5G Radiation Dangers: Why You Should Be Worried

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5G is a common phrase that you might be hearing everywhere now and makes you wonder what all the fuss is about. We’ve been warned about potential 5G radiation dangers by scientists, but the topic is still quite blurred.

Some refer to it as a technological revolution, they had big expectations, and want the technology to be deployed out as soon as possible. 

Others are still clueless about 5G technology, and they are interested to know how it is going to affect them and if it’s really as good as they say.

As always, nothing is black and white. The reality is actually in between.

5G can indeed be considered one of the most significant innovations of our time. However, the safety of this technology is still in question, especially for those people who are familiar with EMF radiation and its effects on health. 

Unbelievably, 5G signals, antennas, and EMF emissions have not yet been tested. 5G will offer more network power, but as no studies on health effects have been done yet, some experts are already warning us about its consequences.

Whether you are already familiar with the risks associated with 5G technology or you just want to find out if you and your family will be safe, this guide will provide you with detailed information to help you understand it.


What Do We Need To Know About 5G?



The industry

5G relates to the “fifth generation” of wireless technology. It includes all the cellular networks, from cell phones to drones, security cameras, tablets, and any device that is mobile and receives a signal and emits information and data. 

It is regarded as one of the biggest opportunities for telecommunications companies. As you can imagine, these industries have already invested big money in this technology, and they expect to continue to do so. 

The growing demand for telecommunication companies worldwide and their investment in 5G means they have a lot of power when it comes to legislation and public safety regulation. We’ll talk about this later.



The technology

This network is slightly different from its predecessors in terms of speed. 

5G will be separated into 3 bands, low, mid and high, depending on its uses.

  • Low-band 5G network operates between 600MHz and 700MHz. These are designed to be used in rural areas, as the range is several hundred square miles.
  • Mid-band 5G network operates from 2.5GHz to 3.5GHz, and its range is a few miles. This band will be used for urban areas.
  • High-band 5G network operates between 24GHz and 39GHz will be used when traffic is high (like in sports events or concerts) and requires a millimeter-wave to transmit data.

The main difference between 5G and 4G or 3G is that the previous networks operated at a much lower frequency:

  • 3G operates at 1.8 GHz- 2.5 GHz, and 
  • 4G operates at 2 GHz- 8 GHz.

5G will be much faster, especially when in the high-band frequency.



Why Can 5G Radiation Be Dangerous?

Low and mid-band ranges pose no difference to 4G and 3G. However, these amounts of frequencies in the high range of the 5G networks are considerably higher and have not been adequately studied yet.

However, some studies already show potential risks associated with this technology. Korean researchers studied the impact of the 4G network on infertility in male rats. 

The rats were grouped into 4 groups, and each group was exposed to 4G radiation with a difference in distances and lengths of time. There was also a control group that was not exposed to the signals. The researcher found out that the group which was on a close range to the signals had an apparent decrease in sperm quality and advised more research should be done. 

Additionally, another research on exposure under different frequencies was done, involving rats again. The frequencies tested were between 700 MHz and 2.7 GHz, ranges for the low and mid-band 5G networks.

The rats were exposed to the radiation for two years, even since before birth. The results showed that male rats develop tumors in the brain, the adrenal gland, and the heart. Other effects associated with the 5G network included miscarriages and depression. 

However, much has not been studied on the high-band 5G millimeter waves, but everything seems to point out towards higher health-associated risks, which could be life-threatening. And people who will be living close to these 5G antennas are likely to be exposed to more constant radiation for more extended periods. 

More research is needed to assess potential 5G radiation dangers, but that doesn’t seem to be on the horizon, as companies want the technology to be rolled out as quick as possible.



But What Is The Government Doing About 5G?

Federal Government has made clear they won’t stand against telecommunication industries. They have eliminated any obstruction in legislation to make sure 5G remains seen as progress. 

Some local officials, however, as well as citizens, have tried to challenge this behavior and have asked for more regulation on telecommunication companies. 

Communities are starting to see the risks and are fighting back. They want a say in deciding where to place the 5G antennas, so at least that would give them some control.  

In some cases where communities and local officials have taken the Federal Communication Commission (FCC) to court, the US Court of Appeals sided with the FCC, like in San Jose, California

In Portland, local and state governments passed a resolution requesting the FCC to engage in further research on the health effects of 5G technology.

And in Mill Valley, California, local officials passed another legislation preventing telecommunication companies from installing high-band 5G towers in residential areas.

New York Congressman, Thomas Suozzi, wrote to the FCC asking for further research due to potential health risks tied to 5G. You can read his letter here.

This activity is promising, but it’s not enough. We need to know for sure that 5G technology won’t affect our health long term. Federal Government should increase regulation and make sure that the population is not at risk. We are not guinea pigs!

5G Radiation Dangers



What To Do Next

If the Government is not going to do it, YOU must protect yourself against harmful 5G radiation dangers. The most important thing is to determine the levels of radiation in your home to help you choose ways to minimize it. 

Find out if you are close to a 5G cell tower. You can check the coverage map from your network provider. Do not confuse 5G with 5GE (Evolution). 5GE is another name for 4G given by AT&T, and it is confusing.

Additionally, you could also be able to run some tests and check the 5G signal reaching your home, especially if you are close to a 5G tower. 

You will require a special EMF meter capable of detecting frequencies within a range of 29 GHz to 34 GHz, as the standard EMF meter can’t detect millimeter-wave frequencies. 

spectrum analyzer is the best device when it comes to the detection of millimeter-wave frequencies. You can purchase the Anritsu Field Master Pro, which can detect up to 54GHZ.

Once you know the amount of radiation your house is getting from a 5G tower, you can follow some steps to minimize the risk. 

The main and obvious improvement will be the moment switch to a landline and to a wired internet connection.

High-quality EMF paint can also protect your home from radiation, as it can block up to 18 GHz frequencies. This is not as high as 5G goes, but it can help. A high-quality protection paint is YShield, which has been tested to be 99.995% effective at these frequencies. 

Additionally, there are other EMF barriers and blankets available in the market, especially for those people living close to the 5G tower.

The Ultima Radiant Barrier by Radiant GUARD is one of the best out there. It is a 1000 sq ft perforated and breathable roll, made of aluminum attic foil. It can be wrapped around roof panels, windows, and walls, wherever your EMF readings are high.

EMF blankets are also effective protection when used in the bedroom to prevent you from exposure to the radiation when you’re asleep. 

The most important thing is to use multiple options to effectively protect yourself and your family from EMF radiation.


Natural Ways to Protect Against 5G Radiation.

Homeopathic Remedies can be a natural way to protect against 5G radiation dangers. Natural plants around the house purify the air and can get rid of pollutants and toxins. Sunflowers and cactus plants work great for this.

Another natural way is to use Shungite, Russian carbon-based stones. You can find them online in many types of products. One of our favorites is the Shungite Stickers for cellphones and other devices, which protect from EMF and WiFi 5G devices. They stick to the cellphone with a 3M scotch super sticky label and comes in a set of 5 Pieces.

Shungite stones also come as bracelets and necklaces, which makes it very convenient to use. We love the Karelian Heritage Shungite Beaded Bracelet, which has impressive reviews. 

Finally, if you want to protect an area of your home, the Heka Natural Polished Shungite Pyramid contains fullerenes for EMF Protection, and it is only 2 inches.

Additionally, reishi mushrooms have been regarded to be a superfood for a long time. They may protect against some cancers, Alzheimer’s, and may speed up the healing process. It’s also possible they can potentially fight against the effects of 5G radiation.

However, we need to understand that there are no scientific studies done on these natural methods. There are lots of anecdotal evidence to indicate that Shungite and Reishi mushrooms block EMF radiation and help to heal the body. In any case, alternative methods are always worth trying.


Final Thoughts

5G technology will be all around us in no time. Governments and local officials can’t, or won’t, protect the public from its harmful effects on our health. No proper research has been done to assess the risks of high-band 5G networks. 

The lack of knowledge by the scientific community and the advancement of this technology no matter what is among the scariest things to imagine. We don’t know what we’ll find out in the future once the technology is already in use, and there’s no way back. 

However, to do nothing about it is even worst. Make sure you get information on the potential 5G radiation dangers, take precautions and follow the advice in this guide and in this blog. This will be your first line of protection, as we await further regulation from government authorities.

Be safe!



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