Do Anti-Radiation Stickers Protect Against EMF?

Do Anti-Radiation Stickers Protect Against EMF?

Are you wondering how to protect against EMF emitted from smartphones, iPads, and laptops? Anti-radiation stickers are the cheapest and simplest way. But do they work? The increase in the use of personal technology in the last ten years has been exponential worldwide. We all use cell phones now, which are the biggest threat as they are the closest to the body for the longest time. We have them with us wherever we go, get home, read the news or play a game on an iPad, and work from laptops. Though the emissions are well under the Specific Absorption Rate (SAR) regulation, it can still harm you in the long run. With only a few results and a lot of ongoing research, the number of cell phone EMF casualties might be getting higher and higher every day. 

How do you protect yourself from cell phone EMF radiation?

There are two ways you can protect yourself from EMF radiation when using a cell phone. One is shielding the radiation with physical covers, and the other is using anti-radiation stickers.  Mobile phone cases are very effective in EMF protection, as they use ‘tried and tested’ shielding materials like copper and zinc as part of the case. But as a downside, your sleek phone will get at least three times thicker.  If you feel the bulk is not worth the compromise, anti-radiation stickers might be the way to go. 

Do anti-radiation stickers work?

To get to know if they work, let’s look at the three main areas I always check first: science, patents and awards, and real people reviews.

1. The science behind it: This is the most debatable topic about EMF stickers, as there are different types of stickers that use different methods to block radiation. While some use negative radiation to neutralize the EMF, others modify the radiation through paramagnetic minerals to change the frequency, so it is no longer harmful to the human body. We’ll have a look later on at the different options and analyze the science behind them.

2. Patents and awards: Many products in the market claim to block or protect from cell phone radiation, but only a few hold patents for their technology and its capability to work. While a patent is not proof that something works, sometimes it helps if the technology has been tried and got good results in other devices. Awards are an added advantage. Sometimes innovation awards confirm recognition from regulatory bodies or associations we can trust.

3. Real people’s review: There is no better factual proof than the opinion and experience of people who have used the device. The reviews have to be objective and not paid for by the company. Be aware of Instagram influencers who promote anything for money. Look for people giving out legit opinions on products they have used. Every product doesn’t get all 5-star ratings, but you will get to know the good, the bad, and the ugly. 

All the above three factors are added to my personal testing when I research any product. So, how do you find the best EMF stickers? Well, you don’t have to, because we have done it for you. 

3 Best anti-radiation stickers for mobile phones

#1. The Aulterra Neutralizer

Aulterra is a brand that also makes a few other EMF protection products and claims them to be scientifically proven, patented, published, and peer-reviewed. From necklaces to pillows, Aulterra has been making products since 1997, and the brand is familiar to those aware of EMF. To see a brand so focused on EMF awareness and protection instils trust in me. Further, a considerable amount of research papers have been published based on their EMF protection products, all from well-established universities and independent labs.  Aulterra Neutralizer claims to change the nature of the EMF rather than shielding or blocking it from reaching tissues. Their products retune the EMF frequencies of cell phones and other electronic devices into coherent energy. Once the frequencies are converted, they no longer do harm to your DNA. The secret lies in the paramagnetic minerals found in all of their products. The Neutralizer sticker has 4.5 stars on Amazon. It can be used with cell phones, wireless devices, laptops, computers, and baby monitors. The science behind this product is fascinating. Here is how the Aulterra Neutralizer claims to work: the neutralizer sticker has three micro-thin layers of paramagnetic minerals. The paramagnetic minerals retune the incoherent EMF pulses (including 5G) and completely harmonize them into coherent, natural, and unharmful frequencies. This also explains why the EMF meter can’t detect any change when the Aulterra EMF neutralizer sticker is used. 

Check it out on Amazon here.


#2. Hubbering Quantum Shield Protection

This is probably the second-best EMF protection sticker on the list, with a surface of 1.1×1.1 inches and a thickness of just 0.1 inches. Made of Silver Nano-Anion Silicone, you can easily stick a Quantum Cell to the back of a cell phone’s case without even noticing it’s there. The Quantum is a unique brand in EMF protection, unlike the numerous companies out there trying to resell the same gold-plated sticker in different shapes. They also have their own way of changing the nature of radiation to avoid affecting DNA. The technology it uses is Mirror Resonance Technology (MRT). Quantum has perfectly aligned circuits within the thin sticker that mirror and oscillate the EMF pulses. This reverses damaging effects and amplifies natural energies. 

Check it out on Amazon here.




#3. Quanthor 360 degrees

This is the “crème de la crème” of anti-radiation stickers. An Award-Winning device (Brussels 2006 & Geneva 2004) that neutralizes 90% of harmful frequencies. The Quanthor 360 is based on Telstra Technology and a practice used for thousands of years (similar to “Impon Kalasm” used in Indian temples). Their technology uses a mix of semi-precious stones, rare metals, special oxides, and elements with superior magnetic properties. Among them are jade, galena, zirconium, gold, silver, titanium, magnesium, zinc, and selenium. These special elements emit Negative Ions constantly in the environment. Negative ions are odorless, tasteless, and invisible molecules that increase your sense of well-being and mental clarity. That’s not all the Quanthor 360 claims to possess. It has other benefits too. It generates Schumann Resonance Waves of 7.83Hz, rebalancing your body. Schumann Resonance provides healing energy to the body. The negative ions generated by the sticker are said to help improve blood flow, balance chemicals and relieve stress.  The Quanthor has quite a few recognitions for its technology and products. 

  • “Best EMF protection field” at International Exhibition of Inventika in 2005. 
  • The California Institute of Electronics and Magnetic Science backs the claim of EMF protection.
  • Award-Winning device (Brussels 2006 & Geneva 2004).
  • They also have a US patent to their name for EMF protection and bio-healing technologies. 

As we said before, this is the best sticker you can get to protect you from EMF radiation, and the one I use myself. Check it out on Amazon here.

What’s next

If you are looking for EMF protection, remember that you have to consider other sources of emissions too. From low EMF light bulbs to shielding blankets, even EMF shielding paints, or a WiFi router guard. As you know, there are bigger sources like power lines passing by your house, radiation from the oven, and EMF from other home appliances. However, cell phones are always with us, and we need to protect ourselves from their radiation first. For the best results, you can trust the above options for your EMF protection.

Apple Watch Radiation Protection: How To Protect Yourself From EMF Emissions

Apple Watch Radiation Protection: How To Protect Yourself From EMF Emissions

Smartwatches and wrist bands have been taking the market by storm for a long time now. Almost every technology lover wears one, and an Apple Watch is, for some, the best of all. We’ll leave the subject of how reliable or helpful they are to monitor health, and today we’ll talk about the risks of an Apple Watch radiation and how harmful it can be to your health.

Like every technological product, Apple Watch also emits radiation, although in small amounts. However, proximity to your skin throughout the day and night can make it quite dangerous.

Apple claims the radiation is well under the recommended Specific Absorption Rate (SAR) value but, is it still a health hazard?

Apple Watch vs. Human Health

Apple Watch is a versatile wearable device that resembles a watch. It has connectivity to the internet (via Bluetooth, WiFi, and Cellular) and can sync with your smartphone.

The Apple Watch has a lot of health-related features. You can do daily activity tracking, monitor workouts, and heart rate, track sleep quality, measures the blood oxygen level, and it’s water-resistant. It can even detect if you have taken a hard fall and connect you with emergency services if you are immobile.

The last version has a feature that automatically detects when you are washing your hands and encourages you to go for a full 20 seconds. It can even remind you to wash them when you get home.

Although it is capable of a huge amount of health features, the main purpose many buy an Apple watch is because of its notification sharing, calls, messages, music control, and other nifty little features. While it does all of that pretty well than most of its competitors, it might have some adverse effects on health in the long run. 

EMF radiation is unavoidable, like in any other electronic device. With a variety of communication transmitters and receivers in the device, you can’t escape radiation. This EMF problem is not just with Apple watch. This is a dangerous issue with all smartwatches and fitness trackers that many aren’t aware of.

Apple Watch emits radiofrequency (RF) and magnetic radiation. Magnetic radiation from electronic devices of this size is usually negligible. But due to the very close proximity to the body, it cannot be neglected. RF emission is similar to that of mobile phones, as it can be connected to WiFi or Cellular. 

How does Apple Watch affect humans? 

If you have researched how cell phone radiation affects health and how it increases the chances of developing cancer, smartwatches work similarly. However, it might be much worse due to the continuous and close proximity to your body.

Cell phones and Apple Watch use RF waves to send and receive signals from the cell tower. For Bluetooth, the story is a little different, but it is also radiation, nonetheless.

The biggest downside with a smartwatch, in general, and an Apple Watch, in particular, is the proximity and prolonged exposure to radiation. Although the radiation emitted can be small, the effects can multiply when your body is exposed for longer periods and direct contact with your skin. 

The inverse square law establishes that the closer you get to radiation, the higher the radiation’s intensity, which grows exponentially. Being in direct contact with the device will capture almost all of the emitted radiation into the body tissue. 

It is easy to test it out yourself with the help of an EMF meter

The effects of ELF-EMF radiation on human health have been researched for a long time. There is a clear indication that it can help develop cancer, heart disease, altering brain activity, DNA alteration, and even cell mutation, but not the mutation that gives crazy powers as in X-men, the mutation that increases the chances of cancer.

Apple Watch SAR value: Is it a reliable metric?

The Specific Absorption Rate or SAR value is a metric developed back in the 90s to measure and regulate radiation emission in cell phones.

It measures the rate at which energy is absorbed by a human body when exposed to RF-EMF radiation. The test readings are taken for head and body separately, for a contact period of 30 minutes. While this method was based on cell phone use, it is less appropriate to measure EMF emitted by smartwatches.

So how do we understand the EMF readings of an Apple Watch? The first and most reliable method is to get a reliable EMF meter and measure it at various conditions – toggling Bluetooth, WiFi, and Cellular data, on and off. For an accurate measure, we recommend the TriField EMF Meter Model TF2.

The other way to know the radiation emissions is by comparing the manufacturer’s SAR values with other smartwatches and previous generations of the Apple watch. Before that, don’t forget to read Apple’s SAR disclaimer and guidelines


apple watch radiation


How to reduce radiation from an Apple Watch? 

Finally, how can we protect ourselves from the EMF emission of this tiny electronic device that’s always on our wrists?

#1. Turn on airplane mode whenever you don’t need other functions, apart from just checking on the time. We know, airplane mode will downgrade a smartwatch to a simple digital watch, but you can still use it whenever you need it, and you don’t always need all the fancy features. 

#2. You can also remove it when you need it the least. During work, if you work with a computer, anything on the wrist can be very annoying. As a writer, the first thing I do when I reach my desk is to get rid of everything that can restrict my hands. Removing and placing it nearby or in your pocket won’t make much of a difference. Try keeping it inside a drawer or in an EMF protective case

#3. You can escape up to one-third of the radiation emission from an Apple Watch by just removing it at night while you sleep. Yes, you will lose the sleep tracking feature, but you’ll save yourself from unwanted radiation. 

#4. If you see the above table listing the different SAR values from an Apple Watch, you will understand that the GPS-only connection emits comparably less radiation than the GPS+Cellular connection of the same model. If you opt for the GPS-only connection, the overall risk is lowered.

#5. You can try one of the blocker bands in the market. Our favorite is the EMF Harmonizer Apple Watchband, which has a special element to neutralize negative radiation. It provides powerful EMF protection from your Apple Watch, WiFi, cell phones, and even 5G technology. It is a waterproof silicon rubber wrist band with stainless steel buckle, and it is comfortable enough to sleep in. 

#6. Finally, if these ideas don’t convince you, swap your Apple Watch for a traditional wristwatch. Most of us don’t use all the features the Apple Watch provides, and we don’t need so much information about us and our environment to live a happy life.

Last Thoughts

As we have seen before, gadgets and electronic devices are unavoidable in these times. It is very hard to skip on them and not to be part of innovation and convenience. But it is possible to be aware of its dangers and use them wisely to avoid long-term risks.

Use less, use wise, and use shields to protect yourself from the harmful EMF emissions from the Apple Watch.


Indoor Plants Absorb EMF: 10 Plants You Should Have In Your Home

Indoor Plants Absorb EMF: 10 Plants You Should Have In Your Home

Indoor plants can do much more than decorating in a home; they can also help lower the EMF levels to a reasonable extent. There are not many studies that show how plants absorb EMF radiation, but one in particular undertaken by NASA demonstrated that this might be the case. Growing indoor plants is healthy anyway, so we might want to add ‘EMF control’ to the long list of benefits. 

As a note of caution, you must not consider plants as the primary method of EMF radiation control. You will still need the proper setup of dirty electricity filters, a WiFi router guard, and other EMF shielding methods for complete control of over 95% of EMF radiation at home. 

Plants are a great addition to your strategy and a smart way to get rid of the last 5% that is not eliminated by standard shielding methods. 

Can plants absorb EMF radiation?

The topic of plants and EMF has been controversial for a while. As EMF-aware people, we have many reasons to believe plants are capable of EMF reduction at home. 

The most significant proof comes from a 2005 NASA experiment on indoor plants in a home-based setup. Scientists noticed a considerable fall in the overall EMF and air pollutants present in the place. 

Although the study determined that plants could remove toxins from the air, it also found that EMF levels were reduced from at least five plants commonly planted in-house at home or in offices – and cactus was one of them.

Ever since the study, NASA headquarters have increased the greenery and indoor plants in their NASA offices.

Another factual proof of the plant’s ability to absorb radiation is the use of the sunflower plants after the Chernobyl incident. The planting of sunflowers days after the incident helped lower the radiation. 

So, the answer is yes: plants can absorb EMF. However, plants won’t absorb all the radiation emitted from every device in your home. Radiation travels in straight directions, and bounces or passes through some other materials.

What other benefits do indoor plants offer?

You shouldn’t be getting into indoor gardening just for the sake of EMF radiation control alone. As we mentioned earlier, plants alone cannot protect you and your family from EMF at home. However, plants can contribute to a healthy environment and have a lot of other benefits. 

One important benefit of indoor plants is air purification. Plants not only convert carbon dioxide into oxygen during photosynthesis but also absorb toxic particles and gases in the air. 

Not all plants are capable of air purification, but there are a few that can do a good job. For EMF radiation absorption, succulents have been proven to be very effective.

10 indoor plants to lower EMF radiation at home 

#1. Cacti

Built to last in the poorest climatic conditions is also good at EMF absorption. One of the easiest to maintain. Watering once in 2 or 3 weeks can keep them going.

plants absorb EMF

#2. Sansevieria Zeylanica

Also known as ‘snake plant’ or ‘mother-in-law’s tongue’ is well known for its anti-pollutant nature. It is said to absorb more than 100 toxic substances in the air.

plants absorb EMF

#3. Spider plant

Another succulent in the list. Like other plants in its family, it is easy to grow and has excellent EMF absorption capabilities. One distinct way it differs from other succulents is that it spreads very well.

plants absorb EMF

#4. Betel Leaf

It has been proven to give good results on EMF absorption based on an experiment in India. Betel leaf is a climber, so you need to put it in the right place, to be able to hang and grow. It requires direct sunlight, so it needs to be close to a window to grow healthy.

plants absorb EMF

#5. Sunflower

Sunflower was the first proven plant that was widely adopted for EMF absorption. Growing it indoors requires some gardening skills. You can give it the light it needs by setting up a LED light if you can’t place it under direct sunlight.

plants absorb EMF

#6. Gerbera Daisy

Another flowering plant on the list. It was part of the experiment NASA conducted and has proven to be an effective antipollution plant. It also requires sunlight for indoor growth.

plants absorb EMF

#7. Stone Lotus Flower

You might have heard of this plant when talking about herbal oils. The flower has many medical benefits; it also purifies the air and can control radiation. It is a small plant and looks beautiful anywhere, making it an ideal candidate to place on your working desk to reduce EMF from electronic gadgets.

plants absorb EMF

#8. Aloe Vera

Another succulent, it is has been proven to be effective on EMF reduction, apart from being one of the best plants to treat skin problems and burns. It is very easy to grow and spreads quite well.

plants absorb EMF

#9. Rubber Plant

Rubber Plant or Ficus Decora looks great anywhere in the house and grows very fast. It has been considered an outdoor plant. However, it is also possible to grow it indoors with minimal effort. Its beautiful leaves look perfect, neat, and tidy.

plants absorb EMF

#10. Maidenhair fern

Also known as ‘Adiantum Raddianum,’ this plant is one of my favorites. It is a common choice for home decoration both indoors and outdoors. Indoors would be best if you placed it in a bright, indirect area of the home. It has a light gray-green, feathery-like foliage, and it is a North American native.

plants absorb EMF

Best plant placement for EMF control 

Once you have decided what plants would look better in your home, it’s time to think about where to place them.

As plants absorb EMF radiation when it’s directed to them in a straight line, you will need to place them as close to the source of EMF radiation as possible to block it efficiently.

Identify hotspots of radiation. Usually, your WiFi router, smart meter, microwave oven, and other appliances are the primary sources of EMF radiation. Use an EMF meter to know what devices emit more radiation in the house. Once identified, prepare an EMF map similar to the one below, so you can be clear on where it comes from.

plants absorb EMF

The ideal indoor placement for plants recommended by NASA is one plant per 1,075 sqft. There is no harm in using more of one plant, but you have to place them in the right place to get maximum absorption and make sure the plants receive the light they need.

Place at least two plants to either side of EMF hotspots like your computer desk, mains box, TV, or WiFi router. Remember that EMF passes through walls, so consider placing a plant on the other side of the wall if the source is significant.

The more spread the plant is, the more efficient the EMF absorption will be. So, grow your plants wide or grow them on the wall. A vertical garden is an excellent way to add cacti as they don’t spread much.

If you notice the plants starting to go brown, it means the radiation levels are too high. Then is when you need to introduce physical EMF shields.

Last thought

So, here you have: another solution to minimize EMF radiation. 

Now you have an even better reason to add indoor plants to your home. Every plant has medical and environmental value. Studies show that interacting with indoor plants may be able also to reduce stress and anxiety. Experiencing nature, in general, can lower blood pressure and improve your mental health.

Indoor plants are one way to improve air quality and EMF radiation at work and home. Choose plants that will thrive indoors, and ensure they get enough sun and water… and enjoy!

How To Protect Yourself From Microwave Oven Radiation

How To Protect Yourself From Microwave Oven Radiation

It is hard to find a home in 2020 without a microwave oven. It is equally hard to escape from the microwave oven radiation. 

Shocked already? Don’t worry. You can still escape the harmful radiation from the microwave oven if you follow the tips we offer. 

You need to address two things when it comes to EMF control of microwave ovens. First is the dirty electricity that it may produce like any other heavy electric appliance at home. Second is the radiation that it operates on, which is the subject of this article. 

I know, you can’t imagine a kitchen without a microwave oven. It’s like the nose to a face. So how do we get about that? More on that soon. First, let’s see how ovens operate. 

How Do Microwave Ovens Work?

Ovens, as we know, can be classified into two. First is the traditional oven that uses conduction to heat the food. 

Second is the more effective and quicker heating model that uses microwaves to generate heat within the food itself. 

Microwaves are at a wavelength close to 12m and frequency 2.45Ghz. A magnetron is a device that produces these waves inside of the oven using electricity. These generated waves entered the closed oven and hit the food. All the walls except the door reflect the scattering waves. 

The turning table makes sure every side of the food is evenly exposed. Unlike with the walls, the waves tend to pass through the food. This process makes the molecules inside it vibrate in an increased frequency, which in turn releases heat and cooks the food.

This is the reason why the food gets cooked faster than pan cooking or any other cooking method. Heating with microwaves is arguably the best scientific invention for cooking, after the discovery of fire. But it has its downsides too.

Like fire, microwaves can also cause burns in the skin, but the range where this can occur is even higher. Microwaves can affect your body even if you are 10 meters away from the source, which is why the walls of a microwave oven are made up of reflectors and absorbent materials, also known as a Faraday’s shield.

But are they that effective? Can it completely protect you from the microwaves inside?

Why Should You Be Worried About Microwave Ovens?

Theoretically speaking, the inner reflective material and the outer shielding should completely keep the radiation from coming out. But it is not the same with every microwave oven. Some might have improper shielding leading to leaks.

Then comes the question of how good is the shielding? 

The US government regulation states that microwave ovens should not emit more than 5mW of radiation per square feet while measured two inches away from the oven. While that clearly eliminates the possibility of instant harming like burns on skins, that is not the whole story. 

Microwave ovens emit frequencies, RF-EMF and ELF-EMF, that you need to be worried about. The maximum EMF value we have been recommending over the years is 0.5mW. The 5mW rating from government regulation means you can get readings of less than 0.5mW, if measured from a distance of 5m, due to the exponential loss of intensity with distance. But that doesn’t mean it is okay. 

In most cases, we tend to keep the microwave on and continue with our kitchen chores. This means you are likely exposed to ELF-EMF that might lead to long term problems like male infertility, eye-defect, and even cancer. 

While some studies claim microwave ovens to be possibly carcinogenic, some defend them saying there are not enough test results to prove this is the case. This is always the case with innovations in our society. We just overlook the danger until it is too late.

Going by the saying – ‘prevention is better than cure,’ it is better not to be exposed to it in the first place. 

How To Know Your Oven’s Radiation Emission? 

First things first, start measuring the radiation emitted by the microwave with an EMF meter. Make a set of two measurements (one with the oven off and the other while on). Make sure to read it at the 2 inch, 5 feet, and 10 feet marks in all directions.

If you don’t get values less than 0.5mW, even at 10 feet, keep doing it every 5 feet. The higher the value, the higher the risks. 

Measuring with the right EMF meter is very important, which is why we prefer professional EMF meters like the Trifield TF2. Check out our article on EMF meters to see all your options. 

How To Protect Yourself From Microwave Oven Radiation? 

Before getting started with EMF protection tips, let me get this straight. Looking for an alternative cooking option will change a lot of things for you, from the kitchen arrangement to your cooking methods and the time you spend in the kitchen. So we need to look at practical solutions.

It will be more efficient to shield the radiation than trying to get into a new style of cooking. I say so because you can definitely shield the EMF from microwave ovens to a good extent. 

So, here is how you protect yourself from it.

1. Shielding the microwave oven

You can use certain absorbing materials to create a shield over the already existing outer shell.

EMF Paints: Painting the enclosure that holds the microwave oven does the job. To find out how EMF paint works, read our article on EMF Shielding Paint. We like  Yshield or Woremor EMF Paint, but there are many more brands in the article we reviewed. Pick your favorite.

EMF protection fabric: EMF paints are restricted to only five sides of the oven; the door cannot be covered. With Faraday fabrics, you can cover it all. Add layers of EMF protection fabric made of copper, zinc, nickel, or any other absorbent material, and tape with copper foil tape. You can even make a slidable screen out of the EMF fabric for the front door. Amradield Copper Fabric is one of the best.

We also like Armshield Faraday Fabric and TitanRF Faraday Fabric, a military-grade EMF material used by the army for communications. 

2. Placing the microwave oven in the right place

The first thing you think about is where to place your microwave oven. It needs to be easy to access and have enough space for you to be able to shield it. 

Next, think about the proximity and frequency of people getting close to it daily. Remember that microwaves can penetrate through the wall and reach people on the other side.

Place it further away from frequently used rooms in your home. For example, the corner of the kitchen that has a garden on the other side of the wall. 

3. Try to eat less food that requires a microwave oven

Most often, the food we microwave is processed or canned food that has a lot of preservatives. Generally, this food is not a healthy choice. Reducing the consumption of such food will be good for yourself in more than one way. 

4. Stay away from the microwave oven

If nothing seems to work, simply stay away from the microwave oven while it is operating. 

Remember to install a power purifier to reduce dirty electricity that most appliances generate. A microwave oven is not different.


EMF is a rising problem in the eyes of many concerned people. It has been a problem ever since electricity was adopted for domestic usage. Only now we might be able to find a reason behind the thousands of cancers and infertility issues. 

Do not keep this information to yourself. Spread awareness about EMF, its various sources, and how to keep yourself safe from it. 

Best Low EMF Hair Dryers In Every Price Range

Best Low EMF Hair Dryers In Every Price Range

Did you know that your hair dryer emits EMF? Learn here how to find the best low EMF hair dryer and make sure you and your hair are happy and safe.

Hair dryers are an essential electronic device that some people frequently use, especially women. The daily dose of EMF that a hair dryer can emit is quite noticeable. So it is a step in the right direction to purchase the best low EMF hair dryers to avoid EMF related problems in the long run.

EMF can cause anything, from headaches to cancer, depending on the intensity and period of radiation exposure. Switching to low EMF products will help to decrease the risk of EMF health hazards overall. Starting with those products that you use daily can save your life. 

What should you look for when choosing a hair dryer?

If you are here reading this, you probably already know the effects of EMF on the human body

Be it high frequency or ELF-EMF; it is harmful to our health. That means that checking the EMF levels emitted by the hair dryer when in use, is the first thing you must be looking for when buying one.

However, there are other features you must check too:

Power of the blower: every hair dryer instructions will tell you the wattage of the device. The most common are 1,875W and 2,000W. The higher the wattage, the more powerful air you get out of it.

Cold blow: Cold blow option is used to set your hairstyle for the day. It is a handy feature to have, but some professional hair dryers lack this feature.

Fan speed control: You might be looking at a minimum of two speeds on any basic hair dryer.

Temperature control: Temperature control is also available in levels. Three levels are the standard, whereas six levels can be found in professional hair dryers. Very advanced hair dryers even allow for precise temperature control.

Noise produced: Hair dryers are notorious for the loud noise they make. However, there are silent options that make the whole experience completely different.

Nozzles: You don’t want your hairstyle to be always the same way. Sometimes you want to spread and diffuse the air. Sometimes you want to be more precise and get a polished look. The standard set of nozzles in the market includes a diffuser, a concentrator, and a comb. 

Charging cord length: That’s something you need to make sure it’s the ideal size if you do not have a power outlet nearby. The standard length is 6 – 7 feet. 

What makes a low EMF hair dryer?

Conventional hair dryers deliver hot air with fans running behind heated coils. That is basically the principle of the hair dryer.

However, the new low EMF hair dryers use a different material to produce heat: ceramic, which is power-efficient, and quick to heat. So the use of ceramic helps to reduced EMF emission. Look for keywords like ‘ceramic’ or ‘ionic’ to make sure your device is emitting low EMF. 

Another benefit is that the ceramic heating element emits a negative ion with the heat that helps reduce the frizz and gives your hair a smooth look. It also prevents damage to the hair, which results in good conditioning and shine. 

Overall, the change to ceramic is the primary factor in reducing EMF levels, but it has also bumped up the price of hair dryers. 

When looking for a low EMF hair dryer, be mindful of claims made by companies about EMF emissions. Check them for yourself and do not trust them blindly. If you are in doubt, a simple EMF meter will help you check before you buy it. 

Top 6 Best Low EMF Hair Dryer

If you want to invest in a good hair dryer that will last for a long time, be kind to your hair and good for your health, here are the top 5 best low EMF hair dryers:

#6. Manli Professional Salon Hair Dryer

If you are hesitant to spend the extra money, but still want to pick up a low EMF hair dryer, you can find some like the MANLI Professional Salon 1800W Negative Ionic Hair Blow Dryer. It is 2.5x more powerful than the conventional dryer, and much safer. It can reduce electromagnetic field radiation by more than 50% than a similar 1400-1600W hair dryer.

#5. Conair InfinitiPro

One of the cheapest low EMF hair dryer you can get is Conair Infiniti Pro. While most hair dryers tick all the necessary features, this one also has a specific switch to control ion flow. It dries hair up to 50% faster and comes with a diffuser and concentrator attachments. 

Check price on Amazon.

#4. CHI Ceramic Hair Dryer

A feature-loaded hair dryer from a renowned and trusted brand. It has a sturdy build and lightweight. The Tourmaline ceramic element not only will help your hair to get smooth, but it will also create negative ions for even heat distribution. Far Infrared technology reduces static and frizz. It has multiple speed and temperature settings.

Check price on Amazon.

#3. BaBylissPRO Portofino 6600

BaBylissPRO is a professional manufacturer. The Portofino 6600 is very powerful, with a 2000-watt motor and six levels of speed and heat adjustments. It has been designed for ease of use, and it is lightweight and ergonomic. The Nano-Titanium heating element promises faster heat times and lesser power consumption. 

Check price on Amazon.

#2. FHI Nano Salon Pro 2000

Professional-grade hair blower with low EMF for all-day usage. Combines Far Infrared with ionic emission for quick dry time. Although it has basic features, it has been made to last for years, even under continued usage. It is powerful and efficient.

Check price on Amazon.

#1. Dyson SuperSonic Hair Dryer

The peak of innovation and technology is Dyson’s hairdryer. The Dyson Supersonic is not only a low EMF hair dryer but gives you the best in every front. Ultra-fast drying, acoustically tuned, and cool to touch. It has a constant temperature checker that lets you set precise temperatures. Air temperature is measured 20 times every second, keeping the temperature under control. Magnetic nozzle attachments for ease of use, and lightweight. As stunning is the product, this is our number one choice. 

Check price on Amazon.

Good Options

So which one is your favorite? If you are under a budget, I would suggest spending around $100 to get all the features you need. 

If you are looking for professional use, something that can help you achieve your style, you must look around the $200 range. However, if what you want is the best, invest in a Dyson. It is the future of hair dryers.

Hope you like our suggestions. Happy styling!

Living Near Power Lines? Learn How To Protect Yourself

Living Near Power Lines? Learn How To Protect Yourself

Worried about walking up to the daisy chain of power lines outside your window? Power lines are unavoidable in a residential area. Having heavy power lines passing at a viewable distance might cost you your health.

Most people can suffer a particular ‘heavy’ headache when they are close to a generator or a transformer. Those of us who are profoundly affected by EMF know that feeling too well. And the pain can be felt all around our bodies.

Living near power lines are said to cause mild, but long term effects on people. In fact, it goes unnoticed in most situations. Worrying parents are now concerned about EMF generated from power lines and their impact on their children’s health.

We all know that power lines near homes are unavoidable, but being aware of the EMF radiation the reaches the house and keeping it under control is always possible. Most solutions don’t cost a fortune. All you need is awareness and a little bit of your time. 

EMF radiation from power lines

Power lines like every other electronic appliance and conductor emit EMF radiation. Since they carry significantly more electricity than electrical cables in our home, they are a concern to all of us, especially if you live below one of them. 

Power lines, depending on the voltage they carry, emit EMF at various levels. Some countries have government regulations recommending a ‘safe’ distance between powerlines and residences. However, although distance indeed helps avoid most radiation, the possibility of EMF affecting your family is still far from zero. Living near a power line that carries high voltage can have a significant effect in a radius of up to 300 meters. 

If you think you are safe because your neighborhood has the powerlines below the ground, think twice. Although sand absorbs most of the electric field generated by the power lines, it also tends to amplify the magnetic field. For those who are not aware, it is the magnetic field that causes the most negative impacts on health. 

As you can imagine, it is highly challenging for the government or the electricity company to keep track of the radiation coming out of power lines in every area. 

This requires us to find solutions for the EMF emissions affecting our homes and our health. 

What is ELF-EMF?

ELF-EMF or Extremely Low-Frequency Electro-Magnetic Field is most common on overhead power lines. 

Like any other EMF causing objects, they have similar characteristics, but low frequencies mean they are less harmful than the rest. ‘Less harmful‘ doesn’t mean they are not dangerous, especially if exposure is constant. 

More and more research is conducted every day on the effects of continuous exposure to ELF-EMF on humans, and the impact of power lines on human health is at the center of it. 

Health hazards of living near power lines

One of the most surprising facts about power lines and their use in residential areas in the US is that we don’t have any regulation regarding the amount of EMF emitted by power lines. This directly translates to a more than likely risk of high ELF-EMF exposure in our homes that most of us are unaware of.

EMF radiating from power lines can have an unpleasant feeling for us at home. Some people may develop irritation of the skin, intense headaches, or acute pain in arms and legs. 

Some of the takeaways from a WHO’s article titled EMF on Public Health:

  • There is a possibility of EMF emissions to cause childhood leukemia when exposed long term.
  • There is a possibility of carcinogenicity (cancer-causing) in adults and children.
  • Other possible effects caused by EMF include depression, suicidal motivation, reproductive dysfunction, developmental disorders, pregnancy miscarriage, immunological modification, and neurodegenerative and neurobehavioral effects. 
  • Funny enough, continuous nervous breakdowns are considered a short-term effect. 

Should you be worried about power lines passing by your house?

By now, you must be aware of what a simple power line crossing your house is capable of. No doubt, you need to worried about living near a power line. 

There is no other way of getting a continuous power supply to our houses without power lines, be it underground or overhead. Of course, we might be using solar power, but for it to be the solely sustainable supply for your home is not feasible as of now. Plus, solar panels can also radiate EMF

So, the only way to stay safe from ELF-EMF is by blocking the radiation that reaches us. 

There are various means of blocking EMF emitted by electronic devices, like cell phone cases, smart meter covers, router guards, or dirty electricity filters.

However, the first thing to do to protect your home from external EMF is to find out the amount of EMF radiation that hits your home and comes from outside. 

Here is how. 

Step one: get a reliable EMF meter. 

Remember, not all EMF meters are suitable to measure extremely low frequencies (ELF), so make sure the meter goes as low on the spectrum as possible, to capture ELF and RF radiations.

Our recommendation is Trifield TF2  for three main reasons. The first one is its capability to read the lower end of the spectrum. Second, it is very accurate with the readings, and third, it offers the best value for money.

Readings with the meter need to be taken in every room of your house before any change or protection is applied. In most cases, some rooms might have a higher EMF reading than others. The permissible maximum is 0.5mG. If you happen to get a higher value from the power line, you definitely need some protection. If your main supply is causing a significant EMF radiation, that too can be dealt with.  

How to safeguard yourself from ELF-EMF from power lines?

Finally, we’ll talk about how you can take action against power lines ELF-EMF radiation if you live near the power lines.

EMF protection paints are the best option if you want to reduce radiation from entering your house through the walls from the power lines. 

Our first recommendation would be Yshield EMF Paint.

It is up to 99.995% effective at preventing EMF radiation. It is also waterproof, low-odor, and does not contain harsh chemicals. The paint is easy to apply, and it can be rolled or sprayed.

Our second option would be Woremor EMF paint, which works very similarly to the Yshield paint, same effectiveness, and comes in black color, so you know you don’t miss a spot.

Note: don’t forget to ground them. Both brands make their own grounding plates. 

To cover windows, you can look for curtains and fabrics that can double as an EMF protector. You can find plenty of fabric and sheet options that you can use on the windows or walls facing the powerline to stop most of the radiation at once. My favorite fabrics are 

To make sure that you are 100% covered, also pay attention to your house electrical network. Avoid dirty electricity around your home with a filter like the Greenwave Dirty Electricity filter that can solve the problem. Simply plug it in every room, and you are done. 

Signing off

Keep measuring the EMF values every step throughout the process. Stop only when you get values below the permissible limit. As we always recommend, you are not limited to use only one of these solutions. You can mix and match any of the above EMF controlling options to achieve low EMF at your house. 

There are other precautions you can take to keep you and your family safe from power lines harmful radiation. For example, moving bedrooms away from where the power lines are, or placing the bed on the opposite wall of the room.

Now that people are becoming more aware of unseen health hazards like EMF from living near a power line, governments will soon impose regulations and introduce preventive measures to shield radiations. Until then, the responsibility is left to ourselves. 

EMF Bracelets: Do They Really Work?

EMF Bracelets: Do They Really Work?

A lot of people have questions regarding EMF bracelets and have asked us if they really work. Unlike most EMF protection products available in the market, good bracelets are not that easy to find. It is also hard to find a person who knows a lot about them and who can give us straight answers. We wrote this article, hoping that we’ll be able to answer all of your questions regarding EMF bracelets so you can make an informed decision if you want to wear one.

What are EMF bracelets?

Before going into their functionality, it’s important to look at what they are. Unlike regular bracelets that are used based on fashion and, some of them, self-confidence and anxiety help, EMF bracelets are made to block EMF radiation, so they are made for your protection. 

EMF bracelets have been endorsed to have the capability to block electric and magnetic radiation. Although this has not been tested yet, people that wear them have mentioned a considerable reduction in EMF symptoms. In some cases, they have been seen to help with EMF-induced sleeping disorders, depression, and other related symptoms.


Most EMF bracelets are made out of tourmaline. But you can find other made out of titanium, silicon, germanium, and zeolite.

These components have been studied for a long time and have been used for their electromagnetic reflecting properties.

Just because they protect you, it doesn’t mean they can’t be fashionable too. They can look like standard accessories, and come in different styles, colors, and sizes. 

Now that you know what they are, its time to answer some of the essential questions about them.


Do EMF Bracelets Really Work?

This surely is one tricky question. Manufacturers claim that most EMF bracelets are made out of materials that have the capability to offset EMF radiation that our body receives. However, it is challenging for those manufacturers to provide accurate numbers as to how much EMF radiation these bracelets actually block. 

However, it’s incorrect to say that EMF bracelets don’t work. There are many cases of people who have benefited from them. A simple product review search regarding these bracelets shows many examples where some people swear by them. Their experiences seem like a good case to at least try them.

If you want to test EMF bracelets yourself, a good method is to use an EMF meter. You can use it to test EMF blanketsEMF router guards, and any other product that protects from EMF. 

The best EMF meter is Trifield TF2 EMF meter. With this meter, we have tried to test the effectiveness of various EMF protection products. 

Now, here comes the problem: when EMF bracelets are tested, TriField TF2 failed to give accurate readings. We tested three of them but got varying results. Still, this doesn’t mean that EMF bracelets don’t work. It’s just that testing them using EMF meters is difficult, and may not even be possible.

Still, it’s important to note that there must be a reason why EMF bracelets are getting more popular nowadays. Those that are satisfied with them can’t stop recommending them enough. 

However, it is important for you to know some of the best and better reviewed EMF bracelets on the market right now.


What Are the Most Popular EMF Bracelets?

Some EMF bracelets have earned the trust of many consumers over the years. Today we will show you some of the best EMF bracelets form companies that you can trust.


#1. Quanthor EMF Protection Bracelet

EMF Bracelets  Quanthor is a company that can be trusted. The Quanthor EMF Protection Bracelet packs a lot of useful features. It is made of materials that can offset EMF radiation. Its far-infrared technology is really useful if you are always hanging out on places where infrared is present. 

It also can reuse energy around you to give you warmth, which improves blood circulation. To know if are experiencing the benefits of the far-infrared feature, just find the ceramic inert red diode attached to the bracelet.

This EMF bracelet also comes with a black diode attached to it made out of germanium. The germanium will help you boost your immune system and prevent headaches or migraines.

If you are feeling sporty, then the Unipolar Neodymium Magnets that these bracelets have will be really useful for you. Manufacturers claim that these magnets can improve mental focus, as well as physical strength. It achieves this by separating blood cells, allowing for more surface area and greater oxygen absorption. Consider wearing this bracelet if you are about to engage in a sports tournament and want EMF protection.

The best feature that this EMF bracelet offers is its ability to generate negative ions. Negative ions have been studied to provide various health benefits and can combat the possible effects of EMF radiation. It works by neutralizing positive ions present all around you. Some of the health benefits associated with negative ions are:

  • diminishing airborne infections,
  • enhancing the capacity of the cilia in our respiratory tract, which can help prevent illnesses, and
  • can treat depression.


#2. Spirit T Negative Ion Anti EMF Bracelet

EMF BraceletsThe Spit T Negative Ion Anti-EMF Bracelet claims to block EMF by using far-infrared heat and negative ions. 

What we really like about this bracelet is its slim and sleek design. Aside from this, you’ll find it to be very comfortable. 

This bracelet is made from tourmaline and germanium, which are both good at generating negative ions. Manufacturers claim that the negative ions that this product generates are capable of improving concentration, reduce migraines, reduces stress, and improves sleep.




#3. COOLSTEELANDBEYOND Ladies Magnetic Bracelet

EMF BraceletsAnother attractive alternative is the COOLSTEELANDBEYOND’s Ladies Magnetic Bracelet. It also uses negative ions to help relieve join and hand pain, boost mood, and improve sleep. This bracelet is adjustable and it comes with a link removal tool to customize the size of your band.

This is an excellent option if you don’t want bulky jewelry and prefer it to look just like a regular bracelet. This bracelet is made from stainless steel and embedded with magnets and germanium. It’s also available in different colors: silver, gold, or silver-gold colors.

Reviews have been very positive, and some users liked the look and its ability to reduce hand pain.

What Should Be Your Final Thoughts on EMF Bracelets?

It is important to notice that these bracelets do not really provide direct protection against EMF. Unlike EMF blankets that block EMF radiation directly at various frequencies, EMF bracelets can block EMF radiation using negative ions and far-infrared heat. Negative ions and far-infrared heat may be useful to alleviate symptoms of EMF. 

EMF Bracelets

Best Anti Radiation Herbs and Supplements for EMF Protection

Best Anti Radiation Herbs and Supplements for EMF Protection

If you’re a visitor to this site, you are most likely interested in decreasing your direct exposure to EMF radiation. And there is plenty that you can do – ditch Bluetooth, switch to wired web, use incandescent light bulbs, install dirty electrical filters, the list goes on. If you’ve currently done all you can to your home and are still searching for methods to fight EMF-related disease, it may be time to look inside your body. Are there any dietary changes you can make to lower the effect of EMF radiation on your body? There are! Anti radiation herbs and supplements have been studied and these are our 10 best.

Top anti radiation herbs and supplements

Herbs and supplements are one way to decrease your risk of experiencing EMF radiation-related health problems. If you’ve already made the advised way of life modifications and are searching for more you can do, consider including a protective supplement to your diet plan or adding in foods with particular nutrients.

And for those who are simply beginning to take action against EMF radiation in their lives, supplements are a fantastic location to start. You can’t constantly manage your direct exposure to EMF radiation, however, you can organize your health with these supplements and anti radiation herbs.

10. Ginseng

Ginseng comes from the root of plants in the Panax family. Used in holistic and alternative medicine for many years, ginseng has actually been studied and found to have numerous health advantages, including anti-cancer and neuroprotective homes. It has actually likewise been revealed to be possibly radioprotective. This implies that the routine ingestion of ginseng might assist avoid damage from DNA exposure.

This is especially valuable for those going through chemotherapy, and it is typically prescribed for cancer patients. While ginseng has not been studied in relation to EMF radiation, its radioprotective capabilities are difficult to overlook. It is possible that taking ginseng supplements might help reduce the harmful impacts of EMF radiation on the body. You can take it in a supplement form, or you can also take the root of ginseng, make a tea out of it, or steam the root and eat it whole.

We recommend NutraChamps Korean Red Panax Ginseng 1000mg.

9. Ginkgo Biloba

Ginkgo Biloba, a tree that is in some cases referred to as the Maidenhair tree, is belonging to China. It was typically used in ancient Chinese medication to help unblock energy to vital organs and stimulate blood circulation throughout the body. In modern times, Ginkgo is used to relieve headaches, assist with breathing concerns, fight anxiety and stress and anxiety, and even protect the brain from the aging procedure.

Ginkgo biloba likewise has antioxidant homes. It turns out, Ginkgo is one of the best anti radiation herbs. It may protect against EMF radiation – particularly from cell phones, something we tend to have actually in our pockets 24/7. In one study, rats were exposed to RF-EMF for a number of hours every day. Some rats were treated with Ginkgo Biloba, and others were not. The rats that were treated with Ginkgo had visibly less damage done to their brain tissue than the rats that were exposed without treatment. Ginkgo Biloba can be found as a tea or as a supplement. The leaves of the tree itself is not actually edible, and its seeds are toxic. If you’re adding Gingko to your diet plan, a tablet may be your best option.

We recommend Nature’s Bounty Ginkgo Biloba – Standardized Extract 120 mg.

8. Turkey Tail

Mushrooms are infamously healthy, and the turkey tail mushroom is no exception. This superfood is understood for its immune-boosting abilities, something that, in theory, could protect against the results of EMF radiation. The increased body immune system reaction might help reduce the threat of cancer, which is a potential side effect of EMF radiation direct exposure.

While research study hasn’t been done on the anti radiation impacts of turkey tail supplements particularly, it has been studied for other diseases and for its cancer-fighting properties. The polysaccharides in this herb might prevent colon cancer development, and diminish growths.

Turkey tail might also increase the effectiveness of chemotherapy when taken along with treatment. If you don’t like mushrooms, do not stress, you can still enjoy the health benefits of turkey tail. In fact, this mushroom is normally ingested in supplement or tincture form or sometimes made into a tea.

We recommend Host Defense Turkey Tail.

7. Spirulina

Another superfood, spirulina is a kind of blue-green algae that is safe– and healthy– to take in. Spirulina is full of nutrients, with just one tablespoon of this powdered supplement consisting of 11% of the needed daily consumption of iron and four grams of protein. The nutrition details alone are validation enough to include spirulina to your diet. In addition to its dietary benefit, spirulina can lower your LDL (bad) cholesterol levels, and at the same time, raise the HDL (good) levels, lower your blood pressure, ease the signs of allergies, and, obviously, it helps battle against cancer.

Spirulina likewise has anti-oxidative and anti-inflammatory properties that might help minimize the damage in the body by EMF radiation. This herb hasn’t been studied thoroughly for EMF radiation specifically, but, if you’re also looking for any of the other health benefits, it could be worth trying. Mix powdered spirulina into a glass of water or other drink and drink it. You can likewise blend it in with yogurt or a smoothie, which may help mask the taste a bit.

We recommend Spirulina Powder Organic – RAW Nutrient Dense.

6. Selenium

Selenium is a mineral that assists the body to do a number of things. It assists in thyroid function, secures the brain and heart, and guards against a variety of cancers. Our bodies actually require selenium to function properly, just as we do magnesium, iron, and other minerals. You can take selenium as a supplement, but it’s better to get this mineral from your diet plan. Some high-selenium foods to seek out consist of oysters, Brazil nuts, eggs, Shiitake mushrooms, and chicken breasts. The technique of preparation matters, as well. Microwaves, for example, zap food of essential nutrients.

The body processes selenium most successfully in food form (versus supplement,) so only go the supplement path if definitely required. Selenium is an effective ally against EMF radiation because of its cancer-fighting abilities, like much of the other supplements on this list. Research has likewise revealed that it is protective against the 2.4 GHz frequency in particular, with selenium helping to prevent oxidative tension to cells.

We recommend Pure Encapsulations – Selenium (Selenomethionine).

5. Melatonin

Melatonin can be a response to your prayers if you’re looking for a good night’s rest. While it is naturally created by the body, direct exposure to EMF radiation and blue light colors from your mobile phone or television can hinder melatonin production. This can be especially troublesome at night since melatonin assists manage our natural sleep cycles. You might start to suffer from insomnia and trouble remaining asleep if your body isn’t producing enough.

Studies have shown that this absence of melatonin may also have long-term health consequences. It’s possible that one factor EMF radiation can trigger cancer is because of its impact on melatonin production. Melatonin supplements can be taken in tablet or powder form. Start with a small dosage and work the quantity up if you decide to try melatonin. Keep in mind that you’ll need to take your melatonin before bed, as it will likely make you sleepy. Dreams can be a little bit more vibrant with melatonin, as well.

We recommend Carlyle Melatonin Fast Dissolve.

4. Glutathione

For those who have not become aware of it in the past, glutathione is a water-soluble anti-oxidant that is offered in supplement and cast form. Glutathione happens naturally in the cells of plants and animals. It helps to be protected against damage to cells from heavy metals and free radicals. This indicates glutathione might help protect against the destructive effects of EMF radiation.

Other health advantages of glutathione consist of reducing insulin resistance, assisting control symptoms of psoriasis, safeguarding against fatty liver disease, and managing the immune system in those with autoimmune diseases. You can also get your glutathione from whey protein– particularly if you’re a frequent exerciser.

Or, if you would choose a more natural kind, broccoli, Brussels sprouts, avocadoes, and melons are all high in glutathione. You will get the many bang for your buck by consuming the fruits or veggies raw. Glutathione is another compound that your body requires for ideal performance. Signs of deficiency in Glutathione include anemia, infection, and cognitive negative effects.

We recommend NOW Supplements, Glutathione With Milk Thistle Extract & Alpha Lipoic Acid.

3. Turmeric

Curcumin, a compound found in turmeric, makes Turmeric a powerful anti radiation herb. It can be taken in supplement form, and it has actually been studied and revealed to decrease the inflammatory action brought on by direct exposure to EMF radiation. These results indicate that routine usage of turmeric might help in reducing the impact of EMF radiation on the body.

You can take in turmeric naturally through food– it is typically discovered in Indian dishes such as curry – although you can easily add turmeric powder to anything. You require between 500 and 1,000 mg of curcumin daily, which equates to roughly between 2 and a half and five teaspoons of ground turmeric. You can try taking a supplement if you have difficulty getting this much in your diet plan.

Other health benefits of turmeric include decreasing blood pressure, boosting heart health, combating swelling, protecting against dementia and Alzheimer’s disease, and eve against cancer. Too much may trigger indigestion in specific people, but for the most part, there is notably little risk involved in adding some turmeric to your diet.

We recommend Turmeric Curcumin with BioPerine.

2. Vitamin C

You have probably heard that Vitamin C can help against acute rhinitis. Did you understand, nevertheless, that it may also secure you from EMF radiation from your WiFi router? One research study found that in male rats exposed to 2.45 GHz frequencies, Vitamin C assisted protect against EMF-related modifications to liver enzymes and metabolic process. It might be time to reach for an orange if you’re concerned about WiFi radiation.

If you’re not a fan of citrus fruits, Vitamin C is also found in lots of other fruits and veggies, including broccoli, bell potatoes, strawberries, and peppers. It tends to be present in the majority of multivitamins, as well, and it’s available as a standalone supplement. In addition to EMF security, you must consider taking Vitamin C because of its immune-boosting abilities. It’s likewise important for regular body function, as it helps you procedure other nutrients.

We recommend Viva Naturals Non-GMO Vitamin C Supplements.

1. Reishi Mushroom

Reishi mushroom is the king of anti radiation herbs. No list of superfoods is complete without it. Known for its wide range of health benefits, Reishi can guard against cognitive decrease, prevent cancer, shrink the size of existing tumors, increase your body immune system, and battle anxiety.

There’s nearly nothing this mushroom can’t do. It comes as no surprise that Reishi might also safeguard you from the damaging impacts of EMF radiation. Studies have shown that Reishi mushroom repairs cells that have actually been exposed to radiation. In fact, it’s been approved for numerous decades in Japan as an adjunct to standard radiation treatment. Research studies suggest that it allows the radiation to reach cancer cells, however NOT typical cells.

The implications of this are substantial for anyone worried about EMF security. While you can technically eat the mushroom, it’s not exactly known for its pleasant taste, and you may experience some indigestion. Instead, think about taking a premium Reishi supplement or brewing a tea.

We recommend Terrasoul Superfoods Organic Reishi Mushroom Powder or, if you prefer capsules, Fresh Nutrition Organic Reishi Mushroom Capsules.


While the anti radiation herbs and supplements on this list might help protect you from EMF radiation, they might likewise disrupt medications or health conditions. Reishi, turkey tail, ginseng, and the other products on our list are usually considered safe, but everyone’s health differs. Do your research study and seek professional recommendations when deciding to embark on any organic regime.

Last Words

When we talk about EMF radiation, anything you can do to decrease the influence on your health is big. With the introduction of 5G towers, extensive WiFi and WiMAX signals, and the dominance of cell phones in our every day lives, it can frequently feel as if our direct exposure– and our health– is entirely beyond our control.

Ideally, this list has actually shown you that this is not the case– there are plenty of solutions you can apply to secure your health. When you can’t manage your outside exposure to EMF radiation, it’s time to take the battle inwards.

Easy dietary modifications and anti radiation herbs and supplements like the ones noted above might lower your threat of suffering from EMF-related illnesses such as cancer. Although more research is needed to determine conclusively which nutrients are radioprotective, the products on this list are all an appealing place to begin.

best anti radiation herbs
Dirty Electricity Filter: Do You Really Need One?

Dirty Electricity Filter: Do You Really Need One?

A dirty electricity filter has become a standard item in every home, even if you are either using LED light bulbs or solar power. Energy-efficient devices and appliances are increasingly in use, but a significant problem resides when you try your best to limit your exposure to EMF radiation.

Dirty electricity refers to the surges of energy that travel along power lines, which are higher than the 60 Hz AC standard current. The accumulation of this electricity can spread from one building to another, emitting EMF radiation that poses a potential danger to human health. 


Why is Dirty Electricity Dangerous

Most homes and offices have environments full of highly toxic electricity, due to radio frequencies released from the electricity grid. This phenomenon has gone unnoticed by the medical community. 

However, specialists in the field have proven that when there is no dirty electricity in the wiring, it reduces fatigue, stress, attention deficit, hypertension, arrhythmia, diabetes, and many other physical health problems and mental. 

The internationally recognized EMF researcher Dr. Magda Havas has also linked multiple sclerosis and diabetes directly to dirty electricity.

So, to reduce EMF radiation, the first and most important thing you need to do is to install a dirty electricity filter in your home. These types of filters were originally designed by specialists to use in military radars.


dirty electricity filterHow to Use a Dirty Electricity Filter

Some people plug it onto the wall, and that way, it filters the electricity on the whole circuit. Other people prefer to install it directly onto the circuit breaker to provide the filtration needed for the entire house. 

Despite the method you use, you can be pretty sure that the filter will eliminate the EMF radiation in your home in the best possible way. You can not only use it in your home but also in the office too.  


Top Dirty Electricity Filters

These filters will dramatically reduce the amount of dirty electricity in your home. There are loads of dirty electricity filters that are available in the market. 

To decide on the one you want to purchase, you need first to do thorough research on the best filter that can work in your home. 

This procedure is crucial because, most of the time, the filters can be costly, and you might need to use several of them at your home. 

If you are planning to install quality dirty electricity filters and do not have an idea on how to go about it, I will take you through some of the top dirty electricity filters that you may consider.


1. Satic Power Perfect Box

Check price on Amazon.

The exciting thing about this appliance is that it can be able to provide filtration throughout the whole house, unlike some other devices which only work on a single outlet. 

It is connected to your home’s main supply to reduce energy consumption. You won’t need to install anything on the circuit breaker panel. It has been tested and meets all the safety standards. 

Although it can seem a bit expensive, it will save you money in the long run.  


2. Greenwave Dirty Electricity Filters. 

Check price on Amazon.

For this filter to provide good performance, you need to install at least one filter in every room of your house. Those rooms which are more used and those with a lot of EMF radiation need more filters, though. For instance, a home office would need approximately three to four filters due to the number of EMF generating appliances that are available in the house.

The Greenwave Dirty Electricity Filter doesn’t have a built-in surge protector, so you need to plug a filter onto an external surge protector for appliances such as computers and televisions. However, Greenwave is one of the most renowned companies in the field, with an infinite number of customers giving excellent reviews about their product.


3. Stretzerizer Set: Microsurge Meter & 3 HIGH Frequency Electromagnetic Pollution Filters

Check price on Amazon.

Stezerizer filters transform dirty electricity back into power that your electronic devices can safely use. They filter out any electrical contamination between the 4 and 150 kHz range, which is the most dangerous dirty electricity carried by electrical wiring.

Each filter is a three-filter set together with a micro-surge meter. The only disadvantage of this filter is that it is not made with a built-in outlet. To create extra outlet space, you need to install the filter on one outlet and then plug a surge protector onto another outlet.

The set includes a microsurge meter and Stetzerizer filters are designed to be installed correctly without the need for a professional electrician.


Final Thought

The type and number of filters to use depends on the size of your home and the number of electronic devices you own. If you have a large number of EMF producing devices, you will need a higher number of filters. 

Consider one of the three products in this article and always purchase high-quality filters, ensuring that they meet the standards and regulations. You will save money long-term and will reduce repair and maintenance costs too.

In Our Blog

11 EMF Protection Products That Work

11 EMF Protection Products That Work

There is growing concern for EMF radiation, as people are becoming more aware of its harmful effects. This is the reason why communities and various private organizations are now demanding more strict regulations towards EMF radiation emitted by cellphones, WiFi routers, computers, and any other electrical device. EMF protection products are one way for you to protect yourself against EMF. This is probably the reason why there is a high demand for such products right now.

As a result, there are many companies and individuals taking advantage of this growing concern and offering products that cannot offer significant protection against EMF radiation, and some of them are not even effective. The most common victims are those that are unfamiliar with EMF protection products. 

We wrote this article so that you won’t fall victim to such unscrupulous people. Today we will give you our list of the best 11 EMF protection products that you may buy online or at your local store. 

Some of these EMF protection products we have tried ourselves, so we can agree with the great reviews they receive.



EMF Protection Products We Highly Recommend


1. EMF Meter

Protecting yourself against EMF starts by understanding how much EMF radiation is present around you. Measuring your house or office for EMF radiation is the best way to do this. 

To measure EMF, you will need an EMF meter. EMF meters allow you to measure the overall level of EMF radiation present in its various forms, ELF-EMF and RF-EMF. 

ELF-EMF usually comes from electronic circuits and power lines and has been studied to cause leukemia. RF-EMF, on the other hand, has been related to cause brain cancer. By measuring and knowing what type of EMF is present at home or in the office, you will be able to determine what type of EMF protection product best fit your needs.

For an excellent EMF meter, we highly recommend the TriField TF2. It detects ELF-EMF and RF-EMF at the same time. It is also very durable and easy to use. As an added bonus, it even has an alarm feature that warns you when EMF radiation has exceeded the safe value.

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2. EMF Protection Cell Phone Case

One of the most notorious devices that emits dangerous amounts of EMF is your cellphone. Your cellphone emits ELF-EMF and RF-EMF at the same time. What makes it so dangerous is that we’re using it 24/7 close to our head and body when making calls, texting, checking emails, playing games, or watching videos on it. 

Since we’re using it frequently, its WiFi and data connection is always turned on. This means that we’re always exposed to its EMF radiation. 

An EMF protection cellphone case is an excellent solution to protect yourself against EMF radiation emitted by your cellphone.

We recommend DefenderShield EMF Protection Radiation Case. This brand offers superb quality and design. Apart from protecting against EMF radiation, they also protect your phone from scratches and other accidents. All cellphone cases made by DefenderShield are FCC lab tested and certified. The reviews for their products are impressive. If you can’t afford a DefenderShield case, a great alternative would be SafeSleeve EMF Protection Anti Radiation Case or RadiArmor Anti-Radiation Case.

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3. Air Tube Headphones

If you’re using wireless or wired headphones to privately listen to music, then its time you ditch them right now. 

Wireless is worse as they work on Bluetooth technology. But earpieces of wired headphones and the wires themselves also emit small amounts of EMF. The amount may be small but is still dangerous because they reach the brain through your ears. 

Sometimes you may feel a little bit dizzy after using wired headphones for quite some time, and the possible culprit is EMF radiation. The solution is to protect yourself against EMF from wired headphones using air tube headphones. 

Air tube headphones emit zero EMF radiation. They use air to deliver sound from your phone towards the earpiece. This is made possible by using air tube components that allow sound to pass through without a reduction in quality and tones. Similar to regular headphones, they provide an excellent listening experience and uncompromising comfort when making calls. 

Our favorite is the DefenderShield EMF-Free Earbud Headphones, the sound quality is excellent, and the air tube component is very durable and stylish.


4. Smart Meter Shields

Smart meters are handy devices that allow utility companies to determine how much electricity has been used in your house. They are really convenient since companies don’t have to send someone to your home to your house to read the meter. However, smart meters have been a controversial topic lately, as they use radio waves to transmit or process data, which releases large amounts of EMF radiation.

Smart meter shields are great protection against EMF from smart meters. A smart meter shield is made out of solid, grounded metal, which allows it to offset large amounts of RF-EMF. They block up to 98% of EMF radiation. Using it is very easy. All you have to do is to slip the product over the meter and tighten the bolt.

Our recommended shield is the Smart Meter Cover RF Radiation Shield, which has been independently tested and reduces RF-EMF radiation from smart meters by 98%.

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5. WiFi Router Guard

Your WiFi router emits large amounts of RF-EMF. This is the reason why we recommend turning off your WiFi router before going to sleep. Doing so will help you reduce the EMF that your body receives during the night.

If your router is in a hard place to reach, or you don’t want to ruin your children’s late-night enjoyment on his or her favorite video games, we recommend that you buy a WiFi router guard. 

WiFi router guards work similarly to smart meter shields. All you have to do is to encase a WiFi router within the case, and EMF radiation will be instantly decreased. 

We recommend that you buy the Faraday Defense Router Shield or the WiFi Router Guard by Smart Meter Guard since both are very spacious and reduce EMF radiation without compromising your router’s signal.

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6. EMF Protection Blankets

Who said EMF protection products are only available as covers or casing for WiFi and cellphones? 

If you don’t want to buy a WiFi router guard or a smart meter shield, EMF protection blankets are what you need.

They look and feel similar to standard blankets, but they block EMF radiation using copper or silver. This is your all-in-one EMF protection product. 

You can use an EMF protection blanket like a WiFi router guard by putting it over your WiFi router. You can also use it as an EMF laptop pad, to cover yourself when you are in bed or when watching TV. What we like about this product is that it provides comfort and EMF protection at the same time.

EMF blankets are very handy for pregnant women, newly born babies, and toddlers. 

We recommend the DefenderShield EMF Radiation Shielding Blanket, as it uses multiple layers of shielding that provide 100% protection against EMF signals coming from WiFi, laptops, and other electronic devices. Because it uses pure organic bamboo as its primary material, it provides warmth and comfort, aside from protecting babies, children, and adults from EMF radiation.

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7. Laptop Shields and Cases

Are you always on the move and to use your laptop on your lap? 

Many health risks are associated with this practice, as EMF radiation may affect the organs in the lower part of your body. For more information, you can read our article on EMF and Male Infertility.

In any case, we advise that you use laptop shields and cases. These are usually made from rubber, plastic, and materials that offset EMF radiation. You’ll find laptop shields quite useful because they allow you to put your laptop comfortably on your lap and act as a laptop desk at the same time. 

Personally, I can’t live without the SafeSleeve EMF Protection Anti Radiation Laptop Case. It blocks 99% of EMF radiation and heat, and it is FCC accredited. When used as a shield on your lap, it has a mouse pad, and it comes in two sizes: for 13″ laptops and for 15″ laptops. It also comes in two colors: tan and black. We can’t decide which one we love the most!


8. EMF Protective Clothing

Wearing EMF protection is the best way for you to defend yourself against EMF radiation wherever you go. 

All EMF clothing is made from a mix of nylon, cotton, polyester or rayon, and copper or silver. This mix makes EMF protective clothing capable of blocking up to 99% radiation and works similarly to conventional clothes.

You can find any type of clothing made from these materials, like a hat, a t-shirt, a tank top, and even underwear. Because of the nature of its materials, all EMF protective clothing is very comfortable to wear. Underwear is always breathable, while the t-shirts and tank-tops, on the other hand, can be hypoallergenic. 

In this area, our favorite is Blocwave Protective Hoodie since it covers you completely and is very useful during cold weather. 

Other excellent EMF protective clothing is:


9. EMF Bed Canopy

Research shows that EMF affects how you sleep. EMF causes you to be unable to go to sleep fast and even affects your sleep rhythm. 

Turning off your WiFi network at night and not sleeping next to your phones will help you to reduce EMF exposure while sleeping. 

However, there are other external sources of EMF outside your house, such as powerlines and your neighbor’s WiFi. This is where EMF bed canopy comes in handy.

Aside from giving your bedroom an elegant and mysterious touch, it provides further protection against EMF while sleeping. 

Our favorites are:

Get an EMF bed canopy, and you’ll notice that sleeping is easier, more comfortable, and you wake up in the morning feeling rested and more energized.


10. Faraday Bags

Faraday bags are great if you want to isolate EMF emitting devices such as phones, keys, pocket WiFis, etc. 

Faraday bags are particularly useful if you want to stay out of EMF radiation while traveling. Another use for these products is to use them as EMF WiFi router guards. Just simply slip the router inside a faraday bag, and EMF radiation will be significantly reduced.

There is a great variation of Faraday bags to choose from, and it will all depend on the size you are looking for. They are an easy and versatile solution for various EMF emitting devices.



11. EMF Protection Paint

These are some EMF products that are growing in popularity. Paint is one of them. It is easy to apply and can block up to 99.99% of radiation coming from outside your home.

We recommend Yshield EMF Paint, which, in our opinion, is the best out there. Easy to apply, waterproofed, and does not contain harsh chemicals.

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Final Thoughts

So many EMF protection products in the market can make it very difficult to find the one that is best for you. 

We give you 100% assurance that the products listed above work really well. Before we listed these products, we researched every feature and tested their EMF blocking capabilities, and all of them are capable of offsetting up to 99% EMF radiation. 

Try one of the products listed above and see for yourself!

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