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There are several ways in which we can take precautions against excess exposure to EMFs, and using crystals for EMF protection may offer a solution because they may absorb some particles of radiation.

Crystals for EMF InfographicWe know that electric and magnetic fields (EMFs) are invisible areas of energy, often referred to as radiation, and in our everyday lives, we are bombarded with these magnetic fields in the form of our microwavescellphones, and laptops. In today’s world, many people are concerned about the constant exposure to electromagnetic pollution and wonder about the potentially harmful effects these fields have on our health and wellbeing. 

A study done by Chen et al. (2013) found that hematite crystal composites can absorb microwave particles, and a 2016 study found that anisotropic crystals can absorb electromagnetic radiation. Anisotropic crystals are rock-forming minerals that include feldspar, quartz, and mica, among others.

Historically, crystals have been used for healing and protection, and in many cultural traditions, they are noted for their ability to repel negative energies and purify the body, as well as their ability to connect and align the chakras (energy points in the body). 

If you are concerned about exposure to EMFs and are interested in trying crystals, there are a few specific types of crystals that come recommended. 

Which Crystals for EMF Protection Are Best?

As mentioned above, studies show that anisotropic crystals can be most efficient in absorbing EMFs, but it’s important to note that not all crystals are created equal, and some may be more efficient than others. In human wellness, different crystals cover different elements of wellbeing, and the same goes for EMF protection crystals. 

Below is a list of those crystals which may offer increased protection against EMFs:


#1. Hematite

hematite for EMF protectionThis mineral is an iron oxide crystal that is also known as a “stone for the mind” or the “bloodstone.” Proponents suggest that hematite stimulates the mind, sharpens focus, concentration and enhances memory. It is also thought to utilize its magnetic qualities of yin-yang energies and chakras to balance the body and nervous system and to cleanse the blood, and clear the body of toxins. This crystal is rich in iron and is thought to have EMF wave absorbing properties. 

If you opt for this crystal, you can place it close to your workstation, laptop, or microwave oven. 

Check out the beautiful jewelry made out of hematite. Our favorite is this Triple Protection Bracelet with hematite, black obsidian, and tiger-eye stones.


#2. Rose Quartz

Rose Quartz for EMF ProtectionThis mineral is known for its strong and cleansing properties, as well as a protective force against negative energies and toxins. It is considered the “crystal of unconditional love” and is purported to carry an energy of compassion, peace, tenderness, and healing.

Rose quartz is also a favorite to clear a space of EMF energy and replace it with positive energy. It is a beautiful pink crystal but should not be placed too close to electronic devices because they can act as semiconductors. It is suggested to use this crystal as a healing crystal for EMF exposure rather than a form of protection.

Check out this best seller face roller, which can also help with muscle tension relief and lymphatic drainage, reduce facial edema, help your skin look fresh, firm your skin and make it look dewy and lifted. Or this precious Rose Quartz Heart Stone to carry with you everywhere you go.


#3. Black Tourmaline

Black Tourmaline for EMF ProtectionBlack tourmaline is a crystal noted for its healing and grounding properties because of its association with the lower chakras.

This stone is considered one of the most protective crystals in the world and is thought to ward off unwanted energy and low vibrations that come from other people, environments, or situations. In a sense, this stone is meant to absorb negative energies, and provides a grounding force when it comes to personal energy.

This is a popular crystal for EMF protection, as it is seen as a highly absorptive stone, and efficient at clearing EMFs and blocking negative energies. Some manufacturers will add mica to black tourmaline, as the addition of mica is considered to enhance EMF absorption.

I’d recommend the Kalifano Black Tourmaline, which is AAA+ grade, the highest grade available. It has a higher luster, darker color, and greater durability.

This Natural Black Tourmaline Crystal Pyramid is the one I have on my desk, and I love it.


#4. Shungite

Shungite for EMF ProtectionShungite is a rare black stone consisting of 99% carbon and named after the Russian village of Shunga. This crystal is thought to offer potent protection against human health hazards by absorbing and dispelling negative energy.

This mineral is unique in that it consists of nearly all the minerals in the periodic table, and is thought to be at least 2 billion years old.

Shungite is considered one of the most unique healing stones since one of its main components is something called fullerenes, a crystalline form of carbon that is thought to filter out EMFs.

Karelian Heritage makes these beautiful Shungite pendants for EMF protection at a very good price. But my favorite is this raw Shungite neutralizer necklace, which uses the raw form and natural crystal for a stronger effect.


#5. Pyrite

Pyrite for EMF ProtectionThis bright and shiny stone, commonly known as “fools gold,” is considered a protective stone that can deflect harmful and negative energies, and protect the body from toxins, pollutants, and EMFs.

Pyrite is a popular crystal that offers the ability to ground a person, as well as stabilize, align, and cleanse the human energy field. It can also be effective at deflecting distorted or negative energy radiating from EMFs. But be careful placing this stone next to computers: They are magnetic and can affect your hard drive.

This Natural Pyrite set selling in Amazon is made by 100% nature pyrite and it’s a perfect gift for your loved ones.


#6. Lodestone/Magnetite

Magnetite for EMF protectionLodestone is known as mineral magnetite and is a naturally occurring magnet that can also attract iron. 

Unlike lodestone, magnetite is not naturally-occurring, but is an iron oxide, and is ferrimagnetic ( attracted to a magnet).

Magnetite is a traditional healing crystal that users say offers EMF protection from electromagnetic radiation and other negative environmental energies. In many cultures around the world and history, magnetic lodestone has been used to ground a person and provide a strong connection to nature.


How Do I Use Crystals for EMF Protection?

Depending on which EMF protection crystals you choose, or a combination, it is helpful to know how to best use them to shield against the possible side effects of EMF and radiation waves. One of the most popular ways is to wear these crystals in jewelry, such as pendants, earrings, or bracelets. This offers a convenient way to ensure your protection as you go about your daily routine, and you can rest assured that you will be protected no matter where you are. 

At home or in your apartment, you can also place EMF protective crystals close to areas where there are computers, wifi routers, and microwaves. However, it’s important to be careful where you place crystals that have powerful magnetic properties as they can damage hard drives on both desktop computers and laptops.  

Last Thoughts

Although the science is not conclusive as to how crystals can protect you from EMFs, there is evidence that electromagnetic fields can affect your overall health and wellbeing. By wearing EMF protective crystals in the form of jewelry, or having a stone in your pocket, or one as a paperweight on your desk may make a considerable difference in absorbing and blocking EMF waves.  


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