EMF of a Battery: Is It Really That Bad?

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Most batteries are said to emit extremely low frequencies, called ELF, as opposed to radio frequencies (RF) that are emitted from wireless devices such as cell phones and Bluetooth devices. Although it is not known whether exposure to ELF energy is harmful, there are public health concerns regarding electromagnetic hypersensitivity (EHS) and EMF of a battery or the device it powers. If you suffer from EHS, you may want to take precautions when using devices that contain batteries.

EMF (electromagnetic field) radiation has become a prominent subject in public health circles, and many individuals are concerned about their exposure to EMF radiation in the form of cell phones, microwaves, electrical devices, and computers. Although EMFs are a part of our natural world in the form of sunshine and solar energy, they are also a part of our everyday lives. As public awareness surrounding EMF increases, we may wonder if batteries emit EMF, and what we can do about it.

EMFs are electric and magnetic fields that are invisible energy waves and come in two different types of frequencies: Non-ionizing, low-level radiation, or ionizing, high-level radiation. Low-level radiation is present in computers, laptops, wifi routers, and cell phones, and high-level radiation has the potential for cellular and DNA damage. 

Do Batteries Emit EMFs?

The short answer to this question is no, but the devices they power do. The batteries we use in devices such as remote controls or flashlights generate energy and act as transducers to convert a chemical into a source of energy. These kinds of batteries are a source of energy, but it is the devices that they power that emit EMFs. So when you are using your remote control, it’s not the batteries giving off EMF radiation, but the remote control.

How Can I Limit my EMF Exposure to Battery-Powered Devices?

Although regular batteries such as the AA battery in your flashlight, or the battery in your cellphone do not themselves emit EMFs, the devices they power do. So, if you want to limit your EMF exposure to these devices there are several things you can do.

  • Keep your distance while charging your cellphone and other battery-powered devices. When batteries are charging, the devices receiving the charge emit higher levels of EMFs. So, if you are charging your cellphone, place it in another room to limit your exposure.


  • Don’t use the remote. It may sound old-fashioned, but you may want to ditch the remote control and operate your TV the old-fashioned way by getting up off the couch and changing channels.


  • Use only if necessary. Limiting your use of battery-powered devices can also help. For example, if you are using a flashlight, try to use it only when needed, and look for other sources of light.


  • Try EMF protection products. There are a variety of EMF products including jewelry, clothing, and household items that offer protection against the effects of EMFs. 


What About the EMF of a Battery from an Electric Car?

Electric car batteries in such vehicles as electric cars, smart cars, and Teslas are much more powerful than your flashlight battery, and the engine and wireless devices that these batteries charge do emit considerable amounts of EMFs. These batteries power several RF (radiofrequency) devices in vehicles, including Bluetooth devices, car wi-fi systems, keyless entries, and car alarms. The batteries and the computer in the glove compartment of Tesla cars have been found to emit the highest amounts of EMF radiation, especially when the battery is being charged. For this reason, it’s recommended not to sit in the car while the battery is being charged. 

Although the EMFs emitted by electric cars and their devices are considered ELF,  some drivers may want to limit their exposure to these energy waves by taking certain precautions.


How Can I Protect Myself from Electric Cars that Emit EMFs?

There are several ways in which you can protect yourself from a smart car or electric car EMFs, and these include the following.

  • Keep a distance while charging the battery. Take precautions by keeping a safe distance from your car while it’s charging. When devices are charging, they do emit higher amounts of EMFs.
  • Turn off your wi-fi or put your cellphone in airplane mode. If you are driving around, and your cellphone wi-fi is on, your cell phone is emitting EMFs while searching for wi-fi networks. You can reduce your exposure this way by turning off your wi-fi, or putting your phone in airplane mode.
  • Turn off media and Bluetooth systems if not needed. Electric cars have several computer systems that control all media devices connected to your car, such as satellite radio. Turning off these systems can help reduce EMF exposure while driving. If you want to play music, try a direct-wired connection to play music instead of using wireless transmissions.
  • Do not sit in your car while the battery is charging. Higher amounts of EMFs are emitted while the battery is charging, so it’s recommended not to sit in your car during this time.


Are There EMF Protection Devices I Can Use in my Electric Car?

Certain products can offer protection for EMF radiation in smart cars and electric cars, and some of these work to neutralize the amount of radiation emitted by the car, and others work to change the waveforms of the radiation. There are several products available that seek to neutralize EMF radiation effects and to protect the driver from oxidative stress. 


Final Thoughts

Although batteries themselves do not emit EMFs, the devices that they power do. So it’s important to limit your exposure to battery-powered devices if you are concerned about exposure. Whether it is a cellphone, a remote control, battery-powered radio, or car, there are steps you can take to protect yourself, including keeping your distance while batteries are charging, limiting the use of battery-powered devices, or purchasing certain EMF protection products.

Although most devices powered by your average battery emit low-frequency EMFs, it makes sense to protect yourself if you have concerns and would like to limit your exposure and risks.


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