5G Radiation Dangers: Why You Should Be Worried

5G Radiation Dangers: Why You Should Be Worried

5G is a common phrase that you might be hearing everywhere now and makes you wonder what all the fuss is about. We’ve been warned about potential 5G radiation dangers by scientists, but the topic is still quite blurred.

Some refer to it as a technological revolution, they had big expectations, and want the technology to be deployed out as soon as possible. 

Others are still clueless about 5G technology, and they are interested to know how it is going to affect them and if it’s really as good as they say.

As always, nothing is black and white. The reality is actually in between.

5G can indeed be considered one of the most significant innovations of our time. However, the safety of this technology is still in question, especially for those people who are familiar with EMF radiation and its effects on health. 

Unbelievably, 5G signals, antennas, and EMF emissions have not yet been tested. 5G will offer more network power, but as no studies on health effects have been done yet, some experts are already warning us about its consequences.

Whether you are already familiar with the risks associated with 5G technology or you just want to find out if you and your family will be safe, this guide will provide you with detailed information to help you understand it.


What Do We Need To Know About 5G?



The industry

5G relates to the “fifth generation” of wireless technology. It includes all the cellular networks, from cell phones to drones, security cameras, tablets, and any device that is mobile and receives a signal and emits information and data. 

It is regarded as one of the biggest opportunities for telecommunications companies. As you can imagine, these industries have already invested big money in this technology, and they expect to continue to do so. 

The growing demand for telecommunication companies worldwide and their investment in 5G means they have a lot of power when it comes to legislation and public safety regulation. We’ll talk about this later.



The technology

This network is slightly different from its predecessors in terms of speed. 

5G will be separated into 3 bands, low, mid and high, depending on its uses.

  • Low-band 5G network operates between 600MHz and 700MHz. These are designed to be used in rural areas, as the range is several hundred square miles.
  • Mid-band 5G network operates from 2.5GHz to 3.5GHz, and its range is a few miles. This band will be used for urban areas.
  • High-band 5G network operates between 24GHz and 39GHz will be used when traffic is high (like in sports events or concerts) and requires a millimeter-wave to transmit data.

The main difference between 5G and 4G or 3G is that the previous networks operated at a much lower frequency:

  • 3G operates at 1.8 GHz- 2.5 GHz, and 
  • 4G operates at 2 GHz- 8 GHz.

5G will be much faster, especially when in the high-band frequency.



Why Can 5G Radiation Be Dangerous?

Low and mid-band ranges pose no difference to 4G and 3G. However, these amounts of frequencies in the high range of the 5G networks are considerably higher and have not been adequately studied yet.

However, some studies already show potential risks associated with this technology. Korean researchers studied the impact of the 4G network on infertility in male rats. 

The rats were grouped into 4 groups, and each group was exposed to 4G radiation with a difference in distances and lengths of time. There was also a control group that was not exposed to the signals. The researcher found out that the group which was on a close range to the signals had an apparent decrease in sperm quality and advised more research should be done. 

Additionally, another research on exposure under different frequencies was done, involving rats again. The frequencies tested were between 700 MHz and 2.7 GHz, ranges for the low and mid-band 5G networks.

The rats were exposed to the radiation for two years, even since before birth. The results showed that male rats develop tumors in the brain, the adrenal gland, and the heart. Other effects associated with the 5G network included miscarriages and depression. 

However, much has not been studied on the high-band 5G millimeter waves, but everything seems to point out towards higher health-associated risks, which could be life-threatening. And people who will be living close to these 5G antennas are likely to be exposed to more constant radiation for more extended periods. 

More research is needed to assess potential 5G radiation dangers, but that doesn’t seem to be on the horizon, as companies want the technology to be rolled out as quick as possible.



But What Is The Government Doing About 5G?

Federal Government has made clear they won’t stand against telecommunication industries. They have eliminated any obstruction in legislation to make sure 5G remains seen as progress. 

Some local officials, however, as well as citizens, have tried to challenge this behavior and have asked for more regulation on telecommunication companies. 

Communities are starting to see the risks and are fighting back. They want a say in deciding where to place the 5G antennas, so at least that would give them some control.  

In some cases where communities and local officials have taken the Federal Communication Commission (FCC) to court, the US Court of Appeals sided with the FCC, like in San Jose, California

In Portland, local and state governments passed a resolution requesting the FCC to engage in further research on the health effects of 5G technology.

And in Mill Valley, California, local officials passed another legislation preventing telecommunication companies from installing high-band 5G towers in residential areas.

New York Congressman, Thomas Suozzi, wrote to the FCC asking for further research due to potential health risks tied to 5G. You can read his letter here.

This activity is promising, but it’s not enough. We need to know for sure that 5G technology won’t affect our health long term. Federal Government should increase regulation and make sure that the population is not at risk. We are not guinea pigs!

5G Radiation Dangers



What To Do Next

If the Government is not going to do it, YOU must protect yourself against harmful 5G radiation dangers. The most important thing is to determine the levels of radiation in your home to help you choose ways to minimize it. 

Find out if you are close to a 5G cell tower. You can check the coverage map from your network provider. Do not confuse 5G with 5GE (Evolution). 5GE is another name for 4G given by AT&T, and it is confusing.

Additionally, you could also be able to run some tests and check the 5G signal reaching your home, especially if you are close to a 5G tower. 

You will require a special EMF meter capable of detecting frequencies within a range of 29 GHz to 34 GHz, as the standard EMF meter can’t detect millimeter-wave frequencies. 

spectrum analyzer is the best device when it comes to the detection of millimeter-wave frequencies. You can purchase the Anritsu Field Master Pro, which can detect up to 54GHZ.

Once you know the amount of radiation your house is getting from a 5G tower, you can follow some steps to minimize the risk. 

The main and obvious improvement will be the moment switch to a landline and to a wired internet connection.

High-quality EMF paint can also protect your home from radiation, as it can block up to 18 GHz frequencies. This is not as high as 5G goes, but it can help. A high-quality protection paint is YShield, which has been tested to be 99.995% effective at these frequencies. 

Additionally, there are other EMF barriers and blankets available in the market, especially for those people living close to the 5G tower.

The Ultima Radiant Barrier by Radiant GUARD is one of the best out there. It is a 1000 sq ft perforated and breathable roll, made of aluminum attic foil. It can be wrapped around roof panels, windows, and walls, wherever your EMF readings are high.

EMF blankets are also effective protection when used in the bedroom to prevent you from exposure to the radiation when you’re asleep. 

The most important thing is to use multiple options to effectively protect yourself and your family from EMF radiation.


Natural Ways to Protect Against 5G Radiation.

Homeopathic Remedies can be a natural way to protect against 5G radiation dangers. Natural plants around the house purify the air and can get rid of pollutants and toxins. Sunflowers and cactus plants work great for this.

Another natural way is to use Shungite, Russian carbon-based stones. You can find them online in many types of products. One of our favorites is the Shungite Stickers for cellphones and other devices, which protect from EMF and WiFi 5G devices. They stick to the cellphone with a 3M scotch super sticky label and comes in a set of 5 Pieces.

Shungite stones also come as bracelets and necklaces, which makes it very convenient to use. We love the Karelian Heritage Shungite Beaded Bracelet, which has impressive reviews. 

Finally, if you want to protect an area of your home, the Heka Natural Polished Shungite Pyramid contains fullerenes for EMF Protection, and it is only 2 inches.

Additionally, reishi mushrooms have been regarded to be a superfood for a long time. They may protect against some cancers, Alzheimer’s, and may speed up the healing process. It’s also possible they can potentially fight against the effects of 5G radiation.

However, we need to understand that there are no scientific studies done on these natural methods. There are lots of anecdotal evidence to indicate that Shungite and Reishi mushrooms block EMF radiation and help to heal the body. In any case, alternative methods are always worth trying.


Final Thoughts

5G technology will be all around us in no time. Governments and local officials can’t, or won’t, protect the public from its harmful effects on our health. No proper research has been done to assess the risks of high-band 5G networks. 

The lack of knowledge by the scientific community and the advancement of this technology no matter what is among the scariest things to imagine. We don’t know what we’ll find out in the future once the technology is already in use, and there’s no way back. 

However, to do nothing about it is even worst. Make sure you get information on the potential 5G radiation dangers, take precautions and follow the advice in this guide and in this blog. This will be your first line of protection, as we await further regulation from government authorities.

Be safe!



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Solar Panel Radiation: What You Need To Know

Solar Panel Radiation: What You Need To Know

Solar panels can be seen everywhere now in many neighborhoods around the country, as solar energy receives more positive praise for its economic and environmental benefits. 

These panels are known for their minimal pollution and the ability to generate large amounts of electricity. The most important aspect is that they are reliable and convenient to be used by many people, even for those off-the-grid. 

Despite their high cost of installation, it is still among the best options when it comes to safety and financial gain over time. 

However, we need to realize that everything comes with advantages and disadvantages. In this case, solar panels also emit EMF radiation, which has been among the leading causes of various health problems. 

The good news is that we can still enjoy the benefits of solar energy as long as we take some easy and essential steps to protect our family and us from solar panel radiation. 

By reading this article, you will be in a position to decide if the risks are worth it or not. I have included various aspects to help you lower the levels of exposure to solar panel radiation. 

Read on and find out.


Solar panel radiation

Solar panels utilize sunlight, which is processed into electricity through a converter. The electricity that can be converted can be approximately 120V, which can be used to power various devices. 

The excess energy can be stored in batteries for later use, especially when sunlight is not available. 

Some people are getting some profit by selling this excess energy to their electric company. This requires the use of an inverter, which will channel the energy to the power lines. Monitoring of the generated electricity is done through a smart meter that wirelessly transmits power data to the company.

In this process, low-frequency RF-EMF radiation is emitted by the circuit, in the form of dirty electricity, or by the smart meter.

To make sure you are not increasing your EMF radiation exposure at home, you will need to follow various steps to monitor the EMF levels and minimize the risks associated with solar panel radiation.


Check if You Have a Smart Meter

Smart meters are convenient for the electricity company, but they may impose serious health risks for the user. 

The meters collect the readings of electricity used in a particular property and send the data to the electricity company, using radio-frequency. These meters emit high amounts of RF-EMF, which can be transmitted to the other areas, like your living space, garden, etc. If you have one installed, it will considerably increase the EMF radiation in your house.

If you don’t know if you have one, you can check with your electricity provider, and they’ll be able to let you know. 


Be Aware of Dirty Electricity

Solar panels network also emits dirty electricity. This is a phenomenon where there is more electricity available than it is used. The function of the inversion process is to make sure this excess is converted to usable power. The invertor has to convert Direct Current (low voltage) from the solar panels into Alternating Current, which is a higher voltage used in most appliances at homes. This process also results in ELF-EMF emissions, which affect the overall radiation in your home.


Why Should You Be Concerned

The World Health Organisation has established that EMF is a potential carcinogen, as studies have shown that RF-EMF and ELF-EMF have been linked to various types of cancers. 

A particular study showed that leukemia in children can be caused by the proximity to the power lines. 

Other studies have shown various health conditions that are associated with RF-EMF radiation. These conditions range from miscarriage, male infertility, to glioma and other cancers. Individuals who are highly sensitive to radiation can also experience depression, fatigue, and nausea.

Solar Panel Radiation

How to Minimize Exposure to Solar Panel Radiation.

 If you are already using solar panels at home as a source of electricity or you are interested in switching to solar energy, you need to understand that there are some risks you need to minimize. The good news is that it is easy, and you can reduce the risks through the following:


#1. EMF meter

If you don’t have an EMF meter, and you are serious about protecting your family from EMF radiation, you should purchase a high-quality EMF meter capable of detecting RF radiation, as well as magnetic and electric fields. 

It is good to run some tests to see if the meter is capable of detecting these frequencies. The lower range is usually about 3,000 Hz, while the higher range can be 20 kHz-3,000 Hz. Your equipment should be in a position to detect both the RF-EMF and ELF. 

That is why we’ve always recommended the Trifield TF2, which is the best value you can find out there right now for a meter of this quality. 

After purchasing a meter, you should check your EMF radiation levels before and after any change, so that you can make adjustments. This is made possible by taking measurements and recording in a spreadsheet so that you can effectively monitor and evaluate the EMF levels.


#2. Smart meter covers

Smart meter covers are essential in any household because it helps in blocking out EMF radiation that comes from electricity meter. The most reliable option is to get a smart meter cover, which requires easy installation. Our recommended shield is the Smart Meter Cover RF Radiation Shield, which has been independently tested and reduces RF-EMF radiation from smart meters by 98%. Alternatively, you can make your smart meter cover by using EMF repellent materials and aluminum foil.

Apart from using a smart meter, you need to use some radiation barrier around your home that repels back the EMF radiation from outdoors. The objective is to prevent radiation from leaking through the walls. 

You can hang a physical barrier in the form of a surface adhered to the wall or apply EMF protective paint wherever it is needed. The physical barriers are easily available, or you can use some material that repels EMF, such as aluminum foil, and you’ll also need something that absorbs EMF, like a copper material.

If you decide to use the paint instead, we recommend Woremor’s 5-liter RF-shielding paint. It will block up to 99.998% of EMF radiation just after two applications.


#3. Dirty Electricity meters and Filters

Dirty eletricity meters and filters should be used alongside smart meter covers. These meters detect dirty electricity, which is a result of extra electricity in the electrical wiring system in your home. 

You will need to plug the meter in two different rooms and see which one has the highest values. You can then test it using the dirty electricity filter, which helps by dissipating the excess electricity.

An excellent dirty electricity meter is the one made by Greenwave. This is a great option. It displays the amount of dirty electricity in your home, and it’s extremely easy to use. 

The filters are especially helpful. Greenwave also manufactures great filters that you can check here. Most average-sized rooms would need just a couple of filters.


Reduce the Overall EMF Radiation Levels in Your Home

There are still lots of more things you can do to reduce the radiation levels in your home. Some of these methods include switching CFLs and LED bulbs to incandescent bulbs. You can also use a WiFi router guard or use a wired internet connection instead.

Additionally, an EMF meter is essential when trying to work out how to lower the EMF radiation levels. That is why you need to measure the levels before and after any change and take notes so you can make adjustments.


Final Thought

Every piece of technology has its downsides; it is essential to familiarise yourself with the risk associated with new technology before making a decision. 

Solar panels have lots of benefits, but it is important to understand that they can be potentially dangerous too, and precautions need to be taken. 

Follow our advice in this article and enjoy cheap, clean electricity in a safe home.

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Why Do You Need a WiFi Router Guard

Why Do You Need a WiFi Router Guard

EMF radiation is all around us. Wireless internet connection and WiFi routers usually are connected 24 hours a day. If you want to still enjoy the benefits of WiFi at home and protect yourself from radiation, you might have to get an EMF Router Guard.

Keep reading to find out how best to choose one.


The Problem With WiFi: It Is All Around Us


WiFi makes connecting to the internet accessible, easier, and more convenient. It allows you to stay connected wherever you are just with a simple tap of a button on your smartphone, computer, or tablet.

However, as you may have guessed by now, signals transmitted by the WiFi router emit RF-EMF radiation. We have written about the dangers of RF-EMF many times. But if you are new to the subject, EMF has been linked to various health-related problems, like oxidative stress, depression, fatigue, cellular changes (which can develop in cancer and tumors), and even sperm damage and fertility.

These are only a few of an extensive list of risks that have been researched in multiple studies. Even though these emissions are not harmful if they come from a single device from time to time, the truth is that we are being bombarded by radiation every day. 

WiFi radiation, in particular, is around us wherever we go, being at home, at the office, at school, even when relaxing in the park, shopping at the mall, or exercising in the gym. This means we are regularly exposed to WiFi RF-EMF radiation 24 hours, 7 days a week!


What is the Best Protection Against WiFi RF-EMF Radiation?


Unfortunately, this continuous exposure to RF-EMF radiation can’t be avoided. So there is only one thing you can do: it’s time for you to think about the best way to protect yourself and your family against it. 

You can’t reduce the emissions in public places, but at least you can do it at home or at the office, where you spend most of your time. The best method at the moment and the one we highly recommend is to use a WiFi EMF router guard. Contrary to what the name implies, a router guard does not provide “protection” for the WiFi routers, but it protects you from the EMF radiation it emits. 


How Does a WiFi Router Guard Work?


It is quite simple, really. It’s based on an old invention: the Faraday Cage, a device invented by Michael Faraday in the 1800s. The purpose of this device was to block electromagnetic fields from anything you locked inside. 

An EMF router guard is a box or a cage made of a metal mesh that works similarly to a Faraday Cage. The only difference is that it also blocks RF-EMF radiation. Just to give you an idea, an EMF router guard can block up to 99.9% of RF-EMF radiation coming from WiFi signals.

If you are unfamiliar with EMF router guards, you should not worry because they’re really easy to use. It only requires you to put a WiFi router inside and then slip the cables through the opening at the back. That’s it! All you have to do is to put the EMF router guard containing the WiFi router where you want it to be to better emit the wireless signal.

EMF Router Guard 

Our Recommendation for EMF Router Guards


Now that you know that WiFi signals can be harmful and that using a router guard is one of the best methods to protect yourself, you might be thinking of scouring the internet for router guards of different sizes and shapes. 

However, as you know, researching all over the internet to find the best product can be time-consuming and tiring. What’s more, you won’t even be sure if the particular router guard that you chose actually works or not. 

To solve this problem, we have compiled information about the best WiFi router guards based on positive reviews, prices, and features. 

These are the best four guards we have found:


#1. WiFi Router Guard by Smart Meter Guard

Check it out on Amazon.

This router guard looks similar to the classic Faraday Cage and is available in two sizes- small (12″ x 9″ x 3″ inches) and large (12-3/8″ x 12-5/8″ x 5-1/2″). 

What we like about this router guard is that you can place a whole WiFi router with no problem on both available sizes, as they are generous enough. It doesn’t require assembly, and it also looks really good. 

This router guard blocks 85% of all the RF-EMF radiation that a WiFi router emits.

You can check the current price, read reviews, or purchase this router guard on Amazon here.


#2. Faraday Defense Router Shield

Check it out on Amazon.

This router guard works similarly to a custom-built heavy-duty Faraday Cage, and it is the heavy-duty option. Most WiFi routers perfectly fit on it. The internal dimensions are 3.5ʺ x 10.25ʺ x 12ʺ. 

It does better at blocking RF-EMF radiation compared to other products. It’s quite impressive, as it can block RF-EMF at 99.9% capacity, and it is able to do it in all directions.

You can check the current price, read reviews, or purchase this router guard on Amazon here.


#3. Signal Tamer Bag – RF Shielding Pouch for WiFi Routers 

Check it out on Amazon.

If you’re looking for a lightweight, simple product that works like the EMF router guards above, then a Signal Tamer Pouch is what you need. 

This is actually a mesh bag that, when slipped on a WiFi router, is capable of attenuating 90% to 95% RF-EMF radiation. You can also put small portable WiFi-enabled devices in it. 

We really love that it can be carried and used everywhere. However, we’re a little bit disappointed that it weakens the coverage signal of the router. Still, its retail price makes up for this.

You can check the current price, read reviews, or purchase this router guard on Amazon here.



#4. Amradield Nanosilver Fiber Washable Shielding Fabric

Check it out on Amazon.

Do not get fooled by this fabric because of its glossy silver appearance. This product is a high-shielding conductive fabric for blocking RF-EMF radiation coming from cellphones, Bluetooth, WiFi, and GPS. 

You can use this fabric to cover a WiFi router for it to serve as a regular router guard. Do not worry about using the material this way, because it doesn’t weaken the WiFi signal, unlike the pouch. 

If you’re really good at crafting, just sew the fabric and turn it into RF-EMF customized appliance accessories, drapes, bedding, curtains, tents, pouches, etc.

You can check the current price, read reviews, or purchase this router guard on Amazon here.



What If You Don’t Want To Invest The Money?


Chances are even if we’ve given you all the information about the best products to use as WiFi router guards, you might be thinking you don’t want or can spend the money. We really understand, and this is why we will be showing you how to make your own DIY router guard right now! But you need to know how to weld.

For a DIY router guard, all you need to do is a metal mesh and a solder. After this, measure the size of the router that you have. Bend the metal mesh on a size bigger than the size of your router for you to ensure that it will fit inside. Solder the ends together, and don’t forget to open a hole at the back for the cables to come out. Simple!


Other Alternatives You Need To Try


If you really don’t have the money to buy a router guard or the time to make one, then you need to try these simple alternatives:


1. Place the Router on Lesser Trafficked Areas of The House

Place the router in parts of the house where people don’t usually hang out. Places like these in the house are often the attic, the basement, the laundry room, and guest room. 

To ensure that the WiFi signal is good, the routers that you need to have for this method must be those which retain a strong data connection regardless of their location inside the house. The ideal location for the router should be a place that is six to ten feet away from the living area, kitchen, etc.


2. Avoid Signal Boosters

Signal boosters really increase your WiFi signal range. However, they also increase the frequency of RF-EMF radiation that the WiFi signal has. Exposing yourself to stronger RF-EMF increases the likelihood of you or your family suffering from radiation-related health problems.


3. Turn Off WiFi Router At Night

WiFi signals are only emitted when the router is on. This is why turning the router off at night means that you will be spending at least 8 hours of zero RF-EMF time. 

Aside from keeping you away from RF-EMF radiation while sleeping, you are also disciplining yourself not to spend too much time browsing the internet using your phone or computer before going to bed, which often leads to sleeping disorders. 


4. Move From Wireless to a Wired Connection

If you are up to the task, the best alternative and simple method for you to protect yourself against EMF radiation is to go for a wired internet connection

An ethernet connection emits lesser RF-EMF radiation compared to WiFi. It even grants you a more secure connection and faster internet speeds. Doing so might be a hassle, but at least you are not compromising yourself and your family by EMF radiation.


One Last Method You Need To Know!


What if you don’t want to buy products, make a DIY EMF router guard, or follow the alternatives mentioned here? 

If this is the case, then we’ll teach you about a very simple, very surprising, and very cheap hack that you can use. 

You might not believe it, but a mesh metal wastebasket works similar to a router guard. Tip it over and let its opening engulf the WiFi router. 

This isn’t really nice to look at, and you won’t be winning a prize for design, but who cares! You can solve this problem by placing the router in an inconspicuous place. Wastebaskets retail at $10 in many homeware stores. At that price, it is pretty irresistible. It won’t guarantee a 98% reduction in EMF radiation, but it is better than nothing.


Moment of Truth: How to Know if the WiFi Router Guard Actually Works?


Whether you have decided to (1) buy your own commercial router guard or wastebasket, or (2) make a DIY router guard yourself, chances are you need to test if they actually work. 

To do this, you need to have an EMF meter. An EMF meter measures the frequency of RF-EMF radiation present around you. By using an EMF meter, you’ll be able to determine if the RF-EMF levels at your house serve as a significant threat for you and your family. One good EMF meter that we recommend is the TriField TF2, as it can detect all three forms of EMF radiation.

To test if they actually work, all you need to do is to follow the following steps:

  • Place the TriField TF2 near the WiFi router and turn it on. 
  • Record the RF-EMF levels shown by the device.
  • Now put the WiFi router inside EMF router guard or cover it with the wastebasket. 
  • Place the TriField TF2 near the router guard containing the WiFi router.
  • Compare the current results to the one you have previously recorded. If the current figures are lower than the previous one, then the product works!


Let’s Wrap It Up


Though WiFi signals may be possible threats for our health, the sad truth is that we can’t escape from it. WiFi routers had become an essential part of many households. Right now, many people can’t even bear the idea of being unconnected with the online world. 

Social media sites, Netflix, Amazon, Youtube, all of these have become an integral part of our daily lives. The bottom line is we can’t stay away from WiFi routers at home or anywhere else, and this means that whether we like it or not, we will always be bombarded by RF-EMF radiation all the time.

This is why protecting yourself against RF-EMF is not a bad idea. Commerical EMF router guards are your best choice of protection against the danger that the WiFi signal brings. If you are reluctant to invest money, then you can still protect yourself and your family against RF-EMF radiation from WiFi signals through simple means.

It may be impossible for you to live in a WiFi signal-free world. But what’s possible for you to is to protect yourself and your family against its dangers by following some of the methods mentioned here. All you need to do is to try them out!

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Best EMF Detectors: the Ultimate Guide

Best EMF Detectors: the Ultimate Guide

For most of us, our daily routine starts by using electronic gadgets that make our life easier and comfortable… Even to the point of addiction.

Our cellphone has taken over our mom’s job of waking us up in the morning. Before going to work, we’re using a cell phone or a laptop to check our emails and messaging apps, so we can get in touch with friends and family. Even as we travel or commute, we might be listening to music using wireless headsets, or the Bluetooth in the car. 

This dependency on gadgets is natural because, as humans, we need to feel connected and enjoy the convenience that science and technology bring to us. 

Turns out, whether you’ll be willing to pay for it or not, this addiction may come at a price.

If you have been reading this blog, you must know by now that almost all gadgets may pose a serious threat to your health. This is because they emit electromagnetic frequencies (EMF) radiation. There had been many studies regarding EMF radiation, and results show that they may have been related to health issues such as sleep disorders and brain cancer. 

Just so we can get the enormity of this problem, making a list of all the devices that emit EMF was an eye-opener for me. 

These are only a few:

As you can see, all the gadgets mentioned above are commonly found in offices and houses. This means that EMF radiation is literally everywhere around us. 

Although avoiding it may be impossible, you can still protect yourself against EMF. All you need to do is:

  1.  to understand what EMF is, and 
  2. to find out the best protection against it

Read on, cause we will talk about these two critical ideas in great detail.



What Are Electric and Magnetic Frequencies (EMF)?

Electric and magnetic frequency (EMF) radiation are emitted by any electronic object. They range from common devices such as phones or television sets to more dangerous ones, such as X-Rays and large electronic machines. 

EMF can be classified into two different low frequencies – Extremely Low Frequency (ELF-EMF) and Radio Frequency (RF-EMF). 

ELF-EMFs may not be that harmful when received from time to time, but it will still affect your health if you are regularly exposed to it. RF-EMF, on the other hand, is more serious, and we’re repeatedly exposed to it from all the different devices mentioned before.  

Governments have strict regulations concerning EMF radiation emitted by manufactured devices. Even the World Health Organization’s International Agency for Research on Cancer has admitted that all forms of EMF radiation are carcinogenic (may cause cancer) and are potentially dangerous.



What Are Some of the Proven Health Risks of EMF radiation?

Studies have shown that ELF-EMF radiation coming from power towers and power lines may cause leukemia. This was proven by studies conducted on children living near power lines where exposure to ELF-EMF was high. 

Comparing various research data, scientists found that some children who suffer from leukemia lived near power lines, power towers, or similar structures. Even though ELF-EMF radiation may not be that harmful on its own, regular, and high exposure to it may still affect human health in detrimental ways.

RF-EMF radiation, on the other hand, has been associated with brain cancer for a long time. For example, studies show that RF-EMF radiation emitted by cordless phones carry significant health risks such as sleeping disorders and brain cancer. RF-EMFs were also observed to have adverse effects on men’s health. Studies show that men, when regularly exposed to them, are prone to suffer from infertility.

Other physical and mental problems are also associated with RF-EMF and ELF-EMF exposure:

  • depression
  • anxiety
  • insomnia
  • fatigue
  • headaches
  • nausea, and
  • vomiting… among many others.



How to Protect Yourself Against EMF radiation

All these health risks mentioned above may have made you anxious. While avoiding all forms of EMF radiation might be impossible, protecting yourself against them is not. 

One of the first steps for you to take is to use one of the best EMF detectors and see if radiation is affecting your day-to-day life. 

EMF meters are handy devices that measure EMF radiation output from electronic gadgets. There are many types of EMF meters or EMF detectors, some can detect both ELF-EMF and RF-EMF, while others may detect only one kind of frequency.

You might be worried right now that choosing the best EMF detectors will be time-consuming. This is ultimately true if you’re not familiar with them or their features. 

We have compiled the best EMF detectors in the market, and we will provide you with all the information you need to know what’s essential and what’s not. Now, all you need to do is to continue reading.

Best EMF Detectors

Best EMF Detectors: On a Budget


#1. KKMoon EMF Meter

Check it out on Amazon.

This is one of the most affordable EMF meters available at the moment. It’s very portable and can be used for on-site electromagnetic measurements at home, apartments, offices, and industrial buildings. 

You can also use this to measure the EMF radiation levels of mobile phones, TV sets, refrigerators, and high voltage cables. 

What we like about this product is that it doesn’t only detect EMF, but analyzes if the frequency present is safe or not. Upon use, its radiation assessment feature sets off an alarm to warn you that the EMF levels of the surroundings or of particular devices exceeds the safe value. 

Its LCD display will give you all the information you need to measure EMF radiation.

It is available in three designs- Blue & Black, Red & Black, and Yellow & Black.

You can check the current price, read reviews, or purchase this meter on Amazon here.


#2. Hinmay Digital EMF Meter

Check it out on Amazon.

This is another very affordable EMF detector. The Hinmay Digital EMF meter detects both electric and magnetic fields with frequencies ranging from 30Hz to 300Hz. 

Though it may not be as good as the KKmoon EMF meter, it still has similar excellent features, such as LCD display, smart alarm, and freeze readings. 

The only problem with this device is that it fails to work correctly once its batteries start to weaken, and it fails to provide accurate readings. 

Still, it is only a minor inconvenience that you can quickly solve by preparing fresh batteries on the go.

You can check the current price, read reviews, or purchase this meter on Amazon here.


#3. Meterk EMF Meter

Check it out on Amazon.

If you are ready to invest a few of your earnings to protect yourself against EMF, the Meterk EMF Meter may be your best choice. 

It is equipped with a built-in electromagnetic sensor that clearly shows the value of electric and magnetic fields present in your house on its LCD display. 

It detects frequencies at 30 to 300Hz. It can be used for indoor and outdoor purposes. 

What we really like about this product is that it turns off automatically. This is really useful because it allows the device to save energy and extend battery life. However, one downside is that you can’t use it to measure cellphone EMF radiation.

This device also comes with an alarm system when the EMF levels exceed the safe value.

You can check the current price, read reviews, or purchase this meter on Amazon here.



Best EMF Detectors: Middle Price Range

#1. Advanced GQ EMF-390

Check it out on Amazon.

This is a 3-in-1 EMF ELF-RF meter. It can detect RF up to 10GHz with a Data Logger, and EMF up to 400Khz.

It has multiple high sensitivity sensors installed for detecting power line, smart meters, cell phones, microwaves, etc.
It also has a built-in RF Spectrum analyzer and GQ RF Browser for real time RF monitoring.

You can check the current price, read reviews, or purchase this meter on Amazon here.

#2. Latnex MG-300

Check it out on Amazon.

If you can’t get your hands on Meterk EMF Meter, then Latnex is a good alternative. This EMF meter can detect EMF from power lines, air-conditioning units, refrigerators, and any other device you have in the house. 

Its detectable frequency range is at 30Hz to 300 Hz. The reason why this EMF meter comes second to Meterk is that its a little pricey, considering it can’t be used on cell phones. Still, the well-made LCD display, long battery life, and carrying case makes up for its price tag.

You can check the current price, read reviews, or purchase this meter on Amazon here.



Best EMF Detectors: High-End Devices  


#1. TriField EMF Meter Model TF2

Check it out on Amazon.

Are you looking for a heavy-duty EMF meter that measures all radiation? If your answer is yes, then Trifield TF2 is what you’re looking for. Though a little bit expensive than the previous ones, it detects all kinds of EMF. 

Compared to the other meters, TriField is the only detector that can be used to identify EMF coming from WiFi routers and cordless phones. It detects EMF at various frequencies, which means you can test the EMF level of all devices at your house or office.

You can check the current price, read reviews, or purchase this meter on Amazon here.


#2. Latnex HF-B3G

Check it out on Amazon.

The Latnex HF-B3G is a good alternative to TriField TF2. The only downside is that it cannot detect ELF-EMF, which TriField TF2 is really good at. 

This detector is still great if you are looking for a high-end EMF meter that provides accurate readings. It is capable of detecting frequencies at the 50MHz to 3.5GHz range, and it is best used to measure EMF radiation levels of wireless bugs and spy cameras. It is also handy if you want to measure RF-EMF of numerous devices.

You can check the current price, read reviews, or purchase this meter on Amazon here.



How To Use Your EMF Detector?

Now that you have an EMF meter at your disposal, it is time that you put it to use. The best way to do this is to record the EMF value of each device or room at your house in a spreadsheet. For you to create a spreadsheet containing information of the EMF values of devices on your home, all you need to do is to measure them one by one using your EMF meter. After this, compare the data to see which devices have the highest EMF values.

The best way is to turn on all the electronic devices in each room. After this, turn the EMF meter on, and place yourself in the middle of the room. This is where EMF radiation will be measured for an accurate reading. Do not forget to list each individual EMF measurement in the spreadsheet. 

Do this in the kitchen, bedrooms, living room, porch, garage, and everywhere else you think you need to. When you are done, compare the data for you to see which rooms have the highest EMF radiation values.



So What’s Next?

Now that you have information regarding the EMF emissions of the devices and rooms in your house, you need to finish what you started by reducing EMF radiation and protect yourself. 

You can lower the EMF value of the rooms with high EMF readings by moving some devices to other places. For devices that have high EMF readings, you can reduce their EMF values by covering them with EMF protective cases, fabrics, or router guards.

If you want to reduce the overall EMF radiation at your house, the best way to do so is to ditch your wireless devices and replace them with wired ones. For example, you may replace cordless phones with corded ones and switch your WiFi to an ethernet connection

If you can’t replace them, then you may resort to turning wireless devices off at night.


EMF detectors are one of the most basic means of protecting yourself against EMF radiation. 

Before we finish, you need to remember that budget EMF meters, middle-price range EMF meters, and high-end EMF meters work differently.

Budget EMF meters are really cheap and affordable. They are also great because they can detect EMF at a wide range of frequencies. However, their downside is that they fail to provide really accurate ELF-EMF readings. Thus, they are only useful when detecting RF-EMF.

Middle-price range EMF detectors, on the other hand, provide really accurate readings for ELF-EMF and RF-EMF. However, they fail to detect these two types of EMF once they reach frequencies exceeding 300Hz.

Finally, high-end EMF detectors do not have the weaknesses of budget EMF meters and middle-priced meters. This makes them the best choice, even though they are a bit expensive. They provide excellent readings for all types of EMF at various ranges. If you’re looking for accuracy and sensitivity when measuring EMF radiation, then EMF meters like the TriField TF2 is what you’re looking for.

No matter what types of EMF meter you chose, what’s important is that you have an EMF meter at your disposal. Having an EMF meter is the foundation of your safety against EMF. EMF meters, whether they’re cheap or expensive, give you some warning that EMF levels at your house might have reached the point of being dangerous for you and your family’s well-being.

Now that you have an EMF meter in your hands, don’t let your investment get wasted. Turn that EMF meter on and start now!

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Cordless Phone Radiation: A Well Hidden Secret

Cordless Phone Radiation: A Well Hidden Secret

The world is built through communication, and phones are the essence of that communication. Communicating allows people to convey feelings, ideas, and information. And what better than doing that while on the move, even at home. Cordless phones in the house are useful and convenient, but they can hold potential dangers too. Today we’ll talk about cordless phone radiation.



Phones Everywhere

Communication devices are getting more and more advanced. Phones in the past only could send or receive messages and allow people to call one another. We are now using phones that are like mini-computers in our pockets. We can play games, take pictures, edit photos, video calling, and email messaging. All at the same time. 

Amazingly, aside from high-tech cell phones, one of the most traditional, unchanging, and yet still prevalent means of communication are landline phones. Since its discovery in 1876, traditional telephones symbolize the triumph of man to discover ways to contact his kin no matter where they are on the globe. 

Over the years, different types of phones have been used at home and in the office. The arrival of cordless phones in 1980 was a technological advance in communication that made life more comfortable. Since then, cordless phones had not become out of trend because of the following reasons:

  • Flexible to use and can be carried anywhere within the house or office.
  • Better quality of calls compared to cell phones.
  • It provides a more centralized means of a communication system, which is essential for offices.
  • It has various functions ranging from caller ID, intercom calling, and three-way conferencing.

We admit that cordless phones are handy. However, these communication devices may be emitting more EMF radiation that we’d like to admit.




Why is Cordless Phone Radiation dangerous?

You already may know the dangers of EMF radiation on our health. This type of radiation is exclusively emitted by electronic gadgets. 

Cordless phones, used by many people, are really good at emitting EMF. But the reason they are more dangerous than other electronic devices is that cordless phones emit this radiation 24 hours a day, seven days a week, even when not in use.

Exposure to one EMF emitting device is not going to affect us much, as multiple studies show. However, what these studies fail to reflect, is that wherever we go, we are always surrounded by EMF emitting devices. So the effect is multiplied. This means that every day, whether you’re at home, at the office, or at school, EMF radiation is bombarding your body.




Is Cordless Phone Radiation Much Worse Than Cell Phones?

The answer to this question is a definite yes. Cell phones produce fluctuating frequencies of EMF radiation while sending or receiving data. The fluctuation is actually good because it means that you’re exposed to varying degrees of EMF radiation (which may be high or low) while using cellphones. 

On the other hand, cordless phones release steady and strong EMF radiation as long as they are turned on. This means that when using cordless phones, you’re always exposed to high frequencies of EMF. 




What are the Health Risks of EMF Exposure Caused by Cordless Phones?

There is no doubt that when it comes to releasing EMF, cordless phones are much more potent than cellphones. Now it’s time for you to learn the possible health risks of continued exposure to intense EMF radiation when using cordless telecommunications. 

1. Brain Tumor

Some cordless phones do come with loudspeakers, but people don’t really use this feature as it undermines the fact that it can be conveniently carried anywhere. This is why people are not using this feature, and they usually place the handset close to their heads. 

Now, this proximity is dangerous because it allows the EMF radiation emitted to be sent easily and directly through the brain. Research suggests that the proximity of the device paired with high levels of EMF emission makes it possible for cordless phones to cause brain cancer and tumors.

Though not proven, the following are brain cancers that cordless phones may cause:

  • Glioma
  • Astrocytomas
  • Meningiomas
  • Oligodendrogliomas


2. Sleep Disorders and Chronic Fatigue

In 2005 and 2008, studies were conducted targeting office workers on offices using cordless phones as primary means of communication within the office and out of office. 

The studies concluded that prolonged exposure to RF-EMF emissions coming from cordless phones might be the reason why some of the office workers suffer from sleeping disorders and chronic fatigue. 

What’s even more compelling is that most of the individuals who suffered from these disorders kept cordless phones on their work stations, and they would still have those symptoms.

To read more on this subject, go to Effects of Everyday RF-EMF Exposure on Sleep Quality: A Cross-Sectional Study.


3. Leukemia, Nausea, and Other Health-Related Problems

Cordless phones emit strong and steady EMF radiation. Having one means that your house will have high overall EMF frequency levels. 

Studies have shown that constant, increased levels of EMF radiation can result in nausea, vomiting, itchiness, depression, and even leukemia. Some research has shown the effects of EMF radiation on reproductive health-related problems. Males may suffer from motility and potency issues in sperm, and women can develop fertility issues.

Cordless phone radiation 

Tips for Reducing Cordless Phone Radiation

The health risks above make up some of the reasons why you need to protect yourself from cordless phone radiation. One of the best ways to protect yourself is to reduce the EMF emissions of cordless phones. 

The following are tips on how you can do it.

1. Go back to basics

It may be a good idea to replace your cordless phone with a traditional one with a cord. Corded phones emit relatively low levels of EMF when compared to cellphones and cordless phones. By ditching your cordless phone, you are lowering the amount of EMF that your house or office receives.

2. Unplug the Cordless Phone at Night

You should consider unplugging your cordless phone at night when it is unlikely for anyone to call. After all, people can still reach you at night via your cellphone in case of emergencies. As said earlier, a cordless phone emits steady and strong EMF radiation so long as it is turned on. Unplugging it from its power source will completely shut it down, reducing the amount of EMF that it emits to an absolute zero.

3. Don’t Put in A Cordless Phone in the Bedroom

You shouldn’t put a cordless phone in the bedroom. Your bedroom is a place where you rest at night. Thus, putting a cordless phone in your bedroom means that you are regularly exposed to intense EMF radiation that can be detrimental to your health. 

4. One Cordless Phone Is Enough

Do you have an obsession with cordless phones? Do you like them so much that you keep 2 or 3 at your house? If this is the case, then you should really give up that obsession of yours. Keep in mind that one cordless phone emits high frequencies of EMF radiation enough to cause various health problems. Just imagine what 2 or 3 would do. We highly recommend that you only keep one cordless phone at your house since it is economical and safe at the same time.

5. Balance Things Out

If you can’t really refrain from having multiple cordless phones in the house. Then we suggest that you reduce EMF levels by placing your attention on other devices. Use light bulbs that emit very low EMF emissions and a WiFi router guard. There are many EMF protection products that can help you to set up what’s best for your home.

The idea here is simple; out of all the appliances present in the household, the cordless phone must be the only one with the highest EMF radiation for you to balance things out. 

To know if the EMF levels of the objects in your house are perfectly balanced, we suggest that you use an EMF meter. An EMF meter allows you to measure the EMF that each appliance emits. We recommend that you use TriField TF2. It can detect all forms of EMF radiation, including electric, magnetic, and RF.

6. Craft EMF Customized Wearables for Your Cordless Phone

If you love to craft things, you can reduce the EMF that cordless phones have by making EMF accessories. You can make an EMF resistant cover for the handset of the cordless phone made out of EMF protective fabric. We suggest that you use Armshied EMF Copper Fabric or Armshield Faraday Fabric since they are easy to sew into different customized accessories for your cordless phone and are really good at blocking EMF radiation.


Better Alternatives But Require A Bit Of Money

Reducing the EMF radiation of cordless phones is fast and easy if you are willing to invest money. The following are better alternatives.

1. Gigaset Cordless Phones

Gigaset is a brand that manufactures cordless phones that are user-friendly. This company understands that EMF makes people health-conscious, so it strived to produce cordless phones that have low EMF radiation. 

The low EMF radiation of their cordless phones is made possible by a feature called ECO DECT. This allows the cordless phone to go into standby mode and reduce power consumption. By allowing the cordless phone to switch on standby and save power, less EMF is emitted, and it is safer to use. 

You can see their extensive range here.

Gigaset cordless phone that we highly recommend is the Gigaset A270.

2. Wired Headsets

Wired headsets allow you to talk using a cordless phone at a distance. 

One of the best wired headsets that you can buy is the Arama Cell Phone Headset. It is compatible with most cordless phones and has features such as a noise-canceling microphone, comfortably fitted earpieces, and in-line controls.

If you think that Arama is a bit expensive, then WRZ X6 Earphones are your next option. It features a built-in microphone that transmits clearly with the help of unique earbuds.




Final Thoughts

Cordless Phone radiation is one that you should be aware of. When you are exposed to high EMF, there is a possibility that health-related complications may soon follow. This is why you should be vigilant and replace cordless phones with wired ones instead. Though cordless phones may be really convenient, wired phones are safer. Between convenience and safety, I know what I would choose. 

If you really love cordless phones so much and can’t get yourself to replace them with wired ones, then you should consider lowering the EMF level of your house or office. One of the ways to do this is to use incandescent light bulbs instead of LED ones and use appliances that have low EMF emissions. 

Finally, if you need to use a cordless phone, get one that has the ECO DECT feature. Compared to regular cordless phones, those that use ECO DECT has lower EMF emissions, and you can always pair them with wired headsets. 

So what are you waiting for? There are many solutions, and you don’t have to put your health in danger anymore.

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Turn Off WiFi: How To Switch To Wired Internet

Turn Off WiFi: How To Switch To Wired Internet

Nowadays, it isn’t easy to live without an internet connection. You need one at the office to work, and at home to watch movies, command Alexa, or look for a good recipe for dinner. Most internet connections are wireless, which makes it more convenient, but also more dangerous. WiFi routers emit EMF radiation, which exposes you and your family to multiple health risks.

Why You Need to Turn Off WiFi?

There are two types of radiation: those that emit extra low-frequency (ELF) EMF radiation, and those that emit radio frequencies (RF) EMF. ELF-EMF is emitted by any electrical device, and RF-EMF is emitted by microwaves, laptops, and cellphones. 

Both radiations pose various health concerns, and there is research by the University of Oxford in England that shows that it is among the leading causes of leukemia in children. RF-EMF radiation is among the leading potential cause of brain cancer, and it largely contributes to male infertility. 

Exposure to this type of radiation can also lead to hypersensitivity to EMF, causing weight loss, depression, and fatigue, among other diseases. 

I know you are wondering if you can get rid of WiFi technology to protect yourself and your family at home, right? The good news is that you don’t have to quit using the internet. You just need to use it differently. 

One way is to switch to a more secure, faster, wired internet connection. It is more reliable and less prone to fraudulent activities such as hacking.

All you need to do is to hire an expert who will do the installation of ethernet cables. 

However, if you want to do it by yourself, here is an elaborate step-by-step guide that will help you to do the installation and how to turn off WiFi forever. Read on and find out.


1. First, Get the Right Equipment

The Modem

The first thing to do is to ensure you get the right equipment for your wired internet connection. If you have a modem, then you are on the right track. However, if you don’t, you can purchase one. You need to make sure the modem has a feature to switch off the WiFi option. 

Additionally, when you are buying a modem, you need to ensure it is compatible with your internet provider. It should also have a lower bandwidth, which means it will emit minimal EMF radiation.

An excellent option at a reasonable price is the Motorola SURFboard SB6121, which is compatible with most Ethernet providers. It has a lower bandwidth, and it doesn’t have the WiFi option at all, so it’s an Ethernet-only modem.

The best modem if you need multiple ports is the TP-Link 16-Port Gigabit Ethernet Unmanaged Switch. TP-Link gives you an option to choose from 5 ports, 16 ports, or 48 ports. More ports might be worth it if you plan to replace your home’s entire WiFi. You can access your internet connection directly from plucking into these ports.


The Cables

You will also need to have an Ethernet switch and Ethernet cables. The switch in the modem must be able to connect various cables at the same time if you are using multiple devices.

The best option is a shielded or reinforced cable. You can use one cable for multiple devices (if you don’t use them at the same time), or even better, an ethernet cable per device.

Zoison manufactures an excellent ten-foot cable, which is shielded and inexpensive.


The EMF Meter

To have a complete setup, you will need an EMF meter, which is used to measure radiation levels from various devices. Our recommendation is the Trifield TF2, it provides excellent performance, detecting electromagnetic and RF frequencies.


2. Set up your baseline

You can’t improve what you can’t measure, they say. You need to monitor each reading, and the best way is to record it using a spreadsheet or a notebook. Read the EMF meter while on WiFi and record the results from every room. 

With the EMF meter in hand, you will be in a position to also monitor other sources of EMF radiation in your household. 

Turn Off WiFi

3. Install the Cables

After ensuring you are all set, then you will need to do the cabling by plugging in your modem as per the specifications given by your internet provider. You might have to run software on your computer and follow the screen prompts to complete the process. 

Once you are done and have an internet connection, you can proceed by plucking an Ethernet cable into the port on the modem and the other end to the switch.

The connection is now made. This setup allows you to run cables to different rooms where you want to access the internet. You can let your cables run through the carpets, or on the skirting. For a more elegant result, you can drill the walls and install plugs in every room to ensure there are no visible cables. 

Some houses have wired internet already installed in every room. This will be much easier for you. You will simply have to plug your modem to the internet, and your devices to their respective ports.


4. Connect your Devices

You can start plugging your devices once the Ethernet cables are available in each room. This includes video games, desktops, and televisions. 

A desktop computer, or even a laptop, is safer when wired because it dramatically reduces EMF output. If you are using your laptop, remember that it’d be better to avoid placing it on your lap, or you can also use a radiation pad instead.

However, I know you might be having some devices that can only use WiFi, like a cellphone or a tablet. In that case, you might need to have a WiFi router guard or turn the route off when you don’t need to use it.


5. Turn off WiFi

You need to complete the setup by turning off the WiFi option on your modem (if it’s also wireless) and on ALL the WiFi-enabled devices. This process will vary depending on your service provider, but you can always refer to the manual and get it done with no problem.


6. Run some tests

Once you have completed the whole process, you will need to do a test to check on EMF levels. 

Come back to the spreadsheet or notebook and the EMF meter. Take the readings of each room, one by one. 

Your readings should show a significant reduction in EMF levels if everything has been connected well. 

If you notice your readings are still high, then there are other alternative options to lower them.

First, you should switch your cell phone to airplane mode when not in use, or switch off any other Bluetooth device when you are not using it. You could install a WiFi router guard or a cover for your smart meter or use EMF protective cases for cellphones and tablets.


Last Words

A wired internet connection is an easy way to get rid of your WiFi EMF radiation emissions in your home or the office. It is a secure way of accessing the internet, and you are less likely to run into equipment failure. 

Finally, you will have to do some little maintenance on your cables and modem to increase internet speed. Obviously, if you encounter some complicated problems, consider involving a professional to help you out.

If you are conscious about reducing the EMF radiation levels in your home to protect yourself and your family, then you should switch to a wired internet connection. You can enjoy the wonders of the internet but in a healthy and safe way.

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EMF Shielding Paint: Don’t Brush Over It

EMF Shielding Paint: Don’t Brush Over It

When trying to protect your family from your neighbor’s smart meter or WiFi, blocking the interior wall of your home from electromagnetic radiation is often a necessary step. The easiest way to do this is to paint all or part of your wall with EMF shielding paint. 

EMF paint is very effective in preventing harmful emissions from entering your home. With just a bit of DIY, you can be sure your family is protected from the most dangerous sources of electromagnetic radiation.


How does EMF shielding paint work?

EMF protective paint acts by blocking specific frequencies that reach the walls of your house. The exact frequency range varies by manufacturer, but in general, you should look for a coating that blocks low frequencies (up to 300 Hz) and higher frequencies (in the MHz band) — covering all types of EMF radiation, from ELF to RF. 

Remember that the EMF coating will block all frequencies in this band, which means that you may experience interference with your WiFi signal if you have wireless at home, so make sure you think about this strategically. To give up WiFi and switched to wired internet, read our article on how to do it.


The best brands of EMF shielding paint

The list below provides a review of the best EMF paint brands:


#1. Yshield EMF Paint

Check it out on Amazon.

Yshield is 99.98% effective after one application and 99.995% effective after two applications at preventing EMF radiation. This coating is also waterproof and does not contain harsh chemicals, which makes it environmentally friendly. It is also a low-odor coating. The ingredients include water, graphite, and carbon black.

Reviews mention that this coating is very effective at blocking competing WiFi signals. The paint is easy to apply and glides like traditional paint. It can be rolled or sprayed, make sure you get every part of the surface for best results. The manufacturer recommends using silicone or water-based paint for the top layers.

You can check the current price, read reviews, or purchase this paint on Amazon here.



#2. Woremor EMF paint

Check it out on Amazon.

Woremer’s EMF paint works very similarly to Yshield paint. This pure silicate coating operates at frequencies up to 18 GHz. The manufacturer recommends two layers to get maximum protection, it is 99.98% effective after one application and 99.995% effective after two coats. 

It is also water-resistant and comes in color black so you can easily see if you have forgotten any areas. Woremor coatings are generally known to be very effective in preventing EMF from reviewers.

You can check the current price, read reviews, or purchase this paint on Amazon here.



#3. CuPro-Cot Paint

Check it out here.

CuPro-Cote paint is a little different because it is mainly made of copper. You can use spray, brush or roller to apply it, and helps prevent frequencies from 30 MHz to 1.5 GHz. 

CuPro-Cote paint comes in a shiny copper color – easier to cover up than black paints. The main complaint in the reviews was that the paint dries very quickly, even in your brush sometimes, so make sure you paint fast with this one!



#4. MG Chemicals SuperShield 

Check it out on Amazon.

MG Chemicals SuperShield paint is designed for use in small spaces, such as electronic packaging, but it can also be used on an interior wall. This paint blocks frequencies from 10 MHz to 1.8 GHz, making it ideal for blocking the radio frequency range. 

SuperShield is an acrylic-based paint made of a nickel coating that extends in a silver-gray color. 

You can check the current price, read reviews, or purchase this paint on Amazon here.



#5. Ecos EMR Shielding Paint

Check it out on Amazon.

Ecos EMR Shielding Paint is a non-toxic VOC-free nickel paint advertised as a radiation shield. As a bonus, Ecos EMR Shielding Paint is odorless, so if you are sensitive to the smell of paint, this could be a great option. 

Dark gray, it is designed to be coated with Ecos stone paint. The product has been independently tested in Europe and has been found to block 99% of frequencies in the 900 to 1,800 MHz range. 

You can check the current price, read reviews, or purchase this paint on Amazon here.

EMF Shielding Paint


#6. ShieldON EMF Shielding Paint

Check it out on Amazon.

Sheldon EMF Shielding Paint is designed for small projects. Like other EMF paints, ShieldON is 99.98% effective after one coat, and 99.995% effective at blocking frequencies after a second coat. 

This second coating blocks frequencies up to 18 GHz and has a matt black color. There is also an Aquarelle SheldON EMF paint, which is water-based and is ideal for interior or exterior applications. 

You can check the current price, read reviews, or purchase this paint on Amazon here.



#7. Tachyon Star Dust

Check it out on Amazon.

Tachyon Star Dust is designed to mix with any paint, and it’s a bit cheaper than some traditional EMF paints. You can apply Tachyon Star Dust on the base coat or topcoat when painting. A 16-ounce bottle of this paint can be mixed into a gallon of regular paint. The recommended ratio is one bottle of Tachyon Star Dust per gallon of paint.

Tachyon Star Dust can be added to small jobs like pictures, posters, small walls, or an entire basement.

You can check the current price, read reviews, or purchase this paint on Amazon here.


Grounding the paint

With certain types of EMF shielding paint, there is an additional step that goes beyond merely painting a surface. The EMF coating is conductive and must, therefore, be grounded to guarantee safety and compliance with building codes. 

What you’ll need to do:

  • Place a grounding strap along the surface being painted.
  • When painting a wall with an electric outlet, the grounding strap will have to go near it.
  • You’ll also need to install a grounding plate after the wall has been painted. This must be done by an electrician.

Usually, the same manufacturers that sell the shielding paint will also produce the grounding plates. It will be safer to buy both items from the same manufacturer and read their instructions. 

Two of the better grounding plates in the market come from Yshield and Woremor


How do you know it works?

The best way to measure the effectiveness of an EMF shielding paint is to use an EMF meter. The one we usually recommend is TriField TF2. The reason we recommend this model is that TriField TF2 can detect electrical, magnetic, and radiation field radiation. 

Once you have found a good EMF meter, measure the levels in your home. Ideally, you can measure before and after painting so that you can compare your results before and after application. If you’ve applied the paint without checking your previous levels, test another room in your home that you haven’t applied paint to.

Once you have an EMF meter, it is a good idea to test the levels around your home. This can help you determine if other areas could benefit from EMF painting. Make sure you check the sleeping areas and any other places where your family regularly spends a lot of time.


Final Thoughts

Electromagnetic radiation (EMF) poses a real threat to the health and safety of your family. It has been linked to cancer, infertility, miscarriages, and other health problems. If you are concerned about your family’s exposure to these potentially dangerous frequencies, consider taking steps to protect your home.

One of the easiest steps you can take is to apply EMF protective paint to the wall opposite any smart meter, WiFi equipment, or other major EMF radiation generator. Make sure every location you paint is grounded for safety.

This solution, when used with other methods, like covering a smart meter or using wired internet, will minimize your exposure to EMF radiation, and it will make you feel that peace of mind has already paid for such a small investment.

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10 Best EMF Shielding Blankets to Protect You

10 Best EMF Shielding Blankets to Protect You

The comforts that technology brings has increased the quality of living of many people all over the world. Technology allows you to communicate with friends, entertain yourself, and even find a job. Still, there is one thing that makes technology a little bit dangerous. The danger that we are talking about is EMF, electromagnetic frequency radiation. Today we will be showing you a simple way to protect yourself from it, while still enjoying the comforts of technology – the power of an EMF shielding blanket.



What is EMF?

EMF or electromagnetic fields are a type of radiation that researchers suggest to have a drastic impact on our health. All kinds of electronic devices emit EMF radiation – phones, computers, televisions, WiFi routers, even light bulbs. 

EMF is classified as two types: non-ionizing radiation, which is not that harmful, and ionizing radiation, which can seriously damage your health.

Examples of objects that emit non-ionizing radiation are:

Examples of objects that emit ionizing radiation are:

  • X-Rays
  • The sun
  • Objects that emit UV Rays

However, research shows that both ionizing and non-ionizing EMF may affect your wellbeing. This is the reason why you need to be alert and learn ways to protect yourself from EMF radiation.


How to Protect Yourself Against EMF?

The best method to protect yourself from EMF (apart from staying away from it obviously) is to use EMF shielding blankets. An EMF shielding blanket is made to keep EMF radiation away from your body as you use gadgets. Also, EMF blankets don’t just protect you but provide comfort as well. You can use them when you are cold at night, use them as laptop pads to put on your lap, or you can use them as protective covers for babies at home.

So how do you get your hands-on EMF blankets? We understand that searching far and wide to get your hands on one of these is tiring and takes a lot of time. Aside from this, it is hard to make sure that the EMF shielding blanket you find actually works. 

So, what do you need to look for?

To solve this problem, we made a list of the top 10 best EMF shielding blankets. Read on. We will be giving you information about what makes them really good.

emf shielding blanket


#10. Woremor Earthing and EMF Shielding Blanket

Check it out on Amazon.

Woremore gives you protection against low-frequency EMF radiation. It works similar to sleeping bags and uses a lateral zip fastener with only one layer. This is an ecologically friendly product that is popular among people who practice and believe in Earthing

But what is earthing anyway? Many people believe that the earth discharges certain energy that, when absorbed by the human body, provides various health benefits. Earthing then is the practice of learning how to absorb the energy transmitted by the earth. Usually, the energy is absorbed by connecting the bare feet into the ground or by using a material that conducts the earth’s energy easily. 

Woremore is one of those products that make excellent grounding point for earthing beginners.

You can check the current price, read reviews or purchase this blanket on Amazon here.


#9. SHYZ EMF Protection Blanket

Check it out on Amazon.

SHYZ Protection Blanket fuses fashion and EMF protection in one product. It’s made from imported Dutch flannelette, which has a rich luster and a thick and silky feel. The middle portion of this product is a layer of protective micro silver barrier that shields the user from radiofrequency and microwave electromagnetic fields. 

At 37.5×49.5 inches, this EMF shielding blanket is really easy to keep and is widely popular among children and adults who want to protect themselves from EMF protection while using their laptops. 

There are two versions for this product, silver-ion, and metal.

You can check the current price, read reviews or purchase this blanket on Amazon here.


#8. Amradield Copper Fabric

Check it out on Amazon.

This is not really an EMF protection blanket, but we still included it on this list. Why? The reason is simple. Copper is a good blocker of EMF radiation between frequencies of 30MHz to 18GHz. 

Also, if you love to craft your own things, then Armadield Copper Fabric is for you. You can sew this fabric into EMF resistant clothes, handkerchiefs, and blankets of different sizes and shapes.

You can check the current price, read reviews or purchase this blanket on Amazon here



#7. Breezy Baby Adult EMF Blanket

Check it out on Amazon.

If you are looking for an EMF blanket that can cover a lot of people at once, then Breezy Baby & Adult EMF blanket may be what you’re looking for. 

This is probably one of the largest EMF blankets that you can get your hands on. It blocks EMF by using a line of pure silver. Many people claim that Breezy Baby is really good at blocking EMF radiation. To give you an idea about how good it is, manufacturers claim that it blocks EMF at 99.9%.

You can check the current price, read reviews or purchase this blanket on Amazon here


#6. Armshield Faraday Fabric

Check it out on Amazon.

If Armadield Copper Fabric doesn’t suit your taste, then Armadield Faraday Fabric may be it. This EMF fabric is made from a nickel-copper-polyester blend, which makes it really soft and comfortable. Furthermore, this combination allows it to block EMF radiation at frequencies between 30MHz to 18GHz. 

Using your crafting skills, you can turn Armadield Faraday Fabric into EMF clothes, handkerchiefs, and blankets that can block EMF from phones, laptops, WiFi routers, etc.

A 39×43 piece of this fabric is retailed cheaper than buying a pre-made EMF shielding blanket.

You can check the current price, read reviews or purchase this blanket on Amazon here.  



#5. Armshield Anti Radiation Baby Blanket

Check it out on Amazon.

Babies are more vulnerable to EMF compared to grownups. This is probably the reason why babies who are exposed to phones, computers, and tablets at such an early age get sick easily. 

There are EMF shielding blankets that are made specifically for them. Armshield Anti Radiation Baby Blanket protects babies from EMF, and it’s made from EMF resistant materials, which do not inflict allergies or rashes to babies. You may also use it as a laptop pad due to its moderately small size.

Manufacturers claim that this baby blanket is 99.9% effective in blocking EMF.

You can check the current price, read reviews or purchase this blanket on Amazon here


#4. TitanRF Faraday Fabric

Check it out on Amazon.

TitanRF Faraday Fabric is excellent if you are looking for military-grade EMF fabric. This EMF fabric is the same type of material used by the army for communications, digital forensics, and signal isolations. Many buyers purchase the Titan Faraday Fabric to make EMF resistant rooms and tents. It’s made from a blend of nickel, copper, and polyester, which is great at blocking EMF radiation on frequencies ranging from 5-5,000MHz.

You can check the current price, read reviews or purchase this blanket on Amazon here.    



#3. SYB Baby Blanket

Check it out on Amazon.

SYB baby blanket might be the most colorful EMF blanket that you’ll get your hands on. It usually comes in styles of blue, grey, or pink with white dots. This look makes this EMF blanket great for children’s rooms and babies’ cradles. 

You will appreciate the fact that SYB poses no threat to children and babies upon use since it’s made out of hypoallergenic materials. Unlike other EMF blankets, it doesn’t get damaged from being machine-washed or being tumble-dried. 

Do not get fooled by its colors because this EMF shielding blanket is really good at blocking EMF radiation ranging from 10KHz to 2GHz, and blocks most RF frequency as well.

You can check the current price, read reviews or purchase this blanket on Amazon here.   


#2. Radia Smart Organic Protective Belly Pregnancy Blanket

Check it out on Amazon.

Women are most vulnerable during pregnancy, and this is ultimately true when they are continuously bombarded with EMF radiation. 

Radia Smart Organic Protective Belly Pregnancy Blanket should be used by women during pregnancy and after childbirth. It’s made from premium baby-soft organic cotton lined with silver shielding that blocks EMF radiation ranging from 10MHz to 3GHz. 

It’s lab tested and blocks 99.9% of EMF radiation from laptops, cellphones, and WiFi. Though a little bit large, this EMF shielding blanket is actually lightweight, which makes it easy to use and carry around.

You can check the current price, read reviews or purchase this blanket on Amazon here.  


#1. DefenderShield EMF Radiation Shielding Blanket

Check it out on Amazon.

DefenderShield EMF Radiation Shielding Blanket is excellent to be used by babies, children, and pregnant women since it’s made from 100% hypoallergenic and non-toxic organic bamboo. 

The blanket also uses multiple layers of shielding that provide 100% protection against EMF radiation coming from WiFi, laptops, and other electronic devices. Because it uses pure organic bamboo as its primary material, it provides warmth and comfort, aside from protecting babies, children, and adults from EMF radiation.

This product uses FCC-Certified and Lab Tested EMF Shielding Technology.

You can check the current price, read reviews or purchase this blanket on Amazon here.  




How to Test Your EMF Shielding Blanket?

Now that you know some of the best EMF blankets available, it’s time that we go through how to test them if ever you get your hands on one. 

All you need to have is an EMF meter capable of detecting frequencies in the RF range. We recommend that you buy EMF meters, such as TriField TF2 because it can be used to measure electric, magnetic, and RF radiation.

To test your EMF blanket, just follow the following steps:

  • Prepare an EMF meter, the EMF blanket, cell phone, laptop, or other devices that have WiFi or Bluetooth function.
  • Turn on Bluetooth or WiFi on the device, then place your EMF meter near it.
  • Record the current reading.
  • Cover the device with the EMF blanket.
  • Place your EMF meter again on the blanket-covered device.
  • Take a look at the current results. The meter should show a lower range than the previous one recorded. Although the decrease in radiation varies with the product, you can expect up to 99% reduction in some cases.



 Every day your health is at the mercy of EMF radiation. Not many doctors and researchers admit it, but illnesses inflicted in the eye, brain, lungs, and other parts of the body may be caused by it. 

Reports of people fainting and vomiting in offices and computer stores may not be caused by working too much or the excitement of playing a video game. The real culprit might be the high amounts of EMF radiation, which is common to these places.

What’s dangerous about EMF is that not many people understand it or know about it, although it is potentially life-threatening. Companies, service providers, and governments have tried to cover it up for a long time, as the effect on the economy and the status quo would be devastating. You are one of the few that are aware of these risks, and this is why you should protect yourself against it. 

As of now, one of the best protection against EMF radiation is to get an EMF blanket. They are easy to use, and they protect you and your family from EMF while you sleep, use laptops, watch TV, or are on your cell phone. 

Though a little bit pricey, you should really think about your investment when it comes to EMF shielding blankets because they provide you with comfort and coziness aside from protection.

If you are looking for an EMF shielding blanket, go for the ones that have similar features to those listed here. Even better, you should just go after the products mentioned here since we have already told all you need to know about them. Also, we made sure that the things we listed here are cheap and affordable so that buying EMF blankets won’t put pressure on your finances.

So what are you waiting for? Consider protecting yourself and your family from EMF as part of your lifestyle and be safe and healthy!

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Smart Meter EMF Radiation: What You Can Do

Smart Meter EMF Radiation: What You Can Do

In our constantly evolving society, we often embrace technological advancements without even giving it a second thought. But some of these new technologies need more time to be researched before we can confirm if they are safe for our health. Take the electricity smart meter at your home, for example, and its potential dangers from EMF radiation.


In recent years, traditional electricity meters have been phased out in favor of smart meters. These smart meters make it easier and less expensive for utility companies to do their jobs by wirelessly transmitting data on how much electricity you use. 


But unfortunately, these smart readers can pose a danger to our health. It’s essential to be informed on what you can do to protect yourself and your family against the harmful smart meter EMF radiation.



Smart Meter Technology Could Be Dangerous


It’s your right to understand the risks associated with these smart meters. Research about the technology used by smart meters has brought up some alarming health concerns. The American Cancer Society even admits its dangers and recognizes that this type of radiation is “possibly carcinogenic to humans.

Smart meters produce EMF radiation, a type of radiation with a much higher frequency compared to power lines or electricity cables. Smart meters cause more of this radiation inside your home, and that’s why they are more dangerous.

This amount of EMF radiation may be legally considered safe, but there are valid concerns that any amount of exposure to this radiation could be detrimental to our health. Smart meters have been recognized as a possible carcinogen. 

Because smart meters save electricity companies money since they no longer have to employ workers to physically check the meters, electricity companies are trying to conceal the harmful truth about these devices.



Possible Health Risks from Exposure


There are several health risks associated with EMF radiation. 

Some symptoms of overexposure include headaches, insomnia, and dizziness, among others. Sufferers of these symptoms often found relief immediately upon leaving to an area with less radiation. The radiation may also cause infertility in men, as it affects sensitive organs such as testicles, and can even cause miscarriage in pregnant women. 

EMF radiation in high amounts of exposure is also linked to cancer. It affects the way our cells work, causing our bodies to be more susceptible to toxins and free radicals. The radiation can also make our cells unable to absorb nutrients from food efficiently, which leads to many other diseases. 

Many individuals are so sensitive to EMF radiation that they can feel confusion and brain fog when they are around a source. This condition is called Electromagnetic Hypersensitivity (EHS).

In 2006, the government of Victoria in Australia approved the use of smart meters. Years later, over 100 people  reported adverse health effects, including:


  • Headaches
  • Tinnitus
  • Insomnia
  • Fatigue
  • Cognitive Disturbances
  • Dysesthesias and
  • Dizziness


A 2014 study examined 92 residents and their reported symptoms. They found that these symptoms were almost certainly the result of the radiation from the smart meter installations. None of the people reporting these symptoms had previously identified themselves as having Electromagnetic Hypersensitivity (EHS).



How to Tell if You Are Exposed to a Smart Meter EMF Radiation


There are no hard and fast rules to tell if your electrical meter is a smart meter. You may be able to research the name and model of the meter. Some meters have the words “smart meter” on them, but this isn’t always the case. 

You may be able to find out by calling your utility company. However, the easiest way to determine if you have a smart meter is to use an EMF meter

If you do have a smart meter, it is possible to opt-out in some states. You may be charged an initial fee plus an additional monthly fee, or be required to install an analog meter yourself, depending on your state’s regulations. Unfortunately, many utility companies give residents little to no choice to refuse the smart meters and are increasingly finding ways to convince people that they are safe and beneficial.

Smart meter EMF



How to Lower EMF Exposure from Smart Meters and Other Devices


If your state does not allow you to opt-out, there are ways to lower your exposure to EMF radiation. First, purchase a reliable EMF meter. This will help you pinpoint the sources of the highest emission and help you manage levels of radiation in your home. 

Although smart meters are one of the highest sources of EMF radiation in your home, they are not the only ones. Another significant source of EMF radiation coming from your home is WiFi devices. There are a few solutions to minimize exposure to these devices, but the best is switching to a wired internet connection.

Cell phone radiation can be managed by leaving it in airplane mode while you’re not using it. Keep your cell phone out of your pocket when you can and away from your face while using it to speak to people. Do not sleep with your cell phone next to your bed, or leave it in airplane mode at night. LED lightbulbs are also a producer of radiation, so switch to incandescent light bulbs instead.  



Protecting Your Home from Smart Meter Radiation


There are many products available to reduce the amount of radiation produced by your smart meter. You can purchase a cover for your smart meter, or you can make a DIY meter cover relatively inexpensively using nickel-copper ripstop. 

Several companies manufacture covers for your smart meter. These covers are made from weather-resistant stainless steel and have an opening to allow for maintenance on the meter if necessary. These covers are great for reducing EMF radiation produced by the smart meter – they block almost all the radiation from the smart meter. 

Our recommended shield is the Smart Meter Cover RF Radiation Shield, which has been independently tested and reduces RF-EMF radiation from smart meters by 98%. Please, be aware that there a lot of imitations online. Make sure you get the American-made original version.

You can use your EMF meter to check the amount of radiation after installing the cover, and you can also use it inside your home to get an idea of how much radiation is coming through the walls. Alternatively, you can use a special EMF blocking poster, which you can cover with something else such as another poster or a picture frame.

For even further protection, purchase some EMF blocking paint. While the paint can be a bit pricey, there are brands of this paint with effectiveness of over 99%. Using this paint to shield the inside of your home from EMF radiation is as simple as applying one to two coats of the paint on the interior wall shared by the smart meter. Instead of paint, you can also use EMF blocking fabric by hanging it on the interior wall opposite the smart meter.

After reading some of the facts about EMF radiation, you’ve taken the first step in protecting your health. While we can’t control the flow of technology, there are still things we can do to minimize the adverse effects of EMF radiation as much as possible. 

The next step is to research more into the dangers of EMF radiation and consider what types of methods and products you can use to cut back may be right for you.


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How to Find a Fitness Tracker Without Bluetooth

How to Find a Fitness Tracker Without Bluetooth

Health and fitness are becoming among the top priorities in contemporary society, with 75% of Americans engaging in fitness and consciously increasing their activity to be in shape. We all want to stay in healthy and know how we are doing. 

Technology has made this possible with the introduction in recent years of fitness trackers, mainly through smartwatches, but also through dedicated tracker devices. Wearing a fitness tracker has become the norm for anyone serious about their health.

These devices can motivate and help you to get a clear idea of your daily activity or exercise routine. They allow you to monitor sleep patterns, count your steps when walking, or track any other activities or exercise to help you live a less sedentary lifestyle.

Most of these fitness trackers come with an app that collects information from the tracker, which transmits data based on the optimization features that you want to maximize. 



Why are fitness trackers dangerous?

To make sure every movement is recorded, trackers must be worn at all times, either on your wrist or in your pocket. The concern from most people is whether these fitness trackers have some potential health risks, considering we need to wear them 24 hours a day to get a complete assessment. 

That is why some people are cautious when choosing their fitness tracker. They only want to use those that pose no harm to their bodies. 

After all, we’re trying to get healthier, not getting a disease!

The technology behind these trackers is a gyroscope, which detects your movements when you are walking or exercising. This poses no risk for your health, as a gyroscope doesn’t emit any radiation at all.

The problem is their connectivity to the app through Bluetooth, which emits EMF radiation when switched on.

So, in this case, devices without Bluetooth connectivity seem to be the most appropriate option.


EMF radiation and health

EMF radiation has been linked to some adverse health impacts such as depression, fatigue, insomnia, and even cancers, tumors, and male infertility

Some people are more sensitive than others when exposed to this radiation, but extensive research is needed to find the real effects of long-term exposure on our health. 

We all get exposed to EMF radiation through TVs, routers, laptops, and cell phones. Bluetooth technology also emits EMF radiation. Short-term exposure may not have a significant health impact, but long-term exposure can bring serious health risks. So wearing a Bluetooth-enabled fitness tracker can be taken as a gamble on your health. 

Well, you might be wondering if all fitness trackers use Bluetooth, right? The good news is no, you don’t have to avoid using a fitness tracker as not all of them use Bluetooth technology. There are some fitness trackers in the market that have a disabled Bluetooth option to allow you to enjoy its exclusive features without necessarily being exposed to radiation.

Keep reading to find out which are the best of these devices and where you can find them. 

Fitness Trackers Without Bluetooth


The 2 Best Fitness Trackers Without Bluetooth

Here are best options to help you purchase the appropriate fitness tracker for you.


#1. Garmin Vivosmart HR activity tracker

Check it out on Amazon.

This is among the most popular fitness tracker that you can find in the market, and it has an option that allows you to disable the Bluetooth. This tracker allows you to track steps, movement, sleep, calories burned, and heart rate. 

All the information is captured in real-time, and they can be downloadable via your phone. It has a sleek, comfortable band, which makes it wearable all day long. 

You can also control your VIRB and music from your wrist. It also gives reminders through notifications and vibration alerts.

This Garmin brand is a trusted and reputable company that focuses on quality to ensure it works effectively to meet the needs of the user.

You can check the current price, read reviews, or purchase this fitness tracker on Amazon here


#2. Samsung Gear Fit Pro 2

Check it out on Amazon.

This is a unique fitness device that works like an ordinary tracker, but it can also be worn when swimming. It is water-resistant up to a depth of 50m. It is also compatible with iOS and Android smartphones. 

Additionally, it has calorie tracking, step tracking, and continuous heart rate monitoring. An excellent feature on this tracker is that you can completely disable Bluetooth by swiping over the settings window and clicking on a button.

This Samsung fitness tracker is relatively new to many, but it has a lot of great features that you can benefit from.

You can check the current price, read reviews, or purchase this fitness tracker on Amazon here


Pedometers: Mind Your Step

Pedometers are a must when it comes to counting your steps and know how much physical activity are you getting daily. The most important aspect of these 3 pedometers below is that they are entirely Bluetooth-free, so you can wear them without having to worry about any exposure to EMF radiation.


#1. 3DTriSport walking 3D pedometer

Check it out on Amazon.

A budget-friendly pedometer with plenty of features. This device can help you count steps, mileage walked, and calories burnt. The information can be stored up to one month, which can also be retrieved and pasted on a spreadsheet for your records. It has a good display, which makes it very easy to read.

You can check the current price, read reviews, or purchase this pedometer on Amazon here


#2. iGANK walking pedometer

Check it out on Amazon.

This is a simple device for those who love living a minimalist lifestyle. 

It can be clipped easily on a necklace or a belt loop. 

A basic pedometer under a budget. Anytime you want to track your fitness, just press on a start button. It does not need Bluetooth, so there’s no EMF radiation to worry about. 

You can check the current price, read reviews, or purchase this pedometer on Amazon here


#3. Ozo fitness SC2 digital pedometer

Check it out on Amazon.

Are you looking for a more advanced pedometer? Well, this pedometer has plenty of features, and it has no Bluetooth connectivity. 

It can help you to monitor steps, calories burned, mileage walked, and even setting goals. This device can store information for as long as one month. The data can also be retrieved to monitor your daily physical activity effectively.

You can check the current price, read reviews, or purchase this pedometer on Amazon here


What happens if you already have a Bluetooth fitness tracker? 

If you already own a fitness tracker and it uses Bluetooth connectivity, you can still get the best of it. You don’t have to wear a fitness tracker every time you exercise. All you need to do is to wear it once a month and use that period to gather information. Spend that month tweaking your exercise routine. The next month you can compare and see if your numbers have changed.

This way, the tracker can help you understand your level of fitness and customize your activities as needed.



Keeping fit AND healthy should be your ultimate goal to prevent you from contracting lifestyle diseases such as cancer, tumors, cardiovascular diseases, and feel good about yourself. 

Buying a simple pedometer or a fitness tracker that allows Bluetooth to be disabled will protect you from harmful EMF radiation. You can be fit, healthy, and safe at the same time. When talking about your health, you know you can’t compromise.

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