EMF Shields

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With mobile phones becoming second nature and 5G on the way, the concern for EMF radiation from electronic devices has developed into real fear. While several solutions have been suggested and followed, wearing EMF protection clothing is one way of keeping the effects of harmful radiation in check.

Whether you have noticed a recent increase in EMF radiation around you or you have the constant urge to protect yourself from it, we all need to learn about EMF protection so that we can make swift changes in our lifestyle. 

General EMF Protection

Luckily, we all know how to protect ourselves while at home. We can reduce up to 90% of EMF exposure by incorporating electricity filterssmart meter covers, or even painting our walls

It is also scientifically proven that using devices like wired headsets or anti-radiation stickers when talking via cellphone reduces the transmission of EMF to the brain.

Using a wired network system or low-EMF light bulbs in your house or office also reduces EMF exposure.

What About When You Are Away From Home?

You can still protect your brain, heart, and reproductive organs from EMF exposure outside your home. 

All you need is to be able to wear that protection every time you get out of the house. EMF protection clothing and gear is the smartest way to protect the sensitive parts of the body. 

I have been excited about this kind of clothing for a long time, and I have purchased quite a few items myself. 

This article is your ultimate guide on the functionality, usability, and effectiveness of the best EMF protective clothing out there. I’ll be checking the cost of the product versus its efficacy. I will also discuss the ins and outs of a technique to test the effectiveness of this type of clothing.

But first, let’s have a look at what protecting clothing is.

Protecting Yourself from Radiation Through Clothing

The main concept of EMF protective clothing is using materials that help in blocking up the radiation. Over the years, research has been undertaken on how to mix different fabrics, so they are easy to use, practical, and at the same time, effective at blocking radiation.

The solution is a blend of metals with specific qualities known for their capacity to block radiation. Silver and copper are said to possess these qualities.

How Does EMF Protective Clothing Work?

EMF clothes act as a repellant of radiation by weakening and equally-distributing the frequencies of EMF radiation. 

The composition of EMF protective clothing varies, but the main manufacturers use streaks of metals and fabrics that are embroiled together to form a strong barrier against EMF radiations. 

Common metals for protecting against radiation include silver, copper, nickel, brass, steel, and tin.

Silver is known for its protective anti-radiation properties. It is used frequently by manufacturers as it is easy to work with and provides real protection against electromagnetic radiation.

Copper is also commonly used as it creates a conductive grid similar to the idea of a faraday cage, and it is highly electrically conductive, acting as a grounding element.

These metals, mixed with nylon, cotton, and/or polyester, form a perfect blend that weakens the EMF frequencies when they reach the body.

There is another kind of EMF protection clothing, but it is less comfortable as it is made from regular fabrics lined with protective gear in the interior to shield EMF exposure.

Is This Protection Effective?

As a customer who is about to invest in these garments, you would want to know if the EMF protection clothing is really effective. The general sense from experts in the field is that the clothing specially made for protection from radiation can certainly reduce the intensity of the impact and offer relief.

The majority of EMF clothing in the market shields up to 99.9% of the frequencies emanating from an EMF radiation source. If you were to put this on a scale based on the dangerous effects of EMF, that is close to maximum protection.

What Should You Be Looking For?

Shielding performance or attenuation (i.e., the reduction of the effect) is often used while describing the effectiveness of EMF protection clothing. Shielding performance is measured in decibels (dB). The accepted level is 20dB. This means the clothing you are buying should have at least this level of attenuation or degree of reduction in the intensity of the radiation. 

There are other considerations when buying EMF protective clothing. Before purchasing any product, make sure you check for these specifications.

1. Attenuation

First of all, make sure the shielding performance falls in between the 20dB and 100dB range. You want to make sure the piece of clothing has a high reducing force and a high affinity for a variety of frequencies. The structure of the clothing and its materials is a major determinant of this value.

2. Range of Frequencies

Make sure it is made to protect against a wide range of EMF radiations. It is important to ensure that you purchase clothing that is made for the specific EMF radiation you want to shield from. For example, cellular radiation has a wider wavelength of frequencies compared to WiFi radiations; therefore, your shielding clothing should have a higher attenuation force than that of WiFi radiations. 

3. Lifespan

The next factor to consider is the durability of the clothing item. You will need to know how the item reacts to water under normal washing conditions, as most EMF clothing products are easily corrosive. It is also important to consider your particular washing method and understand the effects it will have on the clothing. 

4. Cost

Last but not least, I urge you to be cost-conscious. It is obvious that tested and verified products that have met clients’ expectations are sold at a very high price.

Also, given that metals like silver and copper are being blended in making these clothing, they are priced higher. Their life is also not very long. Many of them cannot be washed, and some can only be hand-washed. That will mean a higher expense on an ongoing basis. It would be best if you considered these before buying them.

However, you do not need to break the bank to buy a protection item. There is a wide array of protective clothing made at a slightly lower cost. 

Top 6 Clothing Items for EMF protection

If you are wondering where you can get a protective shirt, hood, or underwear, here are a few EMF protective clothing options you can buy online. There is a much larger range of clothing available, but these are my favorites. The choices are for you to make.


EMF Protection Cap


#1. EMR Shielding Solutions EMF Protection Cap

Are you a cap person? Excessive phone use has significant effects on our body, especially the brain. You can wear a cap to protect your brain from the harmful radiations emitted when talking on the phone or walking on the street. Many studies have shown that telephone radiation is a predominant cause of brain cancer. 

Wearing a cap while using the cell phone can be one way of preventing the radiation from the mobile device from affecting the brain. The manufacturer, EMR Shielding Solutions, claims its cap is capable of blocking the radiation and is effective to the extent of 99.999%. The inputs used to make the EMF Protection Cap include lycra, copper, silver, and cotton, to form a strong anti-radiation layer. You have a choice of colors as well. It could be a useful EMF protection clothing.

Additionally, the cap has a Coolmax elastic sweatband that acts as an insulator to protect your head from excessive heat. You can get the cap in five different colors. 

Users have reported having fewer migraines after using the hat. Others are of the opinion that the material can be less durable and tears easily. None the less, if you are on a journey to reduce EMF radiation coming from your cellphone, make sure you consider this cap. 

Check the price on Amazon.



EMF protection clothing


#2. OurSure Anti-Radiation Unisex Tank Top

You would have heard people advising you not to keep your mobile phone on the left pocket in your shirt since it is close to your heart. That’s because EMF radiation from a cellphone can hit your internal organs when close to your body, including your heart. If you don’t have anywhere else to keep your phone, then OurSure Anti-Radiation Unisex Tank Top is the ideal product for you and stay protected.

The Tank top is made of silver and 100% nylon with a 6odB attenuation range, which is capable of shielding frequencies in a wide range, up to 3 GHz and 10MHz wavelength. 

It is designed to be worn with your day-to-day clothes, as it is quite comfortable to wear underneath other clothes, and you can also wear it throughout different climatic conditions as it is light in weight. 

This tank top has had very positive feedback. Customers have been talking about its benefits for a long time. It is one-size-fits-all and unisex. I can also say it is very comfortable and breathable.

Check the price on Amazon.



Emf protection hoodie EMF protection hoodie


#3. BlocWave EMF Protection Hoodie

This hoodie acts as a shield for the upper part of the body, including the head, so this piece of EMF protection clothing can possibly deliver more. You can use the hoodie by keeping your cellphone outside the clothing while talking to prevent radiation to your head. 

It is made of 50% silver fiber, cotton, and nylon. It provides shielding in a range of 57-65Db, whilst looking and feeling like an everyday hoodie. 

You can wash this hoodie in your washing machine at 30 degrees or hand wash up to 30 times without reducing any of the shielding capabilities. The efficiency claimed by the manufacturer is 99%. 

The women’s version is available in 5 different colors (Royal Blue, Light Grey, Black, Fuchsia, and Lilac), but the men’s hoodie comes just in 2 colors (Royal Blue or Apple Green).

Check the price on Amazon.



EMF protection clothing for kidsEMF protection clothing for kids


#4. Apexgaming Aegis Anti-Radiation Clothing for Kids

This hooded tank is perfect for kids and toddlers. It is made of hi-tech metal fiber – 100% made in Belgium. It blocks up to 99.99% of radiation, and it has 3M Scotchgard Technology, which makes the clothes moisture-wicking, quick-drying, anti-stains, and breathable. 

The fabric provides 45-36dB RF radiation shielding effectiveness from 300 MHz to 1900MHz.

While protecting your kids, what else can you ask for? Ah! Yes, it has a cute French-style design.

Check the price on Amazon.



EMF protection underwear


#5. Silver-Lined Boxer Briefs from SYB

SYB is one of the best companies out there for EMF Protection. Its boxer briefs are in response to the findings on the effects of EMF radiation affecting reproductive capacity in men. There have been studies on how the quality, as well as the quantity of sperm, can be impacted through radiation. 

The boxer briefs offer effective 360 degrees of EMF protection to shield your internal and reproductive organs. They are made of 42% silver, with 53% cotton and 5% nylon.

The difference with other lower quality briefs is that the entire boxer brief is made from EMF shielding material— not just the groin.

It is regarded as the world’s most protective underwear, blocking up to 99% EMF/EMR radiation. It has been lab-tested for 5G.

Users claim it to be comfortable, soft, and breathable, toxin-free, and hypoallergenic.

The SYB boxer briefs technology use accepted and scientifically verified principles to shield your body from EMF radiation. This is the best underwear you can find!

 Check the price on the SYB website.



EMF protection panties


#6. Anti-Radiation Woman Panties from OurSure

What about EMF protective clothing exclusively for women? OurSure has the answer with its Anti-Radiation Woman Panties. If men can develop sperm count issues, women’s fertility can be impacted too.

These panties are made from a blend of 100% nylon and silver, which provides RF/microwave shielding performance of up to 60dB effectiveness and up to 3 GHz. 

They are breathable and very comfortable, have a silky feel to the touch, light stretch, and offer full front and back coverage following the natural leg curve.

As with all delicates, they are hand wash only.

Check the price on Amazon.


How Would You Make Sure EMF Protection Clothing Works as Promised?

You can check at your end if the EMF protection clothing you bought does indeed block radiation. You will need an EMF meter for this. This instrument can check the clothing for its ability to prevent radiation. 

There are different types of radiation, like RF-EMF radiation and ELF-EMF radiation. Check if the meter is calibrated to measure these perfectly. Understand how it works and how the readings are to be taken on the meter and compared. This will give you a fair idea if the EMF protective clothing you have purchased will do the job.

The Bottomline

Technology and innovation come with a price. While it makes life a lot easier, there can be harmful effects of using them regularly. This applies to the use of laptops or other devices, as much as to mobile phones. However, the market constantly introduces products that can reduce the impact of using such gadgets. EMF protection clothing has to be seen in that perspective. 

From your end, you should take all precautions while making the purchase. Make sure the descriptions are correct, there is some certification, and finally, the test meter will be of help. 

Now you can have a huge advantage by wearing one of these EMF protection clothing: you can also stay safe while on the move.


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