EMF and Male Fertility: What You Should Know

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There is no study about the effects of EMF that does not mention fertility. In particular, EMF and male fertility. But how much do we know, and how can we be sure we are getting the whole story.

Did you know that when a couple cannot conceive, 30-40% of the cases are due to male infertility? Every year more and more men experience fertility issues. At the same time, the use of devices that emit electromagnetic frequency (EMF) radiation has considerably increased. Is it a coincidence?

Could your cell phone, laptop, or router be the reason you’re struggling to conceive?


What Is EMF Radiation?

First, we should understand how EMF radiation really affects the human body. EMF is a type of radiation emitted by electrical devices that transmit a signal. Some of these emissions are ionizing, such as X-rays. With prolonged exposure, this radiation can cause serious health problems, damaging the DNA in the cell, and becoming cancerous.

EMF radiation is non-ionizing. You can find it in power lines, microwaves, radio waves, infrared radiation, visible light, and lasers. It’s also the type that is transmitted by your phone, fitness tracker, or Bluetooth device. There has been a lot of controversy over what government agencies and federal guidelines want to make us believe.

They assure us that small levels of exposure to non-ionizing radiation are not known to cause cancer or serious health risks. However, independent research has shown that this may not be true. Studies show that non-ionizing radiation emitted from Bluetooth devices, WiFi routers, WiFi-enabled devices, and other electronics actually is harmful.

Especially in the mass quantities that we are exposed to it. While one device may not emit a lot of EMF radiation, we tend to be glued to our phones and other devices. The cumulative effect of all that exposure adds up, leading to health issues. Male fertility is one area that EMF radiation is known to affect.


Are EMF and male fertility connected?

EMF radiation has been shown to impact male fertility negatively. Research on the issue has indicated that exposure to EMF radiation caused problems in both sperm motility and potency. This means the sperm is slower and there is less of it overall than average. While it’s not impossible for a couple facing motility and potency issues to conceive, it’s much more complicated and unlikely. Research has shown a decline in semen quality in the last 100 years.

The impact of electromagnetic frequency radiation emitted by cell phones has been one of the cases analyzed. The research, prepared by a team from the Carmel Medical Center and the Technion of Haifa in Israel, was published by the digital scientific journal “Reproductive BioMedicine Online.” It emphasized the connection between male infertility and the frequency of cell phone use.

EMF and Male Fertility

Study Results on EMF and Male Fertility

They analyzed 106 men through demographic data and behavior, how they used the telephone, as well as the quality of their sperm. The results reveal that semen quality was reduced to levels that could cause infertility. Mainly among men who usually take their cell phones half a meter or less away from the groin.

Furthermore, they concluded that the use of cell phones for more than an hour a day doubles the risk of a man producing low sperm quality. That is, talking on the cell phone for more than an hour a day, or doing so at the same time the battery is charging, will double the risk of low semen concentration, according to the study.


Tips for avoiding EMF radiation-related fertility problems

There are always ways to reduce EMF radiation that is related to fertility problems. There are several other health risks to EMF radiation that should be dealt with in different ways. The tips below are intended only to reduce fertility-related issues.


Cell Phones

As a general rule, you should avoid carrying the cell phone on any part of the body. Note that the most dangerous place, in terms of radiation exposure, is six inches from the emitting antenna. You will not want any part of your body exposed at that proximity. Men, in particular, may want to think about where to carry their cell phones.

The majority of men carry them either in the belt or in the pocket, two places that are too close to the reproductive organs. Besides, you have many other sensitive organs in that area, including the liver, kidneys, colon, and bladder, which are also susceptible to radiation. You may also want to get an EMF radiation phone case. They are inexpensive cases that help reduce the percentage of the EMF emitted by your phone, sometimes as high as 99%.

We recommend the SafeSleeve EMF Protection Anti Radiation iPhone Case, which is FCC accredited lab tested and blocks up to 99% of readiation. If you are on a budget, you can try protection stickers. Goodlee makes good ones and they come in a pack of 6. They work on negative ions and they can used on mobile phones, laptops and all electronic devices.

A good habit is to start using “airplane mode” every time you are not using your cell phone. This will cut off the connection to the main sources of EMF emissions, the cellular network, WiFi and Bluetooth.



Along those same lines, set your laptop on the table or get radiation protection. Placing the laptop directly on your lap increases EMF exposure to the groin area. If you need to work on your laptop, don’t need WiFi, and must place it on your lap, make sure it is in “airplane mode” so that WiFi and Bluetooth are at least disabled.

If you still want to protect yourself further, our favorite radiation pad is the SafeSleeve EMF Protection Anti Radiation Laptop Case. It blocks 99% of EMF radiation and heat, and it is FCC accredited. When used as a shield on your lap, it has a mouse pad, and it comes in two sizes: for 13″ laptops and for 15″ laptops. It also comes in two colors: tan and black.



Audit your home with an EMF Meter, like the TriField TF2, and reduce the use of WiFi-enabled devices at home. Consider a WiFi router guard or switching to wired internet; it is not only faster, but it emits less EMF radiation than WiFi.


Protective Clothing

Reducing your exposure to EMF radiation is an essential part of protecting yourself against EMF-related fertility issues. EMF protection clothing is a good way to make sure radiation does not reach your more vulnerable organs. Try wearing protective boxers, like the SYB Boxer Briefs, Anti-Radiation EMF Protection. They are 42% made of silver and they also works on high frequency emissions, like on 5G.

Amradield Men Boxer/Briefs-Radiation EMF Protection are another good option too. They are made of 100% silver fiber fabric and cotton. They are breathable, washable, and very stretchy. We like that they are very soft to the touch.

EMF and male fertility are clearly connected and you need to be aware of the risks of exposure. If you’re having trouble conceiving and can’t find the cause, consider the possibility that EMF radiation might be affecting you. Reducing your exposure to it isn’t easy, but it is possible. Nobody can deny it’s definitely worth it.

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